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  1. Very Annoying NPC Consequence...
  2. I came to early!
  3. Forum Announcement
  4. new moderator?
  5. Unsupported board
  6. Look what I found at the end of the demo...
  7. ConText.eng
  8. Dues Ex Invisible war demo
  9. stupid demo thingy!
  10. System Requirements -- Read This First
  11. Wierd....
  12. DX:IW pc...when will it "go gold" ?
  13. Pixel Shader 1.1 error
  14. Demo Review Link
  15. Dues EX Invisible War demo
  16. Couldn't they have just....
  17. Which demo was harder?
  18. DX:IW just got #1 pick for X-mas on Extended Play.
  19. How is your 9600 pro
  20. a hud change, maybe...
  21. Pixel shader and Nvidia Gforce 4 MX
  22. My Odd Theory About the Demo...
  23. Preview with new screenshots
  24. Spector And Smith Respond (spoof)
  25. LOL Invisible War "Stinks"
  26. Developer responds!( for real)
  27. Dear God, please dont tell me Thief 3 is going to be on a console too
  28. My experience with the games AI
  29. demo not working (flesh failed to initialize)
  30. Those rotating swooshing yes or no screen
  31. Just my 2 cents
  32. It Won't Work!!!
  33. Jealous of Xbox?
  34. The Xbox controls revealed
  35. How will the demo translate to the final game?
  36. Do I make to many polls??
  37. Downloadable content?
  38. demo help
  39. Did you people know the the WTO is actually a real organization?
  40. Well, I just saw a new ad for DX2, and it doesn't focus on the gun!
  41. Hey UKers...and Europeans too
  42. Its Gone Gold!, Gold! Babay, GOLD!
  43. How to pronounce "Deus Ex"???
  44. OMG it's "A Deus Ex game".
  45. Mag rail
  46. European Release Petition
  47. Little video card rant
  48. Will American Deus Ex 2 work on my European machine?
  49. New peformance numbers by me
  50. Does anyone else feel these games are rather anti-government?
  51. video cards
  52. Your solutions to demo game goals -- Spoilers Inside, of course
  53. Screwin around with settings
  54. Localized damage in final game
  55. to rockyjoe
  56. The "old version was better grapics and was dumbed down coz of the xbox version"rumor
  57. Blackout
  58. Flame thrower effect.
  59. Gamespy review up!!!!
  60. More about video cards...
  61. Multiplayer in XBOX version?(Link inside)
  62. HEELP!!! I'm trying to build a house out of cardboard boxes..
  63. Taking a stab at why PC users are upset (long)
  64. Geforce ti4200 128mb or fx 5600 256mb
  65. Demo vs. Full Version?
  66. Important 4 Europeans U Got 2 C Dis
  67. People buying this game for the Xbox old HUD or new??
  68. The NEW release trailer: Or 'How I learned to stop worrying and love the Xbox'
  69. Sound support.
  70. J.C Denton
  71. Dynamic Sound
  72. Weapons still a little weak
  73. *MAJOR SPOILER* Lookie here...
  74. Fun!
  75. Will you buy this game before its patched?
  76. Why isn't the Demo Working For Me, and is it working for you?
  77. The REAL truth about Micro$oft
  78. full game review @ gamespy
  79. Who should project lead Deus Ex 3?
  80. Using .45 ammo in a 9mm
  81. George micheal in the game (pic)
  82. Why "Unified Ammo" is a GOOD thing
  83. Music, Makes The People, Come Together!
  84. Graphics compared to Doom3 and HL2
  85. deus ex IW magic moments of gameplay - from the IS team....
  86. Not buying the game? Then **** Off!
  87. Deus Ex Cheats?
  88. Good things about the demo
  89. Some One Please Help Me!!!!!!!
  90. DX Demo Problem
  91. Xbx improvements
  92. Cheats?
  93. Funny Picture Thread
  94. Main Character
  95. Who or what is the SSC?
  96. Change is good!
  97. Thank you Ion Storm for being uncorrupted!
  98. What will be the coolest feature of Deus Ex:IW (poll)
  99. DX:IW, System Shock 2, unified ammo: The horrors which would never have been!
  100. stop whining
  101. Dues Ex: The Story.
  102. The Deus Ex Bible...
  103. Just how much freedom will we have to choose an organization?
  104. Whick video card to buy?
  105. DX:IW great in its own way
  106. sry but I couldnt find this
  107. Deus Ex Hiaku
  108. "The Devs were to lazy to..."
  109. The FINAL IRREVOCABLE Answer on Unified Ammo Realism
  110. Gamespy editors opinion's on IW
  111. Alex Denton sound familiar you say? *Spoiler*
  112. Problem Loading Game
  113. Limerickus Ex - almost
  114. CPU selection AMD versus Intel?
  115. Why did they have to change the Hud?
  116. Deus Ex is still within the demo, and it's very strong.
  117. brilliance to blasphemy
  118. Please, please, PLEASE make Pixel Shading an OPTION in the full version.
  119. wich factions will you be able to join?
  120. DE IW Demo Error - Pixel Shader??
  121. The final say on console vs. PC.
  122. Helios ending? (spoiler, I guess)
  123. Rec. Requirements not Recommended?
  124. To European Importers: Post When You Receive The Game
  125. Final System Requirements?
  126. A funny thing happened on the way to the museum
  127. Joystick Support
  128. Omg 2 Freakin Days 2 Go!!!!
  129. omigod!is it these ppl that writeT3?
  130. Detailed stats of all biomods and non unique weapons
  131. Are we ready?
  132. I got my controls to save!
  133. DX2 in Australia
  134. Deus Ex: Invisable War /Engine requires Pixel Shader 1.1 or higher
  135. DX:IW "Release Trailer"
  136. What would u consider a respectable amount of hours for gameplay?
  137. As the day aproaches....
  138. Anyone seen the commercial?
  139. Screw Ion Storm
  140. Wich organization are you going to join?
  141. Games Domain Review of DE:IW (XBOX...but the same game)
  142. I want Skills!!!!!
  143. My question to you guys.
  144. buying the game?
  145. The Effects of Stupidity
  146. Totally Mindless Things To Do With The Demo
  147. DX:IW reviews -- post them here
  148. u guys still have the demo?
  149. Think about this!!
  150. Tribute Wallpaper
  151. Jc
  152. Petition to make Deus EX 3 non-XBOXED
  153. A Public Beta could have fixed most of the problems
  154. Release.....what now?
  155. The final verdict: Buy or not to buy?
  156. IGN PC Review
  157. This could have been part of the plan
  158. Deus Ex: IW Technical Forum
  159. Gamestop has game?
  160. Will you buy DX:IW?
  161. Note: the developers are not evil!
  162. A Christmas Decision
  163. This is for the Kiddies!
  164. Why did you all miss this?
  165. Which parts of the world?
  166. Gamespot review
  167. Forbidden to buy video games!
  168. It's DECEMBER 3rd - Anyone seen the game???
  169. For Ion Storm: The patch-What changes would actually help the game
  170. Door Entry Codes in the Demo
  171. Petition to release the SDK so we can fix it ourselves
  172. PC Complaints, Click here
  173. Ps2
  174. 86 percent average score on Gamerankings
  175. It' important to us fans of Deus Ex1 to buy this game.
  176. Game Impressions (for those who have the game)
  177. "Official" Demo
  178. Hi guys. I got a simple question.
  179. screwy control mapping?
  180. Does Deus Ex for PC and Xbox LIVE have online multiplayer...???
  181. hud question
  182. Absurdly bad performance
  183. The Invisible Game
  184. Is anyone pleased with the game
  185. Played Full Game - New Demo Comments
  186. Grade the Game!!! For users who own the game only please.
  187. Overseas Release Date
  188. Fear the performance.
  189. Review Thread
  190. Anyone order from DVDBOXOFFICE?
  191. X-Box owners comments.
  192. Those stupid, childish xbox children.
  193. Editor WHEN????
  194. Where is FTP download for demo?
  195. most annoying thing about dxiw..
  196. deus ex 2.........sigh!
  197. New User - No manual
  198. x-box & pc specs debate
  199. Well, I'm not sure If I want to buy this game, but I found it cheap. Should I?
  200. When in France ?
  201. Micro$oft and Ion $torm have RUINED THIS GAME!! READ WHY.
  202. I think the xbox is so much better...
  203. how many cd's/dvd's does is the game on?
  204. Is Anyone Just Disappointed?
  205. What will all ya whiny biotches do when the Phantom Console comes out!
  206. To much arguing between the mouse and keyboard vs controller whats the big deal...
  207. Localized Damage to enemies
  208. A concerned message to Eidos
  209. multiplayer
  210. So I beat it (no spoilers yet)
  211. Favorite moments (spoilers)
  212. my first impressions of the game
  213. Bardus Ex Machina: Combat devolved
  214. Tell me it's an alpha or at least a beta...
  215. Would have been NICE if Eidos had told us about MX cards...
  216. It is possible to play DXIW on MX cards!
  217. Eidos Germany forbidds US-Vers. Imports?
  218. Had to pay about 50% import duty !
  219. performance boost
  220. Graphic problem w/ D E I W
  221. First Impressions
  222. DX:IW is BROKEN for the PC.
  223. I like it.
  224. Interesting read..
  225. Is it possible to run Deus Ex 2 on R7500?
  226. Mako Ballistics (spoilers)
  227. Finnaly Done! What a great play!
  228. When's the patch?
  229. This is a poor game
  230. deus ex invisable war?
  231. tweak for textures?
  232. eidos future
  233. The curious thing about DX water.... (no spoiler)
  234. Is it possible to mod the headshot damage easily?
  235. Question about the Computer Terminals
  236. DX:IW PC Console Commands
  237. My initial game thoughts..... No spoilers
  238. Tech:Best customizations for smooth framerate
  239. An Open Letter to Ion Storm
  240. Doc Stan has a brother named Walter Simons?
  241. Quick Save?
  242. I finally beat Deus Ex 2
  243. Petition to make the next Deus Ex only on XBOX
  244. Where are the old features?
  245. Installing
  246. how do i? *SPOILERS*
  247. Opening Doors with Objects
  248. DirectX 8.1 in installer, but readme requires DirectX 9? Is this a joke?
  249. *EXTREME SPOILERS* Endings
  250. worst disappointment in gaming history