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  1. MISC. Known bug list
  2. Keep getting "WE'RE SORRY, BUT SOMETHING WENT WRONG" when applying. Server overload?
  3. Started making profile on Laptop. stopped due to spec doc upload.I game on my DeskTop
  4. ID
  5. Sign up issues.
  6. Beta Signup Issue
  7. Issues with Nosgoth.com viewing on mobile
  8. Windows 8
  9. Shame on you for creating a miserable game on the great series
  10. Controller support?
  11. Could we get a Linux version?
  12. Modding
  13. I bought final fantasy 14 but I didn't find it, Help
  14. Cannot log into launcher
  15. How can i Change my characters name
  16. Official Nosgoth Tech Support Site (submit your support tickets HERE!)
  17. Nosgoth isn't showing in steam library
  18. login and register.
  19. USER INTERFACE Windowed mode
  20. USER INTERFACE Descriptions of armors are switched
  21. USER INTERFACE Very small graphical glitch in "play" screen
  22. AUDIO/MUSIC Audio issue/bug?
  23. Can't access beta forums.
  24. MISC. Closed Alpha Technical Feedback Guidelines
  25. USER INTERFACE Menu for 4:3 monitors?
  26. MISC. Crash to desktop
  27. USER INTERFACE Strange filter over screen
  28. USER INTERFACE Unable to connect / find game
  29. Glitching through "City Entrance" map
  30. MISC. Stuck in Geometry
  31. AUDIO/MUSIC Voice chat
  32. PS3
  33. USER INTERFACE Some lobby bugs and other things
  34. USER INTERFACE Launching game gave error
  35. USER INTERFACE Keybindings reset
  36. API Support
  37. Unable to download patch Profiles
  38. Private messages:
  39. Sentinel respawned in water
  40. USER INTERFACE Entered a frozen game
  41. USER INTERFACE Full Lobbies Not Starting
  42. USER INTERFACE Character turned invisible
  44. USER INTERFACE Request for Info: Game Freezing for 1-2 seconds at a time
  45. USER INTERFACE Lobby Player info hoover stays
  46. Bread crumb trail on forum not working...
  47. LoK Forum...still down?
  48. USER INTERFACE Maximum resolution?
  49. USER INTERFACE Only one game mode
  50. STORE Description of found perks is wrong
  51. USER INTERFACE CPU usuage in menu
  52. STORE ** WARNING** Item and Gold Wipe on Nosgoth Alpha Servers
  53. MISC. "Your account does not have access to the alpha." Message after wipe-patch.
  54. USER INTERFACE In Game says I do not have acces to the game
  55. USER INTERFACE Why there are currently no servers availables?(Oct 22nd at 18:23 CEST)
  56. AUDIO/MUSIC Staring Nosgoth lowers the audio volume of any other program playing audio.
  57. MISC. Rport to Game
  58. USER INTERFACE Numbers over whole screen
  59. USER INTERFACE Minimap | Health-Station use "Player"-Icon
  60. USER INTERFACE Status-Message not hideable in Lobby
  61. USER INTERFACE [suggestion] Change Server Queue to classic style UI
  62. Bug with walls
  63. MISC. Glitches and stuff
  64. got issue with game!
  65. Glitch when my Hunter was picked up by a Sentinel
  66. Tree without collision detection
  67. ABILITIES Hook sometimes gets fired backwards
  68. Additional Information: Something went wrong.
  69. MISC. NOTICE: Latency Issues for Oct 29th Playtest
  70. change class no respawn as vampire
  71. Problems with vampires
  72. MISC. Server Reboot - Tues 29th Oct 2013
  73. Freeport no clipping
  74. Invis broken roof
  75. USER INTERFACE Gamecrash upon death
  76. USER INTERFACE Laptop users
  77. Alpha/Beta Confirmation
  78. Closed Alpha Extended to Where?
  79. USER INTERFACE High load on gpu and cpu in main menu
  80. USER INTERFACE [Bug] Enter Key broke in Lobby
  81. USER INTERFACE Stuck in an empty lobby
  82. Errors when signing up to beta
  83. probleme bei anmeldung von a realm reborn
  84. MISC. Alpha Patch Notes - November 5th, 2013
  86. MISC. November 7th - Interruption in Service for Alpha Session
  87. USER INTERFACE When you die by suicide it doesn't count as death on scoretable
  88. USER INTERFACE Key binding not saved
  89. MISC. Nov 7th Test Notes
  90. MISC. [forum questions] Mobile access to private forum...
  91. MISC. Where are mah patch notes at?
  92. AUDIO/MUSIC No sound
  93. USER INTERFACE Push-key microphone not working
  94. USER INTERFACE Graphics settings range
  95. MISC. Is there a way to know the next alpha test session?
  96. USER INTERFACE INFO REQUEST: Signing In & Out of the Game Multiple Times
  97. MISC. Closed Alpha Patch Notes - November 13th, 2013
  98. ABILITIES [BUG] Crash while using Sentinal abduct
  99. Haste, invincibility? (14/11)
  100. got access to the beta but forum account can't access the closed forum
  101. MISC. Installing game problem
  102. MISC. Nosgoth has stopped working
  103. USER INTERFACE Game Crashes after Title
  104. [Forum questions] "Preview" area
  105. USER INTERFACE Vague green numbers cover the screen
  106. USER INTERFACE [Bug] Right-Click on Players in the Lobby
  107. MISC. Thoughts on today's session
  108. Possible lag-based uber-jump while climbing
  109. USER INTERFACE A Possible Bug in Background
  110. USER INTERFACE Can't play
  111. USER INTERFACE [Major Bug]Group Leader the only person put into a game
  112. USER INTERFACE not gaining EXP or gold....
  113. USER INTERFACE Visual Bug
  114. USER INTERFACE Glitched Team Selection
  115. MISC. Why can't I play the game? @ Dev's please.
  116. MISC. Using a Differnt Computer
  117. USER INTERFACE Possible Issue: No Response When Keying Actions
  118. USER INTERFACE Lobby team slots issues after a match
  119. USER INTERFACE Matchmaking
  120. MISC. Games with Friends
  121. Bad rubberbanding AND victory instead of defeat
  122. USER INTERFACE Not able to enter text in lobby.
  123. STORE Hunter weapons missing description and related buy-menu bug
  124. USER INTERFACE wining team losing
  125. MISC. Groups and all that jazz...noob school concept
  126. MISC. Closed Alpha Patch Notes - November 21st, 2013
  127. MISC. Server Reboot Affecting Today's Players
  128. USER INTERFACE Wrong level displayed during game
  129. PERKS New Patch made all the Items that ran out Infinite!
  130. USER INTERFACE Same Network Players Show as Offline
  131. USER INTERFACE Team switches and name changing
  132. ABILITIES Echolocation model texture bug
  133. MISC. New patch today
  134. USER INTERFACE Broken
  135. USER INTERFACE "Level" number can be very hard to read
  136. MISC. Lobby problems
  137. USER INTERFACE Music overlap
  138. MISC. Beta Issues
  139. USER INTERFACE Not sure if bug or my pc
  140. MISC. Graphics/Audio Lag normally in the first game
  141. USER INTERFACE 1st Round draw reported as defeat
  142. USER INTERFACE Feature request: quick "accept invite" button
  143. Sentinal Bug
  144. MISC. 29.11.2013 Do we need to patch today?
  145. Second ability Evasion shield bug.
  146. MISC. I'm in the Closed Alpha... But can't play?
  147. USER INTERFACE Lobby Wait
  148. USER INTERFACE BUG: Mouse glitch
  149. USER INTERFACE Feature request: stop players from auto-joining new games if they are inactive
  150. USER INTERFACE Crash when starting up the game
  151. MISC. temporary ban for game stallers
  152. USER INTERFACE Bug: Sudden spectator mode!
  153. USER INTERFACE [BUG] Game pauses when steam loses access to friends list.
  154. Charge glitch
  156. USER INTERFACE X360 controller doesn't work
  157. USER INTERFACE Lobby bug
  158. USER INTERFACE End Match EXP screen
  159. USER INTERFACE Found items
  160. Burning corner
  161. USER INTERFACE Chat button glitch
  162. USER INTERFACE Infinite options menus
  163. USER INTERFACE News tab
  164. Class level maximum
  165. MISC. Level Requirements for New Recruit?
  166. USER INTERFACE Vital setting for Mouse Control that's set to the wrong value by default.
  167. MISC. Alpha Feedback
  168. USER INTERFACE Graphical Settings Issue
  169. compte
  170. MISC. Waiting for friends...
  171. USER INTERFACE BCMPSystemSettings.ini FPS boost for bad comps etc.
  172. Healing Mist not healing on specific spot on Freeport
  173. MISC. Maths is broken! alpha test times wrong.
  174. USER INTERFACE Team chat showing on opposing team
  175. USER INTERFACE Bug: lost match even though overall score was higher
  176. Beta Application appeared to reset (Additional information)
  177. MISC. STEAM outage
  178. MISC. Nosgoth.exe process not killable
  179. USER INTERFACE Only player in a team...
  180. MISC. Skins and things...
  181. STORE BUG: item expired still on the list aside the new purchase
  182. ABILITIES Poisoned bola still dealing damage over time even if you get free
  183. MISC. Error: "No network connection to Online Suite available"
  184. STORE Permantly purchased gear Expired after 12/10 update
  185. USER INTERFACE Steam Connection Causes Drop
  186. USER INTERFACE Game launcher and game freezes
  187. Bola has no duration in description in armoury
  188. Sticky Grenade
  189. AUDIO/MUSIC Serious audio bugs after the patch
  190. USER INTERFACE More players than not seem to be having an issue joining the game
  191. MISC. Regional blocking?
  192. Bug: Rooftop Clipping and Shadow Clipping
  193. MISC. Closed Alpha Patch Notes - December 12th, 2013
  194. MISC. Locked out of game by region locking in my own region's testing period
  195. USER INTERFACE Syncing Issues
  196. MISC. Fps issues
  197. USER INTERFACE Humans stoped getting credit for kills.
  198. MISC. Stickied update list please
  199. MISC. Next game session.
  200. USER INTERFACE Inconsistent, yet constant game lag
  201. USER INTERFACE LOBBY Multiple character slots bug
  202. MISC. Synchronizing profile
  203. USER INTERFACE Party System
  204. USER INTERFACE Win 8.1
  205. Trap Bug
  206. USER INTERFACE Unable to Join Match
  207. USER INTERFACE Authenticating loop?
  208. MISC. Post-update issues
  209. MISC. Can't Log In
  210. Hook can't be used in some places on new map
  211. No confirmation email
  212. Lots of areas that vamps can't climb
  213. Couldn't upload dxdiag?
  214. USER INTERFACE [BUG] Trying to join a friend when the game is full causes the lobby to stick on auth
  215. FPS drop on certain parts of the map
  216. STORE Warbow = Strongbow?
  217. USER INTERFACE Displayed level won't advance past 18?
  218. Cant log in the game PS3 ID OR PASSWORD ERROR
  219. I have A Realm Reborn, but cannot play it...might not renew subscription
  220. Flashbang
  221. We're gonna have problems??
  222. Problem with Provance Map
  223. MISC. FYI, Steam Outage
  224. USER INTERFACE Cannot get into a game. Help please?
  225. MISC. Whole enemy team quits...
  226. USER INTERFACE Accent mark letters missing
  227. MISC. Crashing all the time now.
  228. USER INTERFACE Awful connection, I disconnect every 2 minutes.
  229. MISC. Nosgoth - no license error - cant download the game.
  230. USER INTERFACE Weird Numbers In Background of Game
  231. MISC. Nosgoth build
  232. how do i link my steam account?
  233. MISC. you are not logged in to steam??
  234. USER INTERFACE Ran out of video memory. Exiting...
  235. Can Play Alpha, but not send feedback!
  236. USER INTERFACE matchstart crash
  237. STORE Prices gone crazy?
  238. USER INTERFACE Servertimes
  239. USER INTERFACE Mouse sensitivity slider
  240. MISC. were sorry but something went wrong
  241. USER INTERFACE STATUS: Players: 1, No players online?
  242. Serious issues with Sommerdamm
  243. ABILITIES Shockwave
  244. USER INTERFACE I'm the only one on?
  245. USER INTERFACE Dropped when starting matches
  246. USER INTERFACE Bug: vampires given "Round Defeat" message in first round even with higher score
  247. WEAPONS Stormbow
  248. Game freeze
  249. USER INTERFACE Nosgoth under 32 bit System
  250. USER INTERFACE Bug:Name changing while in lobby chat