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  1. ALL MAPS Problems with knee-high obstacles
  2. New "starting round screen" bug (really minor)
  3. Latency issues
  4. PERKS Perk which disappeared
  5. [Performance] In-game lock-up causes boot to lobby, auto-rejoin not always guaranteed
  6. MISC. Referral system broken?
  7. Tyrant - missing ability audio cues
  8. Instant Respawn is back
  9. USER INTERFACE The death popup can be triggered from the swawn one
  10. PROPHET BUG - Instant reloading with Prophet
  11. Gamepad Sensitivity
  12. hitreg with prophet
  13. Can't respawn & camera follows player that killed you
  14. kernelbase.dll crash nosgoth
  15. Newly activated boosters are expired
  16. Wait times, and leavers.
  17. ALCHEMIST Poison Cloud red border for everyone
  18. Unable to play nosgoth anymore
  19. MISC. Killcam bugs
  20. Anyone still having Alchemist issues?
  21. Falling off the world, literally
  22. Deceiver stuck in the wall
  23. Leap Attack insane damage
  24. Support site is just a black screen.
  25. Server bugs today (longer queue times, -extreme with party; no leaver replacements)
  26. DOWNTIME - July 2nd [ONLINE]
  27. Ranked game 4v0. Fix it faster.
  28. Crashing, horrible stability last patches.
  29. League/ranked matchmaking problems - not finding games
  30. League Data
  31. Ranking win mismatch
  32. USER INTERFACE RANKED ALPHA BUG / Data Sync Gamebreaking
  33. League Rankings - "Syncing League Data" bug
  34. Crash when finish 5 game of placement
  35. forge problem
  36. Nosgoth and other problems...
  37. Server Latency Spikes Affecting Ranked Play
  38. so I tried to play nosgoth today
  39. RANKED - no spawn in 2nd round - kicked after 1min
  40. My list of Ranked League bugs
  41. Party System Servers Error
  42. Hit registration and high ping players
  43. Points out of division
  44. Game hard freezes after ranked match
  45. Matchmaking adding players to wrong team (5 Human players in a match)
  46. MISC. Need help with performance issues.
  47. HUNTER League Skin
  48. Link Nosgoth to steam
  49. League scores
  50. crash when ranked
  51. Downtime - July 8th
  52. Leagues - Team Deathmatch (5v5)
  53. Starting new game
  54. blood 1 rank 0
  55. NosCam issue after the latest hotfix
  56. Game don't work with the last patch
  57. Random crash, no way rejoin.
  58. losing connection to game during match
  59. Unable to connect to Online suite
  60. The problem with running the game
  61. Smoke doesn't highlight camoflage scouts
  62. Hex shot doesn' t stop flying sentinels
  63. Crashes after last update
  64. Possible problem to gain the next Hunter skin?
  65. PROPHET Wood's Witch still no picture
  66. Downtime - July 16th
  67. Lag/freezes for all players since patch
  68. USER INTERFACE Friend chat lobby issue
  69. Return to lobby in 60+ seconds
  70. Can't Join a Match
  71. USER INTERFACE Experiencing Network Issues
  72. DECEIVER The invisible motorcicle
  73. Reconnecting in a party is broken!
  74. USER INTERFACE Had to stop playing because I can't use my joystick
  75. Spawns are *STILL* broken
  76. Bug reporting sign in error
  77. No friend referral rewards
  78. Reconnecting
  79. WEAPONS Scout War Bow bug
  80. **Downtime - July 23rd**
  81. Leagues bug or what?
  82. Map Overlay Bug
  83. FPS Cap not working
  84. The last hotfix did something and not in a good way
  85. Windows 10 compatible?
  86. Serious perfomance issues
  87. When will be avaible the 3 locked achievments?
  88. Tyrants 180 degree turns still there
  89. What happened to the Servers?
  90. **DOWNTIME - July 27th**
  91. Any eta yet
  92. Current problems that need to be addressed and possible fixes
  93. ABILITIES Spend gold, loose ability
  94. Downtime - July 29th
  95. Synching league data
  96. MISC. Crash and rejoin penalties
  97. Punishing lobby leavers???
  98. Crashing after recent patch
  100. Game might be hinting me to play ranked ? Need insight on this please
  101. Devs, seriously WTH did you do in the last patch?
  102. STORE Vampire pack trouble
  103. Just a bunch of new NosCam bugs after update
  104. MISC. got nothing from daily bonus day 4 tier 2
  105. Ranked league bugged ...
  106. Where is my prizes?
  107. Reconnecting & Forge
  108. USER INTERFACE League: "Favorite Class"
  109. Get Over Here! achievment bugged!!!
  110. Daily Rewards are bugged since this last patch
  111. Daily reward bug
  112. how League Points work ?
  113. List of all bugs in Nosgoth
  114. Game pads...
  115. Cheaters are back.
  116. Public Notice to All: Ground Rules Going Forward
  117. I have something i wish you could fix
  118. pc restart at game start
  119. Exalted Treasure of Kings rewards
  120. Error Linking Steam and Square Enix
  121. MISC. Nosgoth in its current state is unplayable
  122. Game seems to lock up if I alt-tab out while the unreal logo is up
  123. [BUG] in the wall
  124. News feeds in game
  125. Null0 PTS Bug
  126. A (new?) bug
  127. MISC. Forge broken?
  128. Looking for players for over 10 minutes....
  129. 00FL
  130. Downtime - August 13th
  131. Unable to play
  132. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound issues
  133. Game crash after Upadate 13/08/2015
  134. Vampire regeneration is bugged when having health above the normal maximum.
  135. Most game-breaking bugs Aug 13th Patch
  136. Game crash in League tab
  137. the game jumps to desktop randomly
  138. Fix your reconnect button and push to talk
  139. SOMMERDAMM Charged into a wall
  140. REAVER Item deleted
  141. Default skills enchanted to be arcane can't be deleted or salvaged
  142. pls help!!!
  143. solo ranked
  144. Link your account popup box ingame
  145. Roof camping
  146. Just wow Nosgoth...
  147. Are tutorials broken?
  148. XP Boosters
  149. Losing ranked score due leavers and ppl witch special feed
  150. Is this a bug? Tier 3 armor repeats.
  151. Provance problems
  152. Loadout display showing items from loadout #2 when looking at #1.
  153. MISC. Nosgoth stop work in league display
  154. Game crashes to windows on match loading screen
  155. Can't reconnect to match if disconnected in leagues
  156. Lightening errors/shadow bleeding
  157. Some complaining’s about bugs in some maps.
  158. Downtime - August 24th
  159. Noscam files no longer work : (
  160. Null Rewards in league
  161. Party system bug or what?
  162. Nosgoth needs better servers
  163. Main Screen Freezing
  164. Broken Flamethrower
  165. MISC. Lacking Certain Rewards
  166. Bought runes but applied twice?
  167. Downtime - August 27th
  168. Scoreboard in the end of the match
  169. Friends list Capture the Body text
  170. mission "Bench" unreachebale
  171. My poison bola lost its properties with the last patch.
  172. Stuck on map with vamp.
  173. Bloody survivor.... 1g/1rs
  174. MISC. Chest Opening Bug
  175. Typing error in German League screen
  176. USER INTERFACE Stuck map bug
  177. PROVANCE Roof/Summoner Slayer issue. Provance map.
  178. USER INTERFACE Cant use the party function
  179. Hex shot istantly vanishing
  180. no reconnect possible because of endless syncing
  181. Downtime - September 1st [BACK ONLINE]
  182. Link Account - another episode
  183. I bought Air Strike and now.....
  184. Crash after startup/ syncing profile
  185. Unable to play Flashpoint
  186. Downtime - September 9th
  187. Ban times?
  188. Unable to start match or reconnect
  189. Crash while browsing Leagues scores
  190. Getting stuck in game
  191. Game crashing after every league match
  192. How do you disable xp notification that pops up.
  193. MISC. league's missing key
  194. New update problem
  195. September 13- Private Matches
  196. Downtime - September 14th
  197. How long is Deceiver going to stay broken?
  198. Unable to load into the match (TDM)
  199. Getting stuck series continues!
  200. Lobby Composition: 2Natives vs 6 highpingers
  201. Character Control bug
  202. Illusions with "glowing" weapon is a serious flaw
  203. How can I stay logged into Nosgoth's forum?
  204. Settings won't save
  205. Ranked Game points didn't register
  206. Networkissues due to Nosgoth
  207. Game not working ?
  208. Downtime - September 17th
  209. Lowest Graphic Bug is still available
  210. Bug with interface after last patch
  211. Troubleshoot: Garbled Text (Russian and other languages)
  212. DECEIVER Infect broken
  213. Where is my money?
  214. Where is the Bloody Survivor skin?
  215. Can't download Nosgoth client
  216. Can't join friend on in-game friendlist.
  217. No Noscams since Hotfix 9/18
  218. Stuck in lobby when game starts
  219. Vanguard Mask cube
  220. Spawns and Valeholm
  221. Summoner Abyssal bolt broken/bugged
  222. This weird bug with the camera/view and my mouse is keeping this game unplayable.
  223. Join us from Septemeber 22 to 28 for our league rankings Party Series!
  224. USER INTERFACE Bug with my boosters (?)
  225. How to report toxic players in Ranked
  226. Maintenance - 24th September 2015
  227. Definitive pack does not unlock recently added spells?
  228. PROVANCE Graphics in Provance
  229. Turorials reset leaver penalty
  230. USER INTERFACE Workaround: Reconnect button not working
  231. MISC. I entered a game which all the vampires left.
  232. Forge bug
  233. BOTH FACTIONS Vampire player spawned as human
  234. private lobbies still not working correctly
  235. What is with the constant patching?
  236. Can't change loadout!
  237. PERKS + DMG When HP = < %33 Buff stack not working [Reaver]
  238. Vampire first spawn - no UI and name is displayed
  239. Can't launch the game
  240. Forge bug or mechanics ?
  241. HUNTER Hand clipping through weapon
  242. What do I need to do to prevent the crashes?
  243. Downtime - October 1st
  244. Left 3vs4 - got penalty
  245. Ping increases in League!
  246. Last second leaving and Lobby dodging.
  247. Human Respawn, Crosshair on feet.
  249. I'm EU and I have to play on NA server
  250. System forfeit! broken