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  1. FAQ – Nosgoth Closed Beta
  2. Beta Survival Guide
  3. TYRANT A few tips for the people playing as one or playing with one.
  4. HUMANS Human weapon values current 05-02-14
  5. User Guides:
  6. HUMANS Need help improving my human gameplay
  7. Nosgoth guides to battle success
  8. MISC. Future Guide: Nosgoth goes Twitch
  9. ALCHEMIST What's Not Obvious
  10. ALCHEMIST Flamewall obscures sight for humans
  11. How do I acquire more artifacts?
  12. How to avoid grounding sentinel?
  13. So how often are you dying on average?
  14. Can't seem to Find info on boosts, how long they last .ect
  15. SCOUT 's guide to scouting
  16. HUMANS Human weapon values current 5-4-14
  17. Questions about chests, artifacts and leveling.
  18. List of commands
  19. Classes Damage Comparison
  20. Best perk for .....
  21. Some help regarding playing with friends.
  22. Your best class vs your favorite
  23. New and helpless need guides or w/e
  24. ABILITIES Getting out of Bola
  25. Nosgoth Counter - Play Guide.
  26. How to deal with the 3 Reavers 1 Deceaver composition?
  27. Support prophet: Good or a waste of class space?
  28. Vampire loadouts guides
  29. What is the niche of the prophet? And how to Sentinel against organized groups?
  30. How to deal with blinding smokebomb spam?
  31. Prophets.
  32. Kabuki's Deceiver Gameplay and Shenanigans
  33. BOTH FACTIONS Death's Big Thread of Everything
  34. Step-by-Step: How to Use Nosgoth Twitch Intergration
  35. VAMPIRES Playing against a good human team
  36. HUMANS When to melee and when to shoot?
  37. SOMMERDAMM How to ruin the game
  38. TYRANT Turelim's Throw
  39. HUMANS Your Views On Handling Vampires
  40. To block or not to block, that is the question
  41. Vampire Breakdown
  42. SENTINEL (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Warmonic's Beginner & Advanced Guide to Sentinel
  43. Tips for Deceiver and Alchemist please?
  44. Does the whip work on flying sentinels?
  45. Human weapons & abilities to get.
  46. situational awareness
  47. VAMPIRES 2 Really simple vampire tips for new players
  48. Sentinel: Any way to control fight speed?
  49. Lets talk about Tyrant.
  50. ABILITIES Stopping Power
  51. SENTINEL Protip: Cannot drop enemies into water.
  52. Damage threshold for binding CC
  53. HUMANS Outrunning a vampire
  54. Counter to Choking Haze?
  55. Piercing pistols
  56. how to deal with decievers and LMB spam?
  57. Nosgoth Introduction Video
  58. deceiver or sentinel unlock first?
  59. ABILITIES Vampire Quad Combo Challenge
  60. HUNTER Hunter's weapon
  61. VAMPIRES Questions about basic attack dmg
  62. DECEIVER A Basic Introduction To The Deceiver Class (video)
  63. Deadeye vs Steadiness - Nosgoth Human Perks
  64. Reaver: To Pounce, or not to Pounce
  65. best alchemist secondary ability?
  66. SENTINEL How is the Dive Bomb aimed?
  67. ABILITIES Tyrant Jump
  68. Cant hande sentinal
  69. Help with Kidnap
  70. Unequiping Boosters
  71. Most important unlock for each class?
  72. Bloodlust, Enrage and Berserker question
  73. Bolus tips
  74. Expired Items????
  75. BROseph Stalin's Tier Lists.
  76. Hollow's Class Guide - Scout
  77. TYRANT Youkai's: How to Jump (Tyrant)
  78. Vampire Stats
  79. TYRANT Single Target Tyrant build.
  80. 4 Tyrant games
  81. TYRANT Tyrant complains
  82. Shift key and Vampires movement
  83. Need serious help
  84. Two rudimentary questions about the game
  85. RazielWarmonic inspired me to write a little guide for beginners
  86. Just looking for some advice/opinions on loadouts.
  87. Hunter bow analysis (maths)
  88. The role of dodge roll
  89. MISC. How To: Fix Mouse Smoothing/Sensitivity
  90. wich classes should i play if...
  91. The big guide to maximising your framerate (FPS config included)
  92. ive read the guides, still asking for help
  93. ALCHEMIST Viscous cannon
  94. Sommerdamm Tyrant trickjump
  95. Sentinel Guide by Dead Sun Silent
  96. Nosgoth Counter-Class Guides
  97. MISC. Sentinel/Hunter Gameplay Walkthrough
  98. Sentinel Airstrike Aiming Guide
  99. Sentinel Flying Guide - Basic + Advanced Techniques
  100. ALL MAPS Map images
  101. Map Images - Top-down View
  102. Mancake and Guardian Angel achievements
  103. Sentinel - Provance Nades
  104. Advice on Human perks?
  105. Is prophet spam the future?
  106. Item Levels
  107. class counters question
  108. explain to me infect+shroud
  109. Alchemist Guide
  110. Disabling curse - worth buying?
  111. High Skilled Alchemist Questions
  112. The shifting metagame
  113. Reaver-Leap attack
  114. Nosgoth Gameplay + Commentary - Prophet, Sentinel and Tyrant [1080p 60FPS]
  115. Nosgoth Gameplay + Commentary - Scout and Summoner [1080p 60FPS]
  116. Mass summoners ...
  117. Help Me Aim Dominate Mind
  118. Nosgoth Gameplay + Commentary - Deceiver and Alchemist [1080p 60FPS]
  119. Need Help With Achievements: Quad + Immortal Flesh
  120. Summoner/Scout Gameplay and guide (live commontary)
  121. Hunter: How to bolas
  122. What to do about THOSE Scout players?
  123. How to land Reaver's Sweeping Kick?
  124. Viscous Cannon sucks right?
  125. Humans - Melee, how does it work?
  126. WEAPONS Bleed Munching and You
  127. Nosgoth Gameplay Videos
  128. Three healers and Vanquard
  129. New Players: Golden Rules to playing Humans
  130. Hellstrike avoidance
  131. Playing Vanguard
  132. What Can Tyrants Do ?
  133. For the newbies, some tips (Reaver/Deceiver)
  134. How to fight against 3 Deceivers Dominate Mind?
  135. Grrr Mines
  136. How do Sentinels turn so quickly mid-Kidnap/Abduct?
  137. Jump Tyrant Looking for Adivice
  138. Stacking Tyrant's damage: Enrage+Berserker+Bonus
  139. Interception Achievement
  140. Capture The Body: Best Strategy You Saw Or Did
  141. Three entirely unrelated tactics I want to share
  142. reaver help
  143. Help! How Important is Stopping Power Resist?
  144. Current Meta Frusterations!!
  145. Immortal Flesh Achievment, how to?
  146. Weapon dps calculation
  147. VAMPIRES Secret achievement interception and tyrant jump+throw
  148. Help: To Catch a Predator
  149. Basic guide to vampire initiations
  150. Reaver: Savage Pounce counters
  151. Extensive human positioning guide and theory
  152. Summoners..
  153. New Hidden Achievements
  154. Best way of playing Capture the Body?
  155. Solutions To Hunter Stacks
  156. Best Crafted Item Builds
  157. Gearing up
  158. Hunter weapon/newbie question
  159. Which stats effect interrupts and recovery times?
  160. PERKS Stopping Power Resist, does it exist as a buff?
  161. Tyrant charge turnrate
  162. Forge and other questions.
  163. Public Notice to All: Ground Rules Going Forward
  164. I done a youtubes!
  165. The Forge
  166. August Meta Snap Shot
  167. Advanced deciever strategies
  168. Public service announcement: Aoe Heals
  169. Two Questions for the Devs!
  170. Statistics of Series 1 Unique Weapons and Abilities
  171. Statistics of Series 2 Unique Weapons
  172. The Forge Thread 1.0
  173. League Help.
  174. Custom resolution + Borderless fullscreen
  175. HUMANS Beastmastery Assistance
  176. All the renders/tips from the latest patch (23rd March)
  177. Daily Challenges - Rewards List
  178. STORE New weapon series