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  1. Which is best TRL, TRA or TRU?
  2. Tombs Or Temples?
  3. Tomb raider I&II&III prequels?
  4. Croft Manor
  5. Lara's personality... When will they decde?
  6. what do you want in tomb raider 9
  7. what you would do
  8. I know this question is quite dumb, But.......
  9. tomb raider 2010
  10. TR One Two Three
  11. Request: TRA Lara 3D Model in wire view
  12. Lara Pictures
  13. Has Lara/Tomb Raider changed the way you talk/behave?
  14. Uncharted 2 fans. Mutiplayer Beta news
  15. Screenshot Competition Round XLV - Results
  16. What would you do if they remake TRU 2 and 3 with crystal dynamics graphics?
  17. Screenshot Competition Round XLVI: Entries
  18. "The next Tomb Raider will surprise a lot of people"
  19. Possibly the most realistic picture of Lara to date?
  20. What features would you think there be in the next tomb raider game
  21. It Is Time For Croft Manor In PlayStation HOME!!!
  22. Tomb raider 9
  23. What Do You Want Her To Look Like Next?
  24. Tomb Raider 9: Possibly M-Rated, How do you feel?
  25. Second life
  26. Tomb Raider 9: Design Lara
  27. Which TR did these aspects best?
  28. Long replies in threads
  29. Your Tomb Raider Treasure Chest?
  30. Analysis of the 5 minute Uncharted 2 gameplay footage
  31. Screenshot Competition Round XLVI: Voting!
  32. Alison Carroll Replaced??
  33. My Tr9 idea
  34. My TR: 9 Idea
  35. tombraider 9 suggestions
  36. Similar soundtrack !??!
  37. TR9 Collection Thread
  38. Next Tomb Raider Movie Info!!! (TR Origins)
  39. Best Looking Lara?
  40. Third TombRaider Movie.. No Angelina Jolie!
  41. Thank You, Ol.A
  42. Best TR level ever
  43. Anybody like my Lara drawing?
  44. Question
  45. tomb raider 9 idea
  46. Tomb Raider Fancomic Writer Auditions
  47. Tomb raider 9: Health System
  48. Screenshot Competition Round XLVI: Results!
  49. Screenshot Competition Round XLVII: Entries
  50. Would you like to see the glasses return?
  51. A Possible Time Line of Lara's Life!
  52. I'm flattered
  53. Tomb Raider III: Problem
  54. my random TR:9 idea
  55. What console/platform would you buy the TR Games on?
  56. Square-Enix to use ''their approach'' with EIDOS IP's
  57. New tomb raider movie
  58. Sheet Music for the Famous Notes
  59. Now that SE acquired Eidos...
  60. Funny Tomb Raider video
  61. What do you want in the next tr?
  62. RebeLfARmeRo's Lara... It's Michaelangelo's David with a twist!
  63. Screenshot Competition Round XLVII: Voting!
  64. 2nd part of tomb raider anniversary?
  65. In Xilbalba...
  66. What TR Game would you take with you on a 1 Week Camping Trip.
  67. Getting my Usb controller to work
  68. Eitr used before?
  69. stuck in tomb rider legend in gana!!!!!!!!!!!!
  70. Do you think AoD is bad?
  71. Looook! Lara in sims 2!
  72. Tomb Raider Animations: Core vs. Crystal
  73. Piere?!
  74. Wow...
  75. Request for a new render, please
  76. Lara's voice acting?(for the first 5 games)
  77. Some more famous art vandalised by me!
  78. Challenges weakening????
  79. Tomb raider how you like it.
  80. Favorite Tomb Raider games
  81. Things to do when you have finished the game...
  82. Project Natal in the new Tomb Raider?
  83. Screenshot Competition Round XLVII: Results!
  84. School Project: What impact does Tomb Raider have in the Gaming Industry
  85. Metroid: Other M
  86. Damnation - Almost like a classic Tomb Raider in parts
  87. My Lara Croft Sideshow Figure
  88. tomb raider connection
  89. Limited Edition TOMB RAIDER Trilogy Arrived Today!!
  90. How about the classic games as a bonus to replace time trials and treasure hunt mode?
  91. Making of
  92. Screenshot Competition Round XLVIII: Entries!
  93. More lay offs at CD
  94. funny tomb raider death
  95. Game: Find that spot!
  96. Question
  97. My Theory/Idea: Tomb Raider II Remake.
  98. The Three Word Story Forum Game
  99. Ideas for Tomb Raider IX
  100. Things that the new tomb raider games lack
  101. Play amanda with the wrath stone?????
  102. What would AOD have been like had it not been rushed?
  103. The Core Classics, Shipped to your home ?
  104. TR9 news (well, not entirely "new")
  105. Should I get TR1,2 and 3 on PS1 to put on PSP 3000 when I get it?
  106. I got TR4/TRC Lara close-up!
  107. Screenshot Competition Round XLVIII: Voting!
  108. New tomb raider could debut in 2010
  109. Top Secret Lara's photos that I stole from her manor :P plus AOD continuation comic
  110. What makes tomb raider.
  111. Game: Hurt and Heal (2nd Thread)
  112. next TR
  113. question
  114. Screenshot Competition Round XLVIII: Results!
  115. Angie "furious"about tomb raider choice
  116. Squar Enix = Tomb Raider ?!
  117. Screenshot Competition Round XLIX - Entries
  118. Please, A remake of Tomb Raider 2 The dagger of Xian
  119. Uncharted Movie
  120. tributes to micael jackson
  121. When new Tomb Raider will be released? ;)
  122. Recreated classic pictures of Lara.
  123. Tomb Raide seris is so damn PLAYED OUT !!
  124. TR : 9 Imrovements , what do you want?
  125. Guessing game :D
  126. Beneath the Ashes & Lara's Shadow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  127. Screenshot Competition Round XLIX - Voting
  128. City Levels: Good or Bad
  129. Tomb Raider Fan Art Competition 2009
  130. Fun game: Guess wich character or object!
  131. Tomb Raider: More Melee?
  132. Would you like AoD story continued?
  133. New info for TR 10
  134. Have you notice this in tomb raider games....
  135. Eidos? What Eidos?
  136. Writing Tomb Raider Stories: A Guide Book
  137. Forum Games
  138. tr music
  139. Who's Obscure Quote is That?: A Forum Game
  140. Tomb Raider 9 ideas
  141. Screenshot Competition Round XLIX - Results!
  142. Lara And Kurtis
  143. Lara Croft and Batman Crossover. Unusual, but possible?
  144. Screenshot Competition Round 50 - Entries
  145. Shadow of the Sun
  146. Next Tomb Raider: Title Ideas.
  147. Megan Fox the next Lara Croft?
  148. Tomb Raider at comic con 09
  149. Game: Build a script
  150. The Unhappening.
  151. Now we know why its called 'Among Thieves'
  152. TR9, concept art!!!
  153. improve laras looks plz
  154. possible tomb raider 9 concept art leaked?
  155. The General Re/Visioned: Tomb Raider Thread
  156. What TR character would describe you?
  157. New TR Actress?
  158. Vote for TR9 ideas you like!
  159. Tr9
  160. The nickname game!
  161. The Wonderful World of Contests
  162. Tomb Raider IX Concept Art Competition: MS Paint Style!
  163. Ask a stupid question, Get a stupid answer!
  164. Tr9
  165. Rate the avatar above you!
  166. Does someone else think they should cut down on graphics in the new game?
  167. TR Reboot?
  168. How do you feel about the 'leaked' concept art for TR-IX?
  169. Game: Who wants to be a brainybox?
  170. Would you rather....
  171. PC or Console
  172. Xbox360 or PS3 or Both.
  173. Best Game Compatability
  174. Sheet Music
  175. Caption the picture
  176. Tomb raider in Playstation Network
  177. Post Anything related to the TR-series here-thread!
  178. TR9; Do you think it's weird that...
  179. Screenshot Competition Round 50 - Voting
  180. Name the weird zombie things in the tr9 concept art!
  181. please visit my new site!
  182. X-box live gamertags and PSN gamertags; post them here!
  183. Trle
  184. Tomb Raider Art competition: By Hand.
  185. Who else is...
  186. Tomb Raider Art Competition: By Hand. ENTRY'S
  187. Tombraidergal's creative place!
  188. Achievment Unlocked - The Forum Game
  189. Whats was YOUR most memorable quote and/or moment from any of the TR games?
  190. What do you want Lara to look like in New Tomb Raider game in 2010
  191. New Lara Croft Website
  192. Chain-Game: fun Forum Game!
  193. Lara has the 2nd best videogame profession
  194. Laura cruz
  195. What type of TR puzzles are the best?
  196. Anniversary theme tune similarities!
  197. Screenshot Competition Round 50 - Results!
  198. Wii Fit Lara?
  199. Visit my Fansite! Laras Club
  200. What are the other games series you're a fan of?
  201. TR 9 Origin Reboot = Narrative Reboot?
  202. Glitched floor on Tomb Raider Legend and more!
  203. Screenshot Competition Round 51 - Entries
  204. my trailer for TR9
  205. Tr9 concepts, request k fanx.
  206. Lara with an afro
  207. I Silent Hill-itized Croft Manor
  208. sound problem w/ tr2 after multi patch
  209. TR:9 leaked info? *SPECULATION
  210. Game: What song?
  211. Found a life-size statue of lara 4 sale!!!
  212. any Lara tattoo's?
  213. TR3 Vista Demo- is it safe?
  214. Tomb Raider mobile question
  215. How combat should look in tombraider IX
  216. Game:Would YOU?
  217. all TR-action figures,statues, busts and other stuff like that.
  218. Lara gets her own street????!!!!
  219. My youtube channel
  220. Game: pictionary
  221. Post your Twitter Accounts!
  222. Tomb Raider; for males or females?
  223. Hurt and Heal... with forum members! JOINING
  224. TR9 featured in next OPM Mag
  225. CGI cutscenes?
  226. one of my own TR9 concepts
  227. TR-IX Paint Concept Art Competition: VOTING!!
  228. Peyton List might be new lara
  229. Fun Pixs!
  230. More love in the next tomb raider game(s?)?
  231. Screenshot Competition Round LI: Voting!!!
  232. Lara Croft/Tomb Raider Trivia
  233. New TRU Tonner Lara Doll
  234. Titles for TR9?
  235. What the ...?!
  236. Get that word! (game)
  237. tomb raider Origins?
  238. what am i?
  239. What was/where your favorite weapon(s)?
  240. VOLCOM20lovesLARA's art thread
  241. Who would you like to see as the Director for the new TR movie?
  242. the story thread :D
  243. AWESOME TR9 vid!!!
  244. New exclusive in game shots added to website
  245. Thank you
  246. The 3rd Tomb Raider movie and Tomb Raider 9
  247. The power of music in TR games
  248. Tomb Raider Available on PsOne Classics
  249. Screenshot Competition Round LI: Results!!
  250. favorite soundtrack