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  69. When will Square just launch their own console?
  70. English version of square enix channel !
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  72. Square Enix at E3 2013
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  74. Happy New Year!
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  78. LOOK FORWARD TO IT! Most Anticipated Moment of 2013
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  80. Famitsu Lists The 30 Most Wanted Video Games Of 2013 In Japan
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  83. Happy Valentine's Day, Choco!
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  85. Square Enix and the future
  86. Square Enix at Pax East 2013!
  87. Square Enix all stars battle royale?
  88. No more HD collections, please!
  89. Happy Easter!
  90. Square Enix President Yoichi Wada to Step Down
  91. A time of change at Square Enix
  92. If you were Square Enix' next President, what would you do?
  93. Yosuke Matsuda: 2nd President
  94. Square Enix: Linux Support
  95. Square Enix: PS4
  96. Square-enix in MOBA
  97. SE Account and SE Forum Account - what's the difference?
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  99. SEA merge/migration test and support thread | post all forum/account issues here
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  101. Dont post FF14 threads in here. Navigate to the FF14 area please (Link in post)
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  112. Square Enix to focus on JRPG and core based games?
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  114. 27?
  115. What user groups do exist and how do they affect my forum usage?
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  119. Playstation 2 games on the psn network
  120. Mooberry the Cow God
  121. About the PS4: I'm in a pickle as of right now!
  122. Crystal Dynamics
  123. Is Square Enix planning on adding games on Onlive Cloudlift
  124. game like the manwha the gamer
  125. Square Enix Casting-- Acting Submissions
  126. Missing PSN games
  127. Shinra Technologies
  128. Square Enix, please make all your PSP titles available on PSN (and Vita compatible)
  129. Forum introduction
  130. Hatsune Miku X Tetsuya Nomura
  131. Werewolves - Expansion into other fields?
  132. Product Submission Forms...
  133. Who Would Make It In A Square Enix Super Smash Bros Clone
  134. Happy Holidays 2014
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  137. Can't Create character
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  142. The Square Enix London Podcast
  143. Playstation TV and Square Enix Games
  144. support Mac OS X
  145. Square Enix E3 2015 Conference Discussion
  146. How to contact Taito?
  147. i been changeing my password since i joined the game
  148. Request For Square-Enix about language
  149. Petition to Square Enix: Update your games!
  150. Transfer saves between iphone/ipad
  151. Square Enix and you
  152. Wishing for a new online game
  153. Bridge between gamers and developers
  154. Eidos Montreal will 'Never Touch Religion' in their games? 0o
  155. Square Enix Account versus Square Enix Members
  156. May we PLEASE have some of the remakes being released in Japan over here in the US?
  157. Feeling Sad.. No Room for Turned Base/JRPG Battle system for Future Games?!
  158. Russian Scamers sending Private Messages.
  159. Square Enix announces publishing partnership with Milestone
  160. Let's Play question
  161. Square Enix Website Account
  162. Square classic titles on PS4?
  163. How to give out info of your games
  164. Square Enix and PvP
  165. Storywriting Permissions
  166. Revenue and stats of ported SE games, porting efforts
  167. Why is Xbox one being ignored?
  168. Square Enix and VR... What's the word??
  169. anyone crave for a mobile mmorpg( Japanese style), open world?
  170. Release more classics on the PlayStation store.
  171. More mobile games in the west?
  172. Square Enix has dropped their own DRM free catalogue and ret-conned peoples accounts
  173. What would it take to get the ps classics to a pc release?
  174. Square Enix Business Ethics
  175. Do you desire to play as a villain ?
  176. Final Fantasy XV Questions...
  177. Physical Deluxe Edition is Disappointing...
  178. Quest bug help me plsss
  179. Nier : Automata
  180. Pls help...
  181. Final Fantasy XV Forum
  182. Next Final Fantasy XV Patch
  183. Cannot create SE account error code i2501... any solutions
  184. Nier: Automata Portuguese subtitles PS4
  185. Is Project Octopath Traveler a Tactics Ogre spiritual successor?
  186. canĀ“t log into account management system
  187. I'm Pronouncing This Forum Officially DEAD
  188. Fortune Street ps4 in the United States?
  189. change email
  190. Just have a question
  191. Square enix ID
  192. Square enix ID
  193. graphic problem with FFXV PS4
  194. Bug on Final Fantasy XV - Quest stuck
  195. Patch after patch and they still haven't fixed the flashing trees...
  196. Promotion code doenst work for Blood Money
  197. unable to complete version check FF14
  198. Final Fantasy XV Bugs
  199. Register Steam purchesed games on Square Enix site?
  200. First Topic: Final Fantasy XV Wishlist in Future Updates.
  201. ports to Nintendo Switch, Support the cause!!!
  202. Help needed for my Store purchase.
  203. NieR: Automata [Russian Localization]
  204. The Avengers Project
  205. Can't choose a shipping country
  206. Help logging in to Final Fantasy XIV on PS4
  208. Prompto and Noctis figures
  209. Square Enix needs to clean up
  210. Heavensward activation email not being received
  211. Trying upgrade my trial account.
  212. Best Hard Drive For Gaming?
  213. Need help with ffxiv errors 20512 -25008
  214. Petition: Adding Tetra Master Card Mini-Game From Final Fantasy IX to FF Portal App
  215. I want to propose Square an idea regarding TR's 25th anniversary...What should I do?
  216. No more yellow missions?
  217. NOOOO! MY 133 hour FFXV save is gone!
  218. X360CE Tutorial: Using Any Gamepad with Any Game that supports an XBOX360 Controller
  219. Theatrhythm Chrono!
  220. Nier:Automata unavailable in steam SEA
  221. Please dun region lock Nier:Automata
  222. I Am Setsuna cartridge release or Japanese English subtitles?
  223. NieR Automata Pre-Order Question
  224. Square Enix and Avalanche should develop a G.I.Joe game with Just Cause mechanics
  225. Loading Cloud Saves in new device.
  226. Job System and Role Design survey
  227. US/CA Conversion Rates
  228. Published my (belated) review of Deus Ex: MD! Would love to know what you think!
  229. XboX one S..... FFXV What a waste.
  230. I feel so tricked (Nier Automata)
  231. NIER Automata (and other platinum games) are not available in SEA region
  232. NieR:Automata Patch Request for PC
  234. A 3D 'Project X Zone 3' featuring Square-Enix-Yay or Nay?
  235. NieR: Atomata Mouse and Keyboard controls issues that must be fixed.
  236. For the devs of Nier Automata: fixes needed for this to be a truly good PC port
  237. Square should port FF X to the 3DS
  238. Nier Automata: [BUG] Targeting difficult with the mouse in certain views.
  239. Seiken Densetsu Collection NEEDS an english language option or us release
  240. Question about reports
  241. FFXIV Account + Members account?
  242. Seiken Densetsu Collection
  243. Patch and Fix the Steam version of Nier:Automata
  244. Bring Gameglobe back!
  245. Nier Automata PC Steam Redeem process don't work Server Error
  246. Black Box Edition
  247. Dragon Quest XI--- When will you be available in North America?
  248. Original NieR Remaster
  249. Registering for this site seems to have no purpose.
  250. 1st time user forum confusion