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  1. sprinting/running
  2. Maps?!? Engravings?! Shards???
  3. controls on PS2
  4. Ancients Tomb
  5. Hall of seasons (how long)
  6. Red Ghost!
  7. Angel of Darkness- Help me
  8. PC Saved Games - All Levels
  9. I'll tell you EXACTLY why you hated AOD, play it again and you'll see...
  10. Please help...
  11. Aquatic Research Facility - extra bit (spoiler)
  12. What do you think
  13. Understanding the ending [SPOLILERS]
  14. when does she learn to sprint?
  15. Roaz !?
  16. what Is the longest/ shortest It took you on your first try???
  17. home sweet home help please!!!!!!!!!!
  18. Kurtis in Aod
  19. What is the half way point in AOD?
  20. stuck at the dig site
  21. stuck at dig site
  22. stuck in the louvre,by the mona lisa
  23. No, YOU QUIT IT!!!
  24. TR AOD: Brother Obscura Changing Light
  25. CS_2_51A.GMX.CLZ file
  26. Storyline flaw
  27. Anyone else have this problem?
  28. Stuck in Club
  29. How serious are the BUgs in this game?
  30. Fire Soldiers in The Wrath of the Beast
  31. Frick now what
  32. Red ghost!!!
  33. Basement of Traps beneath the Hall of Seasons! HELP PLEASE!
  34. not to thrilled with TR 3 so far
  35. What The Hell Are You People Talking About?!?!?
  36. An interview with Eidos Producer Mike Schmitt
  37. Please help....controls!!!!
  38. Red Ghost
  39. what´s your ever-favourite room?
  40. Anyone have a save game for Hall of Seasons?
  41. Boaz Returns
  42. Thought of the day.
  43. Something small that bugs me...
  44. Metroids in the Louvre?
  45. Some general comments about AoD's plusses and minuses :)
  46. Thank you all
  47. I love it i hate it i love it i hate it i love it i hate it
  48. i liked lara best when i didn't know who she was...
  49. Lips out of sync in cutscenes issue
  50. Demo?
  51. FX 5200 users having problems with FMV...
  52. Dual Pistols?
  53. Fun AOD facts.
  54. curtis versus boaz
  55. FINISHED GAME - how about your thoughts - possible spoilers
  56. To CyCro
  57. Issue with Kurtis in the Maximum Containment Area-anybody else running out of ammo?
  58. I didn't know she could do that!
  59. PS2 problems!!!
  60. Hall of Seasons...HELP
  61. anyone notice this in one of the TR sample movies you could D/L?
  62. Who Miss's The Game Stats!!!
  63. Stuck in Derelict Apartment Block (PC)
  64. Lara' Massiv Stik Hair!
  65. Great wall of china or local French Cafe?
  66. When Do I...
  67. Help please - hall of seasons/furnace
  68. Eye Toy + Camera?
  69. What i would like to see
  70. Tho Police
  71. Some Questions From Someone who Just Bought The Game!
  72. through the spirit of the keeper...
  73. Have The People Who Wrote The Manual Actually Played The Game??
  74. The Red Ghosts: fairly easy yet unfair
  75. When Do i?
  76. dual pistols: the probable answer (reply from eidos)
  77. How To Kill This Boaz ?no Ammo
  78. Help No Ammo Boaz Atacking:????
  79. Tomb withdrawal symptoms!!!
  81. BOAZ returns
  82. Antoher monster ......
  83. Find me at Le Serpent Rouge!
  84. Vehicles in Tomb Raider Series? and is TR series playable on Win XP?
  85. Grrrrrrr Kurtis
  86. Why did he take my guns?
  87. Would have like to see a new vehicle in TR
  88. Killing the Proto?
  89. last two pods
  90. Were'nt the movie graphics better in TR4 than AOD?
  91. What's good in AOD? (multiple)
  92. Weapons
  93. help please LABARATORY BOSS
  94. Please Reply
  95. What do u like best in TR:AOD
  96. SOS does thats ALL???????
  97. When do you meet Kurtis?
  98. The officail prima guide book, is it worth me getting it?
  99. Will ever Lara die and have some one to follow her story up??
  100. Does any else feel...
  101. Help...von Croys Apartment!!!!!!!!
  102. ammo
  103. Un-usable Gun
  104. Music in AOD -- I want!
  105. the whole intro song???
  106. The bReath oF hAdEs
  107. be-headings at Eidos/Core now?
  108. Gold Watch?
  109. Just curious
  110. Odd problem with TR4 (using WinXP)
  111. breath of hades can't push block but wind is blowing what do i do stuck?
  112. Last Boss Fight..
  113. Health and stamina bar not showing up!
  114. Beat Boaz on the PC
  115. margot carvier
  116. The Proto Nephilim
  117. Tomb Raider developer chief quits Eidos board
  118. Kurtis vs. Boaz
  119. Kurtis
  120. louvre gallery. I'm going mental!
  121. I feel like i cheated.
  122. Dont tease the dogs !!
  123. Appologies from Eidos??
  124. The Bio-research Facility
  125. Wish theyd remake TR original for ps2
  126. My Thoughts
  127. The horror!!! I want blood! (Bouchard SPOILERS)
  128. Whos the best?? Number 1
  129. how long before next TR?
  130. The Bouchard Payback Time Wallpaper thread.
  131. Game Music from Menu
  132. double pistols without gameshark PS2!
  133. tr3
  134. AOD and the fabled Double Guns
  135. What's up with you all lately?
  136. Proto Nephilim - The Angel Of Darkness???
  137. Anyone got a save after boaz?
  138. TRAOD red ghost
  139. haha, this if funny
  140. Stuck in Tomb of the Ancients
  141. How Many Units Sold?
  142. Sprinting jump
  143. Stuck in the bio-garden with all the bugs and living plants in it?
  144. Tomb Raider AOD Stuck in cemetary
  145. killing Boaz on pc
  146. Double Guns Myth - Have you got them in the game?
  147. The Mona Lisa jump.
  148. Boaz savegame please!!
  149. When will release next patch?
  150. AOD Controls A Joke
  151. I Need Serious Help!
  152. Help! Floating pedestals/ Vault of Tropies
  153. Have you noticed......
  154. I Am So Sad.
  155. Sorry, been gone for awhile!! PC/PS2?????
  156. Cutscene problem
  157. A story of addiction...
  158. Where did the vehicle's go
  159. Boaz Returns and I've got NO Ammo
  160. Kurtis a Better Fighter than Lara
  161. Why I Love TR:AOD
  162. Are there already cheats known for PC or ps2?
  163. The sorry mess that is Tombraider:AOD
  164. Scary: Thorough analysis of the control restrictions for AOD on the PC
  165. When I enter the door it crashes!!!
  166. I Want To Finnish The Game Help Me!!!
  167. Tomb of the Ancients
  168. Things I miss
  169. TR4's revolver
  170. a strahov headache
  171. Exapnsion???
  172. vault of trophies. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  173. AOD Still Sits At The Top Of UK Charts
  174. I got dual pistols on PC version, you can too !!
  175. Need Help On Tr5: Chronicles
  176. aod
  177. Tomb Raider - The Last Revelation Special Limited Edition
  178. Costume
  179. Dino's
  180. the hardest tomb raider game ?
  181. Questions & Duel Guns
  182. Hopping Bug understood!!!
  183. Hall of Seasons Ghost
  184. Dual guns @ pc, with screenies.
  185. Should i? (Plz Reply)
  186. Question about Von Croy's apartment level
  187. tomb raider the angel of darkness
  188. The new hero from Tomb Raider: Mr. Kurtis Trent!!!!
  189. Huge spoilers TR6/7/8 !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  190. tomb raider the angel of darkness
  191. apartment
  192. Derelict appartment block
  193. Need Help! Kurtis VS Boaz spider thing..
  194. Level 17
  195. Unknown Picture
  196. Emulation...
  197. cheats for pc version
  198. AOD-Brother Obscura
  199. question about weapons
  200. To Snake.... (or for the players that dont like kurtis)
  201. I Need Help in Eckhart's Lab.
  202. Poll: Clarifying peoples issues with controls
  203. Does anyone have...
  204. One good Review, anyway.
  205. If I didn't pawn anything, will I have enough money to finish the game?
  206. What part of the game did you have the most trouble with?
  207. So.. No more Jeremy at CORE???
  208. CORE: I ready to be hired.....
  209. What is the worst gun in the Tomb Raider Series ?
  210. Lara Has New Super Powers in AOD
  211. Core Design has been informed of our requests for the next Tomb Raider-game!!!!!
  212. >>AOD PR Event Tomorrow<<
  213. Stuck in vent
  214. A Great Idea: The Perfect Way To Make All Our Feelings Official To Eidos. Please Read
  215. General opinion
  216. I'm stuck with Kurtis Trent ... help required, please?!
  217. Savegame for just after Boaz Returns, plez??
  218. I needed help
  219. skip codes
  220. How Eliminate Boaz ? Como Elimino A Boaz ?
  221. How do i kick the door on the 2nd floor?
  222. HELP!!!! stuck in lost domain
  223. Could TR: TAoD have been better if...
  224. Private Messages
  225. Best Game So Far?
  226. Bio whatever,how do you grap the pipe?
  227. The Double Guns Don't Exist
  228. A player badly surprise
  229. A good article about bad console ports (including AoD)
  230. Level Skip
  231. how do I keep from being killed by the obscura
  232. Best Wetsuit??
  233. How can Kurtis Trent kill this wolf beast?
  234. get the first obscura painting
  235. To ahch(no insults)
  236. Health needed
  237. AnyOne Dumb enough to buy this?
  238. The shame of Core Design: Angel of Darkness
  239. LOL this Game is HARD :D
  240. wow, Eidos dropped the ball
  241. who's 'cooler' - winston or kurtis?...
  242. OMG im so Dumb i just Thought of something u now when lara gets her i feel stronger..
  243. Lara has long legs!
  244. Saved game needed.
  245. hall of seasons - help meeeee.....
  246. *Happy Dance*
  247. PS2 graphical problem... unplayable..
  248. Louvre Galleries---???
  249. kurtis ammo?
  250. Be canceled secret item?