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  1. Blood Omnicide (Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain in 3D)
  2. Legacy of Kain Saga @ GOG ? Please?
  3. Anna Gunn...
  4. Kains Creed : Brotherhood
  5. Just out of curiosity....
  6. O hai CrystalD, we know you're working on LoK 6
  7. legacy of dead: raziel is dead
  8. Vae Victus?
  9. LOK series on Steam
  10. Kain's memories
  11. Soul Bros Before Soul Foes
  12. (Screenshots of deleted area) Ground Zero at the Pillars of Nosgoth Collapse
  13. smithsonian videogame gallery
  14. Soul reaver in oblivion
  15. [IMPORTANT] Change is in the air...
  16. If someday a REMAKE of LoK is made
  17. I'll just drop this off here...
  18. Guardian of Cheese
  19. Linikratyo's Theorem
  20. The Designer of Neca's Kain Figure
  21. Just a little artwork :)
  22. A first bitter taste of that terrible illusion...
  23. Still Praying for "LOK: HD Collection"
  24. I see before us yet another great disappointment...
  25. Research on Characters
  26. PEGI Rating Soul Reaver as 16+...PS3
  27. Research on Locations
  28. LOK Website
  29. keyboard configuration
  30. An amazing Soul Reaver replica!
  31. Legacy of Dansen
  32. Hylden Symbols?
  33. Soundtracks?
  34. question about the blood omen paradox
  35. Raziel Reissue
  36. Legacy of Kain Youtube project complete
  37. LoK: The rarest collectibles
  38. Little LoK tribute in Dracula: Love Kills
  39. Michael Bell Interview
  40. What type of squid do you think the EG is?
  41. When do you think will the next LoK sequel be announced?
  42. Dilithium. The Secret to Raising the Dead Ancients
  43. Legacy of Kain 6 - The first section of the game
  44. The lamest and yet one of the funnier LoK jokes I invented
  45. I think it'd be cool...
  46. Legacy of Kain: Dawn of the Last Empire (fanfic)
  47. Elder God's more "malleable" servants
  48. GameInformer Replay: Legacy Of Kain: Soul Reaver
  49. New voice for Elder God
  50. Plot doubts
  51. What if Kain had someone create the six lieutenants for him.
  52. Game Concept Ideas
  53. RE2, LOKD Blooper Reels
  54. LoK inspired tunage
  55. Umah Bloodomen
  56. Really bored on IMDB
  57. For the Michael Bell fans
  58. I spy with my vampiric eye...
  59. The Mass & Eldergod, Spinning in a Wheel, T-H-I-N-K-I-N-G!
  60. My thoughts about The Dark Prophecy
  61. cool color layout
  62. Pillars - Tomb Lyrics Found
  63. Happy Birthday Kain / LOK
  64. Soul reaver and blood omen fans help me out pleaseeeeee
  65. LOK references in Uncharted 3
  66. Boyd Lake gallery update!
  67. Only 5 days left...
  68. And so "History Comes Full Circle..."
  69. If kain created daughters.
  70. How much contempt does kain have for humans?
  71. Original Nosgoth Timeline
  72. Happy Birthday, The Hylden!
  73. Help needed
  74. Parody of LOK and Tombraider
  75. General speculations
  76. Little Tribute to LoK in Shout Out: Asterix And Obelix XXL 2
  77. Enhanced LOK Series FAQ in the LOK Archives...
  78. You think it is possible to make a LOK movie and convince them?
  79. What if...
  80. T.S. Eliot and Legacy of Kain
  81. Raziel Daughter as PC for new LoK game
  82. legacy of kain fan game
  83. I don't understand some people...
  84. Happy 10th Anniversary to The Lost Worlds!
  85. Rare LoK collector items discovered
  86. Raziel Model
  87. Something I don't understand
  88. Is this fanfiction?
  89. How about a LoK mini series?
  90. Any chance for a (HD) collection?
  91. GoG.com release?
  92. BO1 Remake like Skyrim
  93. LoK & it's influence on gaming
  94. And again, a new rumour...
  95. A Vampiric Call-To-Arms...
  96. blood omen fan comic
  97. LoK Wallpaper
  98. Legacy of Kain Timeline
  99. Soul Reaver Listed in top 100 Weapons - IGN
  100. How Legacy of Kain should have ended - fan web series
  101. Now presenting... RAZIEL!
  102. Kain, Y U NO evolve?
  103. Legacy of Xehanort: Key Blade - Funny comparisons [LoK and Kingdom Hearts spoilers]
  104. Legacy of Kain Wiki updates
  105. Female Fans Of LOK
  106. Kain's past
  107. Did you know that...
  108. Why all the love?
  109. That's it I've had it!
  110. Choice, Fate, and Free Will
  111. Todd and the book of pure evil
  112. alteritive ending for the last game
  113. This NEEDS to be made!!
  114. Animal life in Nosgoth
  115. Legacy of Kain models and maps for Warcraft 3
  116. FYI: Fan Fiction to look at........... lol
  117. Nosgoth: Beyond the Mountains, Oceans and Kain's vision as an Emperor.
  118. I found a REAL Sarafan temple!
  119. LoK Defiance PC Digital Download
  120. Re: That's It I've Had It
  121. Nosgoth Locals Recreated in Minecraft
  122. New Legacy of Kain Project
  123. Anyone else likes Lego?
  124. Coming soon, to a spirit forge near you...
  125. Daniel Cabuco's new website.
  126. Challenge or Difficulty level in the Kain games?
  127. Merchandise Wishlist
  128. PSOne Classics
  129. Issues with the Blood Omen Forum?
  130. Skyrim LoK Mod
  131. Legacy of Kain games on sale in GOG
  132. New interview with Amy Hennig
  133. Blood Omen - Legacy Of Kain - Soul Reaver - Defiance the series needs to be back!
  134. Is it just me or does she kinda look like Raziel : P
  135. The Legacy Lives On!
  136. Skyrim elder kain mod
  137. Blessed barrier symbol from Defiance
  138. Legacy of Kain on Steam!
  139. Main characters' personality
  140. Legacy Of Kain: Defiance - Mind Heist
  141. The Official Off Topic Conversation Thread: Vampiric Abyss
  142. Mural pictures
  143. LOK in Warhammer
  144. Soul Reaver 2D
  145. Square Enix Registers Possibly Legacy Of Kain Related Domain
  146. What if the Reaver was Destroyed? Help?
  147. PillarsOfNosgoth and other web sites:
  148. Remakes...?
  149. Influences on Legacy of Kain?
  150. Camera angles in the PC version?
  151. Legacy of Kain on Minecraft
  152. Legacy of Kain Wiki - Chat and Forum upgrades
  153. Plot questions
  154. Why....
  155. Should Blood Omen be remade?
  156. No LOK easter eggs on Tomb Raider this time?
  157. This guy is playing Skyrim as Kain :D
  158. Playing the series in Order?
  159. What IS Kain's "Legacy"?
  160. The (almost) definitive Legacy of Kain Maps thread
  161. The Legacy of Kain DLC for Guardian of Light?
  162. killing Ottmar during the Battle of the Last Stand
  163. Favorite and least favorite boss
  164. My Theories on the game
  165. New Nosgoth Game in Development: Confirmed
  166. Before we get TOO excited about this Nosgoth news...
  167. My Introduction & Tattoo for a game I hold dearly.
  168. LoK reboot to titled as simply 'Legacy of Kain'! New rumor!
  169. Spread the excitement!
  170. rare 7" Raziel action giveaway
  171. Collector;s set
  172. Elder God
  173. The 10 Cancelled Legacy of Kains
  174. Legacy of kain HD collection facebook page
  175. Legacy of Kain Series only $5.96 today on gog.com!
  176. Can there be a peeace between the Humans, Hylden and the Vampires?
  177. Vampire and Werewolf mythology Origins and their use in Blood Omen 1
  178. Where are you From Anyway?
  179. How Old Are You Anyway?
  180. The Games We Play?
  181. Legacy of Kain and painting
  182. Could Kain have saved the Razielim?
  183. FAQ: War for Nosgoth
  184. Vampire Evolution + BO2 dark gift thefts as canon? + Aerial spearfighting = AWKWARD!
  185. Legacy of Kain music tribute
  186. My theories (more or less series-wide)
  187. Wraith Smiths and Eternal Prison Jailers:
  188. Man at Arms
  189. A mod for Star Wars jedi knight Jedi Academy
  190. Legacy Of Kain: Dead Sun
  191. Demon Realm
  192. Wasteland Midrashim
  193. My lok fan story needs help
  194. Blood Omen / Soul Reaver Disconnection
  195. Any Truly Good Guys?
  196. Legacy of Kain Character Morality Rating
  197. [MAJOR SERIES SPOILERS] Legacy of Kain VI: What would you do?
  198. Ultra-Informal LoK/Nosgoth Community Meet-up w/ Square Enix in London
  199. Will the success or failure of Nosgoth determine the future of LoK?
  200. LOK series needs Mercury Steam!!
  201. How are sound effects made???
  202. Amy Hennig(former Legacy of Kain writer) departs from Naughty Dog
  203. Daniel Cabuco's posts
  204. LoK on Steam sale this weekend!
  205. awesome Mod for SSMBB
  206. sr1 creatures remade in sculptris.
  207. What was Magnus carrying around on his back?
  208. Gameinformer does a replay of Blood Omen 2
  209. Some problems with LoK's story
  210. Remake the series?
  211. Why did the Vampires devolve?
  212. Legacy of Kain novelizations?
  213. When do you think we will see a new Legacy of Kain?
  214. ModelEx help needed: it won't run.
  215. Happy 15th Anniversary to Soul Reaver :)
  216. Legacy of Kain Revival: Fan based game (help please)
  217. Original intent of Blood Omen and Soul Reaver
  218. Nemesis system
  219. Legacy of Kain cheap on Steam
  220. So what's with the Elder God anyway?
  221. Legacy of Kain Map
  222. New Forum Skin!
  223. Legacy of Kain Master Archive
  224. Soul Reaver replica
  225. LORE!!!!!
  226. "The descent had destroyed me... and yet I lived."
  227. LoK Websites / Blog List
  228. Nature of the Pillars
  229. R.I.P. Paul Lukather 1926-2014
  230. Suggestion for Future Installment
  231. SR2 Map at last
  232. The Only Thing Wrong With Nosgoth(the game)'s Lore
  233. Some (Long!) Stupid Questions From A Newbie
  234. Legacy of Kain games on Windows 10
  235. Wanna buy complete collection.
  236. The Revived and Updated (Almost) Definitive LoK Maps Thread
  237. Intro from Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2 and Defiance in high quality ?
  238. Theory about the Seer.
  239. Dead Sun
  240. Legacy of Kain: Potential reboot scenario
  241. #CompleteLoK Movement!
  242. Hoping to see the day that SE wisens up...
  243. PS2-to-PS4
  244. How to approach the Legacy of Kain movie
  245. Legacy of Kain- Weapons Design, Usage
  246. Pc tittles at 4k resolution
  247. Possible Clan Symbol Inspiration
  248. Dead Games No One Played: Legacy of Kain Dead Sun
  249. Will the Legacy of Kain continue?
  250. Will there ever be another LoK game?