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  1. Legacy of Kain - The Movie
  2. soulreaver 2 monsters
  3. What do you think eidos is planning with the LOK series?
  4. Defiance 2
  5. My Random Dialogue...
  6. Those shadow creatures
  7. survey
  8. when can we expect a new LOK game
  9. Balance Guardian Powers?
  10. So...Kain Saves The World
  11. The Game
  12. Happy Birthday to TheWatcher
  13. Devil May Cry 4 Demo for PC
  14. SOPILER to and including Defiance. Is Raziel's free will LoK-logic?
  15. LOK fanfic, post-defiance with a twist
  16. A few technical questions about the world of Nosgoth and vampires
  17. A call to graphic artists
  18. Ok I'm looking for a fanart picture and I can't find it anymore.
  19. remake on next gen systems?
  20. LoK 6 Characters
  21. Elder God Sound Alike (Tony Jay)
  22. Kain comparison
  23. Raising Umah fan fic
  24. Today is Raziels Birthday
  25. Raziel's Love Profile?
  26. Soul reaver mouse pointer? Does it exist?
  27. Why did the pillars fall?
  28. Fall of Nosgoth - work in progress
  29. An SR music video feautring music from "BERSERK"
  30. The Wheel of Fate
  31. Interesting Stuff from the Dead Space IGN Interview
  32. Should Raziel Return in LoK 6??
  33. Mini-fansites & Fanlistings for BO2/SR2/Defiance
  34. uploading drawings
  35. a drawing or two
  36. No hope for LoK from Montreal...
  37. Which game has the best music??
  38. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Raziel'sRevenge
  39. The next game...
  40. Will there be a LoK 6??
  41. Soul Reaver 2/Blood Omen 2 savegames request!
  42. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ardeth Silvereni
  43. Paradox Question (Spoilers Included)
  44. Is there any NEW "LOK" COMING???
  45. Can Time Be Changed?
  46. So, who wants a wife? =)
  47. Some great SR-reminiscent halloween music
  48. Digging up the old: What's wrong with women in LoK?
  49. Legacy???????
  50. Happy Birthday Dragonfly2 & Linikratyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  51. Sarafan or Saraphan ??
  52. Legacy of Kain: The Dark Prophecy (Cancelled)
  53. Xfire & LoK
  54. Nice touches
  55. Still on maps
  56. Elder God's origins (ideas, fan-fics, originality)
  57. Errors with the Kain Figure
  58. Tomb Rips of Kain, AGAIN
  59. modding Soul Reaver 2?
  60. Tomb Raider Soul Reaver crossover
  61. Greetings
  62. Title of The Dark Prophecy
  63. Raziel seems pretty quick to forgive and forget
  64. kains decision
  65. What happened if Raziel was never into the abyss?
  66. Multilanguage fansite
  67. LOK 6 is Fake
  68. Parody LoK and TR
  69. Technical Aspects
  70. Funny stuff
  71. time warner
  72. Happy Holidays Everyone
  73. Your Favorite Lok games
  74. Kain -Half Hylden ?
  75. Xfire Youtube Contest Voting
  76. Congratulations, folks
  77. Eidos lay off 30 staff members from Crystal Dynamics
  78. Dreams of The Dark Prophecy
  79. symbolish and mythology in legacy of kain
  80. kain model
  81. Soul Reaver?
  82. Moebius's staff
  83. Square Enix and Eidos???
  84. I want the darker stuff back
  85. Legacy Of Kain: Black Rose
  86. civ mod
  87. we want a new lok!!!
  88. Between the Zones
  89. GDD practice help, LoK related
  90. LOK Fan-Games
  91. Were the Sarafan really that bad?
  92. When you face Kain
  93. I'm still letting myself get that little bit of excitement
  94. Funny little thing about the ancients
  95. Another LoK 6 chance slipping away....
  96. Reviving the Leutenants
  97. Kain's throwing Raziel in the abyss might not have been so rash
  98. Squenix and LoK series
  99. The first BETA of Legacy of Kain: Prodigal Sons has been released!
  100. isnt it about time these guys pulled there finger out and released the next part
  101. Great...
  102. EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: There Will Be a New LoK!
  103. Question? "Legacy of Kain: The Complete series"
  104. Few questions
  105. Cosplaying as Raziel
  106. Crystal Dynamics staffing up for 'AAA franchise' (GameSpot News)
  107. New to Forum
  108. Tomb Raider creator leading Crystal Dynamics team (GameSpot News)
  109. Next-gen dev costs to hit $60 million - Guillemot
  110. Help with Soundreaver 2
  111. The Dark Prophecy Fanfic game in the works
  112. Bill Nighly and vampires
  113. a good theory...
  114. When was the Reaver made?
  115. Square Enix retires Eidos publishing label
  116. The "Asteroids" movie?
  117. Denis Dyack in trouble with Too Human
  118. Dantes Inferno/Legacy of Kain?
  119. I thought it only appropriate
  120. Meridian map needed...
  121. How should you start...
  122. When is Vorador the coolest?
  123. Whatever happened to the Reaver??
  124. Best "Janos in Hell" storyline I ever thought up--outline for the next Hylden strike!
  125. Xbox 360 backwards compatibility LOK
  126. My idea for 2 LOK Games.
  127. Vampire Starting Location
  128. LoK End: happy ending or...?
  129. Defiance on PC
  130. The Termogent Forest & Pillars
  131. help with some info...
  132. How fast takes Vampire Evolution?
  133. Soul Reaver 2 and a PC Controller
  134. GS: Give Raziel your support
  135. Turelim Clan Territory - Abandoned Fan Project
  136. Eidos, learn from Sony, we want a damn collection on PS3!!!
  137. Elder God Theory
  138. So I created a group...
  139. Planning on playing all LOK on PC, things I should know about?
  140. Vampires - Souls and Blood
  141. Blood Omen on PSN (usa)
  142. Just a few things... (maybe spoiler?)
  143. LoK series book
  144. Batman: Arkahm Asylum
  145. lok facebook group
  146. Soul Reaver Mouse Cursor
  147. Legacy of Kain Wiki
  148. LoK6: A Movie????
  149. Soul Reaver Cursors
  150. Hey all you Kurt Harland fans...
  151. Vampire Games
  152. Ariel's Lament Quotes
  153. To all who enjoy the plot of Legacy of Kain
  154. LoK Timeline Analysis and Discussion
  155. Goodbye Eidos, Hello Square Enix Europe
  156. facebook LOK group
  157. Mounts
  158. The ancient temples
  159. Characters height
  160. Did the Ancients evolve?
  161. Blood Omen 2 In Game Joke/Allusion?
  162. Legacy of kain -=remake=-
  163. To Eidos/Square
  164. Lok6 - please!!
  165. Show your support for a replica of the Soul Reaver!
  166. Glad to be back!
  167. Can anybody confirm this please
  168. If I were Square Enix
  169. Webcomic
  170. To everyone who says we should all give up on a new game I have a favor to ask:
  171. Here it is, the official "How can I help a new LOK game be created?" thread.
  172. Nosgothica 1.0 released
  173. Corruption
  174. Simon Templeton is in the new God of War game!
  175. LoK Fan Project with the UDK
  176. Why was Raziel created?
  177. Kain's Corruption/Purification and Appearance
  178. Omitted SR Dialogue?
  179. SR locations and a New Map of Nosgoth
  180. Vampire Intelligence?
  181. The Dumahim
  182. The Pillars - What is Causing Nosgoth to Die?
  183. News from The Cabal...
  184. I have just finished my book and would like some advice from the fans
  185. So is the future still there?
  186. kain mask
  187. Attention All!
  188. Dark chronicle
  189. Kain recieves #34 on IGN's Top 100 Villains List
  190. Last.fm Legacy of Kain Group
  191. Soul Reaver 1 and Soul Reaver 2 cover
  192. Pillars of Nosgoth DND campaign
  193. Soul Reaver
  194. Darksiders?
  195. And the wait drags on....
  196. LoK: Dark Prophecy - More information unearthed (Malek & Devolved/Wolf Kain)
  197. what happened to kain?
  198. Soul Reaver 2 - screenshots from cancelled PS1 release, Air Forge Design documents
  199. Yet Another Guy Tries to Trace the Reaver's Path Through Time
  200. Blood Omen 2 art unearthed - Unseen Hylden Castes, Mill sketches and Mecha Umah (wat)
  201. Soul Reaver concept art discoveries- Three familar (but high quality) and two unknown
  202. LoK: Dark Prophecy - Hylden-infused Sarafan armour renders
  203. Blood Omen 3 - Unearthed concept art for Ariel, Kain's Wolf Form, and female Razielim
  204. Soul Reaver - Turel - unseen face and body artwork, textured boss model.
  205. Soul Reaver - The Brethren and Melchiahim concept art, detailed Murals and textures
  206. Soul Reaver- Art of Female, Wolf and Winged Vampires (Razielim?), Hunters and Demons
  207. Soul Reaver - Undercity area screenshots and related concept art
  208. Shifter - Initial concept art, very early protagonist and antagonist designs.
  209. Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain- Video and screenshots from unreleased Sega Saturn version
  210. LoK: Defiance - Unseen enviromental concept art (fountain, gates, artifacts)
  211. Daniel Cabuco's artwork
  212. Soul Reaver- High-quality Melchiah model-shots/textures; early Lighthouse screenshots
  213. (Possibly) Blood Omen 3/Dark Prophecy props and mystery screenshot (Raziel returns?)
  214. Soul Reaver 1, 2 and "3" - GlyphX / Sandman Studios rendered images
  215. Soul Reaver Official Comic - Selected pages, precolouring, with artist's notes.
  216. LoK: Defiance (?)- Animation of unfinished Raziel wielding the SR1-style Fire Reaver
  217. Thoughts on timelines
  218. Reboot Legacy of Kain!
  219. Is the Elder God really that bad?
  220. Raziel fan art
  221. Defiance CD case
  222. The "Legacy of Bell"
  223. Vote for Kain!
  224. Soul reaver toy reviews
  225. Game Informer Replay of Blood Omen/LoK Praise
  226. what happend to the reaver and kain
  227. Minecraft Pillars
  228. Research for ModelEx 4.0
  229. Kain's Lament: Fan Art
  230. The Elder God and Time
  231. Newcomer with some questtions regarding Kain, mural picture of the scion and rebirth.
  232. Why Exactly Did Kain's Refusal Damn the Pillars?
  233. Progress on getting an actual reaver made!
  234. LOK ressurection stratergy thread
  235. A little help please :)
  236. The Tightness of SR2 & Pin the motive on the dark forces donkey
  237. YouTube vids
  238. Dark Chronicle
  239. Kain and Raziel playable in Guardian of Light
  240. New Interview with Amy Hennig: Storytellers of the Decade
  241. Post-Defiance speculation questions
  242. Legacy of Kain: Prodigal Sons
  243. Looking for an image
  244. Without Amy Hennig & Suggestions
  245. Where the hell does William's Soul Reaver come from?
  246. Merry Xmas Eidos
  247. Kain is imortal?
  248. Legacy Of Kain -The Wrath Of The Righteous (fan game)
  249. Question! I'm new here :)
  250. Soul Reaver 4