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  1. What the Bleep Do We Know?
  2. If being the SoB kept Kain alive during Defiance..
  3. Need a designer.
  4. we need the next LOK
  5. petition (repeat of defiance forum)
  6. Did Moebius know all along?//Raziels Free Will
  7. Soul Reaver Commercials
  8. Hylden immortality
  9. Creativity Soundoff
  10. Any other Metroid 2 Secret World explorers?
  11. Japanese LoK
  12. Who is the band in the "Salvation, Revelation, Deceit" trailer?
  13. Music video, well, music
  14. Vampmaster's stuff
  15. Quick LOK question
  16. An old Soul Reaver ad - blincoln might be interested in this
  17. Defiance help
  18. Legacy of Kain Q?
  19. What If? aka LOK Unlimited
  20. LOK6 Not if but When
  21. LOK - ingame movies
  22. [SPOILERS] LOK in Tomb raider Legand
  23. Question about Nupraptor's Retreat
  24. New Game... What do you think
  25. plot outline
  26. Elder God ORIGIN-Kains true beef with EG/No more Tony Jay as EG Issue
  27. New Legacy of Kain figures!!
  28. Does anyone own Information Society's Don't Be Afraid CD?
  29. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggghhhhh!!
  30. There is a guy I can see replacing Tony Jay as the Elder God
  31. Ozar cover on YouTube
  32. Will there EVER be a new LOK?
  33. LoK: The Search for Clothing
  34. Another Lok Game
  35. Explaining things if only BO1, BO2 and SR1 existed
  36. Paradox Confusion
  37. Lok Music video.
  38. Wireframes of the BO2 version Janos?
  39. Horrible news
  40. If not a game...atleast do this
  41. What's wrong with this picture?
  42. Anyone know where I can find some Legacy of Kain Login screens?
  43. Kain's Birthday
  44. Lok Diffiance on the 360
  45. I usually don't write in forums.........
  46. Check The Next Lok Petition Site
  47. Could a patch be done for BO2.........
  48. Would patches be better than new games....
  49. Importent for all LOK fans, something worth your time i swear!
  50. REPOST: Soul Reaver Trance Remix
  51. Well good to be back(sorry for spammin)
  52. Question from a newcomer to LOK
  53. Soul Reaver Hardcore Mix
  54. Is this a sign?
  55. Lok/sr Mmo
  56. Fanfiction: Need opinion
  57. Soul Reaver Hardcore Mix on Myspace
  58. Tomb Raider: Anniversary!? Come on...
  59. Need a new fandom
  60. Lok on the Wii
  61. New LOK Plot Ideas
  62. Really bad games? (Potential Spoilers)
  63. Speculation, Suggestion, and Hope by Sparky (Spoilers)
  64. Kain in Final Fantasy XII... sort of
  65. Second Life
  66. Do you think the Ice on the moat at Janos Audrens is thick enough
  67. What about the PSp or DS
  69. swords, swords
  70. x-mas gift for you folks
  71. Oh what if Fantasy Bike
  72. WILL their be another legacy of kain?
  73. Sad Chronology
  74. Merry Christmas
  75. vampires the masquerade bloodlines
  76. Soul Reaver is Running on my PSP:)
  77. Plot Guide by LOKFanatic
  78. LoK fans, what were your 5 favorite games of 2006
  79. Xbox 360?
  80. ¡¡PLEASE,please!!!!
  81. Off-series (fan made) tribute videos
  82. Paying my respects to Tony Jay(delete this if it`s bothering or spaming)
  83. PSMs Cast a video game contest, and I chose Blood Omen
  84. Sign for the next legacy of kain
  85. I bought NECA Kain and his finger broke
  86. What happened to Kain?
  87. New Hope for a new LoK!?
  88. lok?
  89. IF Eidos does manage to "PLAN" for a new LOK
  90. Can Kain Be Saved?
  91. In this topic: LoK actors' audio audition clips
  92. You know what would be awesome?
  93. Eidos Financial Situation
  94. Lies apon lies?
  95. Legacy of Kain: Retribution
  96. Excuse me? This is the best ever.
  97. SR2's Ourobouros'
  98. Error in Ben's "THE LOST WORLDS"
  99. LOK posters
  100. God of War II...
  101. Lok games on PC WS/Resolution
  102. European PS3 backwards compatibility list
  103. Opinion question to the rest of you
  104. The Indigo Prophecy
  105. The new voices (CD LOOK!)
  106. Restoring the Pillars...
  107. Kain Lives
  108. Nintendo Wii hold up?
  109. Happy Easter
  110. Name Help
  111. The Soul Reaver IS kians binding item.
  112. Simon Sightings
  113. Home made LoK music videos
  114. shared story elements
  115. Sequel gameplay & market practicality as well as LOK Movie
  116. We Want Sequel To Soulreaver Please !!!!!
  117. Wild idea for a sequel (keeping Raz! not in the way you think...)
  118. You Know You Love LOK Too Much When...
  119. Has anyone else noticed
  120. What would you do if...
  121. Just been reading some stuff on Gungrave...
  122. ContinuaÇÃo Da SÉrie Do Jogo Legacy Of Kain
  123. Eidos
  124. Come on CD !! That's Just enough for Tomb Raider !!
  125. Regarding the Link Between SR2 and BO2 (SPOILERS)
  126. Determining the Ages of Some Characters...
  127. Help publishing a book
  128. Ideas for New games? Come on Eidos
  129. body and soul
  130. Legacy of Kain: Making Maps
  131. Whats your favourite LOK quote?
  132. kain? reaver?
  133. Eidos doing the wrong thing?
  134. For PSP
  135. SCi/Eidos Acquisition ???
  136. The Reaver thread
  137. If I could, then I would resurrect the franchise like this
  138. Im here to Awaken the Sleepin Giant.
  139. blood omen kain-current kain?
  140. WOW!! check this out a new Raziel figure.
  141. [insert you own LoK character here]
  142. Anyone else getting nostalgic?
  143. The original texts of the LoK play.
  144. Getting some tattoos, need some help
  145. maybe some hope afterall
  146. Another tatoo thread
  147. Can Kain shift into the spectral realm? (Spoilers)
  148. New L.O.K Game >
  149. Ok, I've thought of some things for past/future games.
  150. Happy Halloween...
  151. Legacy of Kain .dream?
  152. This is so funny
  153. Can LOK be saved?
  154. Voradors return how the heck...
  155. The Legacy of Kain Game Mods Thread
  156. Why did Kain....?
  157. Kain was on ER:)
  158. Amy took Kain with her!!!
  159. Mobius and the Pillar corruptions
  160. If TR can do it so can LOK
  161. Speculation Time!
  162. why won't we have a continuation of the series?
  163. Question on The Reaver itself
  164. Questions we need answering in 6
  165. A new LOK music Vid on Youtube
  166. Scion of Balance
  167. Favourite Character not named Kain/Raziel
  168. A good replacement for Tony.
  169. Why
  170. Happy Thanks Giving to all the American Friends
  171. The Moment They first altered time
  172. which?
  173. Which backstory would you like to see played out?
  174. Realistic Thinking...
  175. [MOVED FROM ANOTHER THREAD] Vampire cookie fiend discussion
  176. Simon Templeman in Uncharted Drake's Fortune
  177. What was the worst game in the series?
  178. Image Copyright?
  179. Didn't celebrate 100th post so..
  180. Ever notice.........?
  181. The Bitter Taste Of Hope
  182. Thought this would be interesting.......
  183. Can anyone help me find this pic?
  184. What's your favorite LoK title?
  185. How is Moebius alive again?
  186. Legacy Of Kain ?
  187. HEHEHE Happy Birthday Majinkura!
  188. There should be one more LOK game
  189. Won't be here for 2 months or more
  190. Tomb Raider: Underworld - If Successful New LOK on the Way
  191. Elder God & Raziel Questions
  192. New "Best Eidos series" poll. Check and vote!
  193. Lok not The Legacy of Raziel
  194. Can Raz be freed?
  195. The Elder and Mortanius
  196. "Original" Timeline
  197. Merry Christmas everyone!
  198. Happy Birthday The Hylden
  199. Characters
  200. HAPPY BIRTHDAY the dark one!!
  201. Which game would you like to see in LOK6?
  202. Another annoying problem
  203. Hi everybody
  204. The Official Legacy of Kain Birthday List -(Updated 10/06/11)
  205. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kain Of the hylden
  206. Why isn't there a Legacy of kain BooK SERIES !??!?!??
  207. Ask a Voice Actor....
  208. LOk The fighting Game
  209. Last of the Hylden? I think not
  210. Funny LoK stuff
  211. We should be mailing the guy who has the power to give the green light
  212. Defiance and SR2 Issue
  213. WoW - look what I found...
  214. NECA's Raziel
  215. Whats your most memberable or favorite moment in LOK Series?
  216. Warcraft Maps
  217. LoK Animated
  218. Worst moments in lok?
  219. Eidos & Crystal Dynamics...
  220. Problems
  221. Soul Reaver & Xfire
  222. My idea for the last legacy of kain SPOILERS FROM PREVIOUS GAMES
  223. Help! New gamepad not recognized in SR2 & BO2! :[
  224. Legacy of Kain collection for PS?
  225. Do you like polls?
  226. Can someone please confirm this?
  227. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Raina Audron
  228. Bill Gardner interview in the new issue (#179) of Game Informer--New LOK???
  229. Hello, all...
  230. hey does anyone remeber
  231. I was just browsing gametrailers.com and I saw this...
  232. final soul reaver :D
  233. How would you rank the games in the series?
  234. Is this true?
  235. Happy (early) birthday, Butterfly Lord!
  236. Legacy of Kain MMORPG
  237. Time travel problems(Spoilers)
  238. Future of LOK??
  239. LOK:BO coming to PSN
  240. Sarafan Malek or Raziel?
  241. HOW should it end?
  242. Question about the Sarafan
  243. New Tatoos!
  244. What would kain do/say?
  245. Raziels eyes
  246. Questions, and Thoughts of the Series
  247. How bout the next game following Janos?
  248. Lok, needs a fresh start
  249. LOK Rises From The Ashes
  250. Any possible way to extract textures from Blood omen 2 and Soul Reaver 2?