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  1. Saviour or failure?
  2. Screenshot Competition Round LX: Voting!!!
  3. Art Contest: Lara Crossover
  4. Tomb Raider 9 wallpaper
  5. My new TR music video.
  6. Replayability Ideas?
  7. Tomb raider 9 origins 2 NEW Concept Art
  8. How new multiplayer gameplay inclusions could work
  9. Lara Croft still breaking records!!
  10. Chronological List of TR
  11. Do you think, that Tomb Raider IX (Origins) really will be issued?
  12. Screenshot Competition Round LX: Results!
  13. Tomb Raider IX (Origins) was cancelled?
  14. Uncharted 2 or Tomb Raider Underworld?
  15. Women Gamers 35+ Research Study
  16. Lara's Commercials?
  17. Screenshot Competition Round LXI: ENTRIES
  18. angel of darkness
  19. Do you think, they will introduce Tomb Raider IX at forthcomig E3 2010?
  20. Avatar Pictures
  21. Adam Hughes And Sideshow Team Up For Tomb Raider
  22. The Doppleganger's Future
  23. TR Writing Competition
  24. My youtube site ;D
  25. Your favourite type of enemy.
  26. If TR9 is multiplayer who will be along side Lara.
  27. Kasplash!
  28. the water section on tr2!!!
  29. 'Real' TR levels
  30. Screenshot Competition Round LXI: VOTING
  31. Give it up, Tomb Raider will never be the way it was!
  32. Lara, Dead???++
  33. Recording PS3 Gameplay....anyone know how??
  34. What I'd like next TR to be like
  35. Actions have Consequences?
  36. What is 'Classic Tomb Raider' to you?
  37. Natla in Underworld and Anniversary
  38. why tr1"gold" wont play sound on my windows xp :(
  39. Screenshot Competition Round LXI: RESULTS
  40. Lara croft birthday give away!
  41. Screenshot Competition Round LXII - Entries!
  42. Join Art of Tomb Raider - DeviantArt Group
  43. the level "BARKHANG MONASTERY" on tr2!
  44. Lara's Birthday Time! Caption Competition!
  45. ''Tomb Raider: Croft Records''
  46. Amanda Doll
  47. The art of tomb raider
  48. Edited Tomb Raider pics
  49. My second animation movie!
  50. New TR from Comic Book?
  51. Screenshot Competition Round LXII - Voting!
  52. *Finished Tomb Raider 2!!! *
  53. What is your LEAST favourite Tomb Raider game?
  54. Help
  55. Which is the best water-based TR level?
  56. Tomb Raider 9 on E3 (LA) or gamescom (Cologne)???
  57. TR complete series PC bundle avalaible?
  58. Lara gets a road named for her in Derby
  59. Screenshot Competition Round LXII - Results!
  60. Screenshot Competition Round LXIII: Entries!
  61. Real World - Tomb of the Warrior Queen
  62. Revisiting Tomb Raider II - The Dagger of Xian.
  63. What level of expertise do you fall under in Tomb Raider?
  64. Confused about the Floating Islands in TR2
  65. What do want improved in the next TR game?
  66. Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Amulet of Power (book)
  67. Tomb Raider movie actress Poll
  68. Crystal Dynamics studio head talks about change and evolution......
  69. The Controls of Tomb Raider. (TR classics)
  70. Win7
  71. Please visit our new sub forum for Crystal's Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  72. New Tomb Raider not called 'Tomb Raider'!
  73. Minigame: Name another
  74. new tr game..(the title sux)
  75. Lara Croft and The Guardian of Light--Not for Wii?
  76. Lara Croft Tomb Raider - the seeker of truths?
  77. Tomb Raider 2 STATISTICS/FACTS "Did you know?"
  78. Tomb Raider for iPhone
  79. I have a question.
  80. Can we get all the TR fans in one big Eidos forum group?
  81. New tonner amanda evert doll
  82. Screenshot Competition Round LXIII: Voting!
  83. Win Signed Copy of Tales of Lara Croft Comic Book
  84. Square Enix thought TR was an RPG?
  85. Your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter etc. accounts
  86. Tomb raider Online?
  87. New Tomb Raider?
  88. If TR9 could borrow something from Final Fantasy what would it be?
  89. Screenshot Competition Round LXIII: Results!
  90. Uncharted 3- Next adventure may be in Egypt..or Atlantis
  91. Old TR Games In New Shape
  92. TR9 Like Just Cause 2?
  93. From Resi to Tomb Raider
  94. Shangri la
  95. Your Thoughts.............
  96. Ban the person above you.
  97. "Where do babies come from?"
  98. Screenshot Competition Round LXIV: ENTRIES
  99. Thank you, Captain Obvious
  100. Tomb Raider 9 *New information and a screenshot!* SPOILERS!
  101. Tomb Raider 2 No Medpack Guide
  102. New Tomb Raider Editor please?
  103. Last letter/First word
  104. Rhyming
  105. Anyone Else Agree?
  106. Who else thinks they should remake AOD
  107. Ivana's art thread
  108. What are you bringing to the party?
  109. What replayability features do you want in next TR?
  110. Lara Croft fistfighting 3d art - (fighting a man) - BLOOD
  111. The Vending Machine
  112. (Update) Me own Lara Croft Statue!
  113. tomb raider 1-8 memory
  114. New Sideshow Underworld Lara Statue
  115. Tomb Raider:Fire Drop fancomic
  116. What Lara did you connect to and why?
  117. Screenshot Competition Round LXIV: VOTING
  118. E3 2010
  119. What would you add and return? Your IMAGINATION burst...
  120. Motion Capture For TR9?
  121. Katie's Site: Happy 10th Anniversary!
  122. Win a Lara Statue in Celebration of Katie's Site Anniversary!
  123. Who is Cory Barlog and is it true he's working on TR9?!!
  124. How far they are in developing TR9?
  125. Let's talk about TR9
  126. A Rant, I Guess
  127. New game by TR
  128. Screenshot Competition Round LXIV: RESULTS
  129. =(
  130. Alister and comedian Marcus Brigstocke - seperated at birth?
  131. Good actress for Lara Croft?
  133. Least Favourite TR Textures/Locations
  134. How a Third TR Movie Might Work....
  135. Guardian of light render dispatched
  136. The Latest Tomb Raider
  137. Alison Carroll's Flaw ( !!No offence!! )
  138. Eidos: make remake from old PS1 game tomb raider 2:'The dagger of Xian'
  139. Name 5 Songs About...
  140. d1n0_xD FA thread
  141. Versus! (Forum Game)
  142. Screenshot Competition Round LXV: VOTING
  143. Book Giveaway - Art of Tomb Raider and More!
  144. General Tomb Raider Cosplay Thread
  145. 3D option in next TR?
  146. Tomb Raider nr24 of the 50 best game-series of ALL TIME
  147. Screenshot Competition Round LXV: RESULTS
  148. Will Kurtis come bck 2 Tomb Raider ?
  149. tomb raider ps1 classics on eu psn store
  150. Tomb Raider Origins.
  151. Most Fanciable - or not...
  153. Tombraider XNA HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  154. Lend their voice...
  155. Lara Croft Gaurdian of light action figure
  156. My Lara Croft Fan Site.
  157. stuck! lara croft! help!
  158. Screenshot Competition Round LXVI: VOTING
  159. New member here!
  160. Tomb Raider on HoloDeck
  161. My First XNA Pictures
  162. Sounds
  163. Screenshot Competition Round LXVI - RESULTS
  164. lara's husband
  165. S.o.s
  166. Lara Croft - Exploring New Horizons
  168. Vote for Tomb Raider (PlayStation Move)
  169. Do you think Lara is more an introvert?
  170. Lara Croft on top during past 20 years
  171. Tomb Raider movie doomed
  173. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
  174. Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light Hands On Preview
  175. Tomb Raider 9 announcement in E3?
  176. I like Tomb Rider
  177. I love Tomb Raider.
  178. The Vending Machine Game
  180. A more realistic view of AoD Lara...
  181. Screenshot competition round lxviii: Entries
  182. What relic would you like Lara to search for?
  183. screenshot competition round LXVIII: VOTING
  184. lara croft vs doppleganger
  185. Lara in Madness Land
  186. Tomb Raider Reboot Christmas 2011(subtitled Downfall?)
  187. Tomb Raider - Immortal Nemesis -
  188. Where is Eidos Mobile???
  189. TR9 Ideas? :O
  190. Camera designer for TR9 is the guy from God of War III!??!!!
  191. Your Favorite Tomb Raider Theme
  193. Rumor: Lara Croft Anime
  194. My Art of Tomb Raider SUPER-GROUP status...
  195. Im Baaaaack!!
  196. Win a Lara Croft Tonner Doll or Download of LCGOL!
  197. Eidos Show Uncharted Some Love
  198. One month later than 360?
  199. Original TR Release Dates? PS1 vs Saturn?
  200. Youtube Channel ?
  201. What's you dreaming game ? =)
  202. Screenshot Competition Round LXIX: Entries!!! (sorry for the delay!)
  203. the perfect lara croft?
  204. What do you want them to do next?
  205. What I think the Tomb Raider games are missing
  206. Favourite cutscenes from Tomb Raider games.
  207. Tomb Raider kinect game
  208. Missing Holster Straps?
  209. What console(s) would you want to get a new TR on?
  210. My new Facebook avatar...
  211. My Lara Art
  212. tombraider6//angel of darkness
  213. Tomb raider art fan
  214. We can't stand waiting for a new TR game.
  215. Lara Croft Way Officially Opens
  216. LC: Guardian of light concept art!
  217. Lara Croft Models - Talk or Not Talk?
  218. Lara Croft Way! I wonder how long they are going to keep that road sign.
  219. Angel of Darkness...NEED HELP
  220. Screenshot Competition Round LXIX: Voting!!! (again, sorry for the delay..)
  221. Additional Guardian/Light Characters
  222. Tomb Raider Screenshots
  223. Are the leaked c-arts real then?
  224. Classic Tomb Raider Is Coming To EU PS3 Store
  225. Screenshot Competition Round LXIX: RESULTS!!!
  226. Mobile Phone Games Too Big for Screen
  227. TR9 is not going to be called "Origins" ?
  228. Guess what it is !!!
  229. lara is gonna die and out of tomb raider
  230. Tomb Raider Real Locations!!...Video/Photos Comparison!!!
  231. Screenshot Competition Round LXX: Entries
  232. Tomb Raider Awards 2010: Nominations
  233. tomb raiders L-13
  234. Site updates + stupid question
  235. tomb raider level editor
  236. Possible lead on upcoming TR movie!!
  237. remake tomb raider 2
  238. If you can have anything....... what would it be?
  239. Realistic Lara???
  240. Croft Manor
  241. Halloween Lara contest!!
  242. If u could make ur own TR game wat would it be about?
  243. Screenshot Competition Round LXX: Voting
  244. The Seventh Age
  245. don't panic lara is gonna stay for ever
  246. choose an singer for tomb raider
  247. They can exist...
  248. Who wants TR: AOD, Legend, and Anniversary HD Collection Announced for PS3?
  249. Tomb Raider Universe
  250. Tomb Raider... SANDBOX???