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  1. FAN's DREAM GAME - Legacy of Kain: HD Collection
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  5. [forum questions] Custom Avatar and Signature for the Forums
  6. Old Nosgothica Map Program
  7. This is a plea to all ye heart broken fans
  8. My little story about how my nickname to all of my friends is "Raz" :D
  9. Gameplay wise - what is your favourite LoK game in the series?
  10. The Legacy of Kain rolling quiz
  11. Blood Omen 2 Remake!!Who wants it ;)
  12. Soul Reaver game availibility?
  13. Olá Nosgoth
  14. What would you do to get into the closed beta TOMORROW.
  15. What games are you playing while wating for Nosgoth?
  16. Announcement
  17. If you were a vampire?...
  18. Trevor is having a smoothie
  19. Who will "Prevail"....be the GOD
  20. L of K and philosophy
  21. Feelin' like Michelangelo [Artwork]
  22. Legacy Of Kain - Fan Art
  23. Ozar Midrashim note sheet
  24. An LoK Adventure Game
  25. Dark Prophecy, Dead Sun, or Both???
  26. key
  27. Question about Mortanius
  28. Happy New Year
  29. Would you prefer and HD collection? Remakes? Or sequels?
  30. Kain and Raziel's Excellent Adventure
  31. Is Kain a vampire?
  32. 'PlayStation Now' game-streaming service coming summer 2014
  33. Fan Fiction
  34. Pillar of Balance
  35. Speculations for the continuation/ending of LoK
  36. what happened to two corporal Reavers in SR2?
  37. Three Word Story
  38. Is the NDA over?
  39. True Inspiration for the Great Soul Reaver Reboot / Remake !
  40. How can i only see new posts of the Nosgoth-Subforum?
  41. Devolved razielim face
  42. Valentine's day in the world of NOSGOTH.
  43. Silly things from the Internet
  44. Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver HD
  45. codes
  46. trading teso and wildstar beta weekend keys for beta nosgoth <3
  47. Playthrough of Blood Omen I
  48. Legacy of Kain: Cheap Kitchens of Nosgoth.
  49. Mercury Steam & LOK series
  50. 500 Word Stories
  51. trading ESO beta key for nosgoth beta
  52. What are you listening to?
  53. Amy Hennig Leaves Naughty Dog
  54. does anyone know how to make mouse pointers? : /
  55. The Old Days
  56. Quick Question
  57. So am I missing something about Nosgoth ? Being better then E.S.O?
  58. Nosgoth Scout gameplay with slowmo FX
  59. signature does not show in past posts ???
  60. Nosgoth art
  61. Gift invites
  62. Beta Key beggars
  63. Something that will change u
  64. So I just had a horrifying thought...
  65. Paint me like one of your french girls
  66. Trade Wildstar beta key
  67. Coolest thing I've seen all week ...
  68. Michael Bell AMA on reddit
  69. Nosgoth music
  70. Streaming Soul Reaver 1
  71. Legacy of Kain... On Minecraft :)
  72. Dead Sun Assets
  73. New German Lets Player
  74. Everquest Next Landmark Settlers Pack (20 $) for Nosgoth Veteran Pack (20 $)
  75. Where did all the good cheats gone ...?
  76. Pax East
  77. Square Enix Sale
  78. Square Enix Collective!
  79. Let's laugh a little?
  80. We allowed?
  81. LIMBOOOOO !!!
  82. Alternate Future
  83. What is this timeline?
  84. How do you change your title.
  85. Listening to music while playing Nosgoth?
  86. fan-fic assist
  87. Eye candy for any LoK fans out there
  88. •King Of The Hill•
  89. Decided to get the Legacy of Kain Collection on Steam...
  90. Soul Reaver and Nosgoth
  91. I need your opinion
  92. Dead Sun Deleted Content
  93. Nosgoth as a Planetside style game
  94. Lieutenant Evolved Artwork?
  95. Forum Signature & Buttons/Overlays
  96. Streaming the LoK series
  97. Twerk It Gurl
  98. Trading for Nosgoth beta key or steam gift
  99. ... Girl Gamers are real...
  100. Does Mortanius have an illegitimate son?
  101. If i said that Raziel wants a Nosgoth t-shirt....
  102. Civilization 5 - Nosgoth Style
  103. Available Nosgoth signatures and profile pictures?
  104. Gif Thread
  105. Trading 3 Nosgoth Beta Keys for BattleBlock Theater®
  106. Soul Reaver Reboot
  107. Have Nosgoth gift (key+veteran pack)
  108. Making the Jump....to PC
  109. EGX London 2014 (Formally Eurogamer Expo)
  110. "Hide the Marmosets" in Legacy of Kain: Defiance
  111. Roleplaying thread?
  112. Map Guides
  113. Future Kain Encounter in BO1
  114. The Nosgoth Cosplay Thread
  115. Who would win
  116. Rahabim found in Freeport!
  117. Steam Names?
  118. Mafia?
  119. Show us your Nosgoth OCs (Original Characters)!
  120. Penny Arcade Expo?
  121. Soul Reaver 15th anniversary
  122. Sooooo
  123. Guys help me out
  124. Hey can i get some help
  125. Photos From Gamescom!
  126. Beta-Key Trade
  127. Faceoff
  128. I would like to contact the devs personally.
  129. Peace Between Humans/Vampires (In-Game Funny Pics)
  130. Sarafan Invading Our World?
  131. We miss you Tapxjames.
  132. How about creating a Rol-game between us (players)?
  133. Twisted Daydreamer title?
  134. Nosgoth Veteran Pack Key
  135. Classes names in your mother language!
  136. Outstanding players you've come across on your journey in nosgoth!
  137. Evolved Deceiver Skin !!
  138. Bring back Legacy of Kain
  139. Continuing Soul Reaver and Legacy of Kain Tribute
  140. Nosgothian Duct-tape
  141. Opinions on listening to music during match
  142. Favourite part of the LoK series
  143. Legacy of Kain/Nosgoth Merchandise?
  144. Typical HumanPlayer Vs. Coach Bitey - Nosgoth Parody
  145. Steam Down?
  146. Where is Santa now?
  147. A typical example of unfair Matchmaking :p
  148. Dayz
  149. Feedback?
  150. Is it too late in development to change the name of the game?
  151. The Hero of (Nos)Gotham
  152. Dead Sun, 32 minute video of the scrapped LoK sequel
  153. Keep Dead Sun, Dead son.
  154. A simple but nesscisary suggesstion
  155. Release a demo for Dead Sun to measure intrest
  156. Most Dramatic Death ever - Alchemist vs Sentinel (VIDEO)
  157. The Hylden Champion
  158. Immortal Flesh Achievment I did it First in the whole world(i checked)
  159. I Feel Good
  160. Kain's immunity to sunlight
  161. what do people think of you gaming?
  162. Luke Goss in Hell Boy 2 Reminds me of Kain
  163. For Future Legacy of Kain Games...
  164. LOK HD Anthology.
  165. Ownership rights to cosplay pieces?
  166. Summoner's Stalkers Skins !
  167. Silence of a Legacy
  168. Melchahim's Windows Start Orb
  169. Soul Reaver LP
  170. Kain's real plan...
  171. Deus Ex MD
  172. What is that black smoke on hands???
  173. LOK as....RTS?
  174. Let's Play: Soul Reaver 2
  175. Bring back Legacy of Kain: Dead Sun
  176. The Elder God's true form:
  177. R.I.P. Paul Lukather 1926-2014
  178. Nosgoth Audio Drama. SENTINEL - At Dumah's Throne
  179. man at arms reforged finally made the soul reaver
  180. Nosgoth Audio Drama project Auditions
  181. Public Notice to All: Ground Rules Going Forward
  182. Nosgoth Audio drama trailers
  183. Legacy of Kain Collection no support
  184. Legacy of Kain - Skyrim/Dragon Age RPG
  185. Your Favourite Clan/Class/Faction
  186. Legacy of Kain: Dark Renaissance Teaser Trailer
  187. How make Blood Omen 2 Weapons Unbreakable?
  188. Forbidden Fruit - Second Nosgoth Audio Drama
  189. Blood Fountains
  190. Such a tease >.<
  191. Theory about the Seer.
  192. New Real-Life Soul Reaver Construction
  193. Soul Reaver Stream - Anyone Interested?
  194. How do we counter all the negativity?
  195. Happy new year everyone! :D
  196. The most bad****/scary/crazy thing you pulled playing "Nosgoth"
  197. The Weirdest LoK Art In The World
  198. I'm taking a break
  199. Another useless topic :) : Vampire/Humans ranks, organization, battle tactics
  200. Talk with Daniel Cabuco
  201. Blood Omen Fan Comic
  202. Funny Moments
  203. Clan Symbols
  204. Legacy of Kain RP site interest?
  205. Best Vampire Pals -funny fan comics
  206. Blood Omen
  207. the end of nosgoth, what will happen to my square enix account? :rolleyes:
  208. To Oghamsmith and developers