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  1. Final Reality I
  2. Kadaj Maya/3d object
  3. Petition for King Thordan character in Dissidia Final Fantasy Arcade
  4. Can't Download a Registered Game!
  5. Final Fantasy XV
  6. Dragon Quest Heroes 2 PS4 Multiplayer
  7. How do I find my Square Enix ID?
  8. Account Issues this company is a joke.
  9. Game Question about a shelved game. =)
  10. About Final Fantasy 7,8,9 and Dragon Quest 8
  11. Secret of Mana Switch English release - Noaki Horii's tweet
  12. Zodiac Age, needs to have: Ideas and Improvements
  13. Long Time Gone
  14. Chrono Trigger (Nueva Versión)
  15. Just Cause 3 Keep Crashing
  16. Braveheart, an old Eidos Game.
  17. Wave 2 of DLC
  18. How can I delete this account?
  19. FFXV Bugs Glitches Broken (Gil Missing)
  20. World Record Attempt- Longest Final Fantasy Marathon- HELP
  21. Nier Automata region locked for Saudi arabia on Steam
  22. Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age Full guide 100%??????
  23. The black boxes? What are they?
  24. Is it at all possible
  25. social hub for sleeping dog
  26. Ideas for battle system and characters development for new RPG game
  27. How do I register donloaded games purchased via console in my profile?
  28. how to play StormBlood
  29. Digital bundle pack buy
  30. Chat support stuck?
  31. FF14 - Stormblood
  32. Stormblood server stress
  33. how can i find my id
  34. [PS4] NieR: Automata Pre-Order Theme
  35. Need assistance to register my Steam version of FF7
  36. How to register Steam Version game
  37. Purchased FFXIV at Launch; returned, and no record of original purchase?
  38. Stuck and locked out of account
  39. Hello, i need help and sorry if this is not the place, just help me please
  40. FINAL FANTASY XIV I cannot log in!
  41. My 2 year old account is suddenly invalid
  42. Nier Automata issue
  43. Star Ocean 3 PS4 -- LOTS of CRASHES
  44. Anyone here playing Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire yet?
  45. My square enix I'd ?
  46. Unautorized game?
  47. WHAT Control Panel?
  48. FF VII changed my life...but
  49. FFVII changed my life but..
  50. Just want you to know you just lost a potential customer
  51. Chrono Trigger Licensing Contact
  52. purchase trouble
  53. I have not received my confirmation email after buying stormblood.
  54. FFXIV Stormblood Releases “And... Action!” (July 3rd - July 14th)
  55. Paid for 4 SB but only got codes for 2
  56. What are the password requirements?
  57. FFXII ZA Lets Play - Tytanium Joopy
  58. Top 10 mission games of all time
  59. First Boss in 'The World that never was' Kingdom Hearts 2.5 is too hard
  60. Submission Guidelines, a message from a Game Development Student
  61. Submission Guidelines, a message from a Game Development Student
  62. Parasite Eve 20th Annivarsary .. Square Enix do you care ?
  63. test post please ignore
  64. test post 2: electric boogaloo
  65. Very personal request regarding World of Final Fantasy
  66. Is there any benefit to linking my SE account to a game?
  67. Review for Final Fantasy XV
  68. What are the benefits of linking my SE account to a game?
  69. Third time trying to play in two years, still cant get it to work. FFXIV
  70. Final Fantasy XIV
  71. The Last Remnant Remaster
  72. Playing both xiv and xi
  74. Final Fantasy XVI: "What fans want in this game?"
  75. 2D Steam versions of FF4,5,1(2) = Free Money for Square Enix
  76. Nosgoth or LoK Reboot
  77. [URGENT]Selling FFXIV online complete edition in 29.99euro
  78. Ulduar Combat Bug + Complaint
  79. Final Fantasy I
  80. Does anyone know where to send reviews about Dissidia NT?
  81. SquareEnix on GOG.com
  82. Dissidia NT Beta General Discussion
  83. Where is Tactics Ogre on PSN??
  84. Dirge of Cerberus Multiplayer Archive
  85. Playstation network digital games not showing up on square enix account
  86. Psn games not showing up
  87. Unsubscribe from Emails
  88. I cannot download add-ons into Final Fantasy XV
  89. How do I merge accounts if I have the same email and password?
  90. Fans want Chrono Brake and Final Fantasy Tactics 2!
  91. Hello everyone
  92. Begging Square-Enix, to put more Final Fantasy games on STEAM!
  93. Left Alive - a new chapter of the Front Mission
  95. Should i buy FF 14 Again
  96. Registering digitally downloaded games
  97. Bring back Nosgoth :^)
  98. Spelunker Party Demo - Switch
  99. NieR Gestalt+Replicant HD remaster?
  100. Final Fantasy PS4 Remake...
  101. Life Is Strange "More Please" #Life Is Strange: After The Storm
  102. Life Is Strange Before the Storm
  103. Life Is Strange Before the Storm
  104. Secret of Mana 2?!?!?
  105. Itadaki Street: Dragon Quest & Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary english release?
  106. ffxiv.exe pc errors
  107. Quality deterioration - a letter to the Management
  108. Seiken Densetsu & FF6
  109. The Golden Ticket...Unable to meet with Edward...
  110. Is the graphics much more important than gameplay in games?
  111. A perfect system for a port of a classic
  112. Ports to Virtual Console NA
  113. A Problem That Square Enix Can't Fix (FFXV: Sania Fireflies Mission)
  114. Plagiarism on part of GGG?
  115. Comrades "Standalone" (FF15)
  116. How can I add my game to Live Projects ?
  117. [Suggestion] Final Fantasy XV: Comrades - Arena Mode
  118. NieR:Automata PC Patch - When?
  119. Feedback: NieR Automata
  120. Eidos Anthology's steam bundle sale is broken
  121. Terranigma
  122. Any possibility for Customized control scheme for all versions of FFXV?
  123. Games I want to see return..
  124. Final Fantasy Awakening
  125. Localization into Russian
  126. FFXV COMRADES BUG TO BE FIXED - Prompto disappeared and never came back
  127. Review/Feedback for FFXV +DLCS
  128. Secret of Mana PS4 / PS VITA Remake
  129. Final Fantasy XV Comrades Graphics Problem
  130. FFXV subtitles with names of who is speaking?
  131. Final Fantasy XV cannot download and play anymore
  132. Square Enix Software Token Resetting Daily
  133. Square Enix Store/Steam CD Key
  134. Concerning house buying/selling?
  135. Bring back Dungeon Siege I
  136. When are square fans going to get the classics on PS4?!!!!!!
  137. Where is Chrono?!
  138. Final Fantasy Collection?
  139. Square Enix ID
  140. Original Xbox Championship Manager 2002/03 (Green One)
  141. Account Stuck
  142. Items and quests lost after using Umbra to travel to present time - FFXV
  143. Square Enix Please Fix the Tomb Raider 2013 multiplayer servers!
  144. Nier: Automata does not recognise AMD Graphics card
  145. Question about this forum and FFXIV
  146. PGA Awards
  147. Square Enix and Tokyo RPG Factory should make a remake of Chrono Trigger!
  148. Vagrant Story,Vandal Hearts,Tomb Raider,Etc.
  149. i Heard a Rumor...
  150. Where would Video games be...?
  151. Question about Digital Downloads
  152. Square Enix: We want NT to succeed, please fix its connection and matchmaking/issues
  153. Suggestion
  154. Is The Square-Enix Forum Dead?
  155. FFXV Bug
  156. Star Ocean 2nd Story (remaster/remake)
  157. Secret of Mana PS4 Retail Info
  158. Help supporter someone
  159. Give me my ******* money back
  160. Final Fantasy XV | Benchmark Question
  161. Final Fantasy XV SLI
  162. Something very strange happened (with video)
  163. Peter Rabbit
  164. Problem with a activation code.
  165. FFXIV PS4 Question Not Sure Who Else To Ask Support Related
  166. best agency for apps
  167. Secret of mana Bug
  168. How can I download the executable from square-enix.com?
  169. Secret of Mana Remake - Bugs / Improvement Wishes
  170. Dissidia NT code for Dissidia opera omnia
  171. Secret of Mana has game breaking glitches
  172. Is there any chance that CHRONO CROSS will be coming back?
  173. Posts approval
  174. Star Ocean - The Last Hope
  175. Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Comrades Servers Separate?
  176. I Can't Access the Royal Pack in FFXV (PS4)
  177. Where are the steam trading cards, badges?!!!
  178. Missing Download Link for LIFE IS STRANGE
  179. Can we PLEASE get some info on the NA Dragon Quest XI release?
  180. I just learned nosgoth servers shutted down lol
  181. Lara Croft Guardian of Light Controller error
  182. New Commandos Game!
  183. New Praetoreans Game!
  184. Curious why the profile info doesn't ask for our system usage...
  185. cannot login but i can login here
  186. Questions about "Distant Worlds: Music of Final Fantasy" concerts
  187. Password / Account Troubles
  188. Is The Square-Enix Forum Dead?
  189. purchased game no confirmation email
  190. Ogre Battle
  191. Front Mission 5: Scars of the War Remaster for PS4!
  192. NieR:Automata sold 3 million copies
  193. Chaos Ring 3
  194. Star Ocean series for PC
  195. A Deaf character debut in the video games called "The Quiet Man"
  196. Will Square-enix be enabling asynchronous shading with AMD GPU's in the future?
  197. Kingdom Hearts IP - Japanese Voice Request for Europe (thread FR)
  198. Sleeping Dogs (Definitive Edition)
  199. Uplift the business with live chat agents!
  200. Resourceful Chicago Cubs merchandise for every budget holders!
  201. Please remake dragon quest 8 on this generation and ff7 remake with two gameplay
  202. Hublot Big Bang Mens Model 301.PX.130.RX.094 watch replica
  203. some general questions
  204. Octopath Traveler . . . Run with it!
  205. Octopath Traveler - we want this or similar game on PS4!
  206. Chrono Trigger fanart
  207. Square Enix
  208. How durable are Square Enix figures?
  209. ns with that young man because m
  210. Second client crashes after Square Enix Logo
  211. Square Enix Collective..
  212. Square Enix's role-playing game is at E3
  214. Can someone please tell me what the hell Square Enix did to the jets on Just cause 4
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  216. Hitman Antivirus support Number 1877-929-3373
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  220. how do I log off
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  223. and this company Oh ***** this company
  224. Do you not like your pc players?
  225. Anyone else having issues where Shadow of the Tomb Raider randomly freezes?
  226. plz fix
  227. Final Fantasy Collection?
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