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  1. Frame rate issues on Fane.
  2. Connections/downtime - March 6th
  3. NO video memory
  4. WEAPONS What is up with the weapon drops?
  5. Vanguard bugs!
  6. Constant crashes
  7. Crashed caused by servers?
  8. USER INTERFACE Armory bug
  9. Пропажа артефакта / Missing artifact
  10. STORE Artifacts
  11. Daily Wheel not appearing?
  12. Can't join in people inside lobbys
  13. Downtime - March 10th [RESOLVED]
  14. Servers are down?
  15. Play option not available at start of match
  16. SENTINEL - Abduct/Kidnap
  17. EU Servers 00:20hrs Any issues?
  18. Downtime - March 12th (Today)
  19. No confirmation on mysterious recharge
  20. USER INTERFACE NO consecutive day award....
  21. 'Syncing your online profile' always fails after playing a game.
  22. -nomovies causes immediate crash
  23. MM stopping its search
  24. ALCHEMIST Firewall
  25. No flashpoint?
  26. Match Loads but Can't Play/Kicked for Idling?
  27. End of match rewards - no image displayed
  29. Spontaneous death
  30. Why are key bindings reset with every update?
  31. Gray box on top left / Crashing on start up
  32. Scout's bow visible while in Camouflage
  33. "Your connection to the host has been lost"
  34. Cheat or BUG?
  35. Fane Fire SoundFX
  36. Ability lag?
  37. Matchmaker appalling flashpoint
  38. Can't create private servers.
  39. Details second ability when dead
  40. VANGUARD: Shield Charge not applying knockdown
  41. Mail notifications not marking read.
  42. STORE charged twice
  43. Daily reward skins more than once
  44. Accidentally deleted gift item
  45. Downtime - March 19th
  46. Flashpoint on Freeport
  47. Party system does not realise people have left
  48. "You are not logged in to the party server..."
  49. NA Servers unable to host games? Constant network issues and connection lost
  50. THE FANE Match does not load
  51. Clan name reservation reset
  52. MISC. no character setup
  53. Server Wait Times
  54. Wow...This game hates alt+tab.
  55. MISC. Frequent lag spikes and unresponsive servers (at least in EU)
  56. server maintenance march 24!?
  57. FIX to " Nosgoth has stopped working " crash
  58. Cant find a match in Japan Server
  59. Flashpoint matchmaking bug
  60. Downtime - March 26th [BACK ONLINE]
  61. Downtime - March 27th
  62. Tyrant's extra HP won't fill up without feeding.
  63. There is a version mismatch with the host?
  64. Huge ping
  65. MISC. Nosgoth doesn't shut down
  66. STORE wrong purchase
  67. Downtime - March 31st [BACK ONLINE]
  68. Runestones used, but no item
  69. Unable to play after patch. FPS drops, Desync / Rubberbanding
  70. Multiple "complete 3 matches to recieve 150 runes" Bug?
  71. Syncing online profile still taking forever
  72. MISC. restriction
  73. Cant Change Loadout in-game
  74. Off center crosshair dot?
  75. Displayed Store Stats of New Blue/Green Weapons in Store differ from Actual Stats
  76. [ITEM] Mysterios Find Booster 100%
  77. Crucible gates minor visual bug
  78. Freezing constantly on entering game at return to lobby
  79. Problems with the definitive bundle
  80. Summoner Class Unlock
  81. AUDIO/MUSIC Molten Items Sound effect bug
  82. The Crucible, Alchemist bombs
  83. Nosgoth does not like Mumble overlay?
  84. TYRANT Tyrant Jump Attack
  85. Guns randomly choose not to shoot
  86. Downtime - April 2nd
  87. Experiencing network issues... Please wait.
  88. Buying perk from store "error 0". Now got duplicate items and lost gold.
  89. Inventory issues "temp" icons, faulty skins and MM problems.
  90. Skins harassing my FX weapons
  91. Avatars not showing in lobby
  92. cant swap load-outs ingame
  93. Bug: Did not receive Beta Cup Participation Banner
  94. Steam not showing all possible 'achievements'
  95. Respawn Exploit
  96. Player Banned Message
  97. SCOUT Can't hook up to a particular ledge in The Crucible
  98. Unable to find any matches - stuck at "looking for best match"
  99. USER INTERFACE Gap in the new UI?
  100. Unable to spawn after match started.
  101. Calling on all those who have submitted a ticket
  102. Humans bouncing up and down on walls
  104. Tyrant Charge not connecting?
  105. Map glitch
  106. USER INTERFACE Bug at first Class Selection Screen
  107. CPU usage at menu increasing still?
  108. Climbable Surfaces in Crucible
  109. Hotfixes needed for multiple bugs ... (+ can't join friends)
  110. VAMPIRES Vampires hitting walls leaves bullet holes?
  111. Connection Lost Problem - need help
  112. Update/Downtime - April 7th
  113. Помогите.
  114. My two hours of nosgoth today
  115. Poor Nosgoth performance with good rigs
  116. MISC. Weird countdown?
  117. Using twitch - 60 fps but have weird lag spikes
  118. STORE Banners in Store
  119. Unstoppable Force bug
  120. Can't Add friend to friendlist
  121. Reward runes from esl lower then intended.
  122. Unresponsive melee, skills.
  123. Level is getting reset
  124. This playlist is currently disabled
  125. Minion bugs still going strong.
  126. MISC. Assists not displayed/counted in statistics window
  127. Berserker or "improved damage" perk/weapon stats issue
  128. Laptop went to sleep mode while in-game
  129. performance problem
  130. After lobby found "connection lost" error and cannot join games.
  131. USER INTERFACE How to toggle player names on HUD?
  132. Nosgoth Support Center is dead
  133. Vangaurd: Shield/Weapon skin changes?
  134. 'Booted' from match, no time penalty
  135. Nvidia update 13 Apr 15?
  136. Mysterious Booster
  137. Join In Progress Bug
  138. server of ****
  139. Downtime - April 16th
  140. STORE Human elite skin bugged
  141. banner bugged
  142. Class selection screen unable to be opened after hitting play
  143. Death markers for humans as humans in wrong spot
  144. Steam overlay popups doesn't work in a match
  145. -usetexturepool no longer working!
  146. Got leaver penalty for leaving a 4vs2 match
  147. Why this game SUCK so MUCH ???
  148. I Think Party System is Broken
  149. No reward for Sentinel level 5?
  150. Kicked from match but still talking in chat
  151. Deceiver effects while illusions effective
  152. Inconsistency in menu UI
  153. Notification on desktop missing
  154. DECEIVER Shroud visual not activating
  155. Flashpoint capture locations not switching
  156. about specs and FPS
  157. Why does the screen freeze so much?
  158. Summoner Stalkers
  159. Ability icon locations
  160. HUMANS VANGUARD - Reload/Blocking Priorities
  161. Sound alert to Nosgoth when game starts.
  162. No "capture the body alpha" banner?
  163. OCE Lobbies bugged
  164. Lag Spikes?
  165. Infect still bugged beyond belief
  166. Drag the Body spawns still pointless
  167. Game ignoring graphics config
  168. Level 26 and no class unlock
  169. I got a ban ... Can you help me !
  170. Killcam
  171. Elite Iron Guard coattails
  172. FPS drops in the 30 april patch
  173. Copy/Paste in the game's chatbox
  174. Crash everywhere!
  175. Bug: weapons being displayed from alternate sets in armory
  176. Crucible FPS drop after 4/30 patch
  177. USER INTERFACE Respawn while in Loadouts
  178. Error -80021
  180. Skin for Capture The Body
  181. USER INTERFACE Leaver penalty bug
  182. SENTINEL Sonic screech bug.
  183. Recent Bugs
  184. Tyrant charge/marathon issues
  185. Please update your minimum system requirements
  186. Alchemist's light bomb doesn't break reload.
  187. Help - random minimize then FPS drop
  188. Summoner's minions & Deceiver's Dominate Mind possibly affected by high ping?
  189. Server disconnects all the day
  190. performance down the bottom since the last patch
  191. I would like to get assistance on Nosgoth but i dont see anywhere to post
  192. Video displaying aimbotting cheater
  193. SOMMERDAMM Bugged textures after update.
  194. BOTH FACTIONS Cheater problem
  195. To Psyonix, state of play from my perspective.
  196. The -usetexturepool fix was useless, I've found something far beyond it.
  197. ABILITIES Mysterious item inventory bug [Depleted]
  198. Newly Recharged weapon/ability depleted bug
  199. Performance Issues With May 14th Patch - PLEASE READ
  200. MISC. Some bugs..
  201. paid boosters and FPS drop patch
  202. Can't play
  203. DOWNTIME - May 19th [BACK ONLINE]
  204. MISC. Connections at loading screen
  205. DOWNTIME - May 20th [BACK ONLINE]
  206. Yet another fps config
  207. Client crashes cause me to lose out on 7th day reward
  208. Lag issues
  209. Bad Preformance, Upgraded Hardware and :D
  210. Two new bugs, human spawns and game freezing.
  211. FPS FIX !!!! Multiple monitors? We got you covered!
  212. Broken Tutorial for Alchemist and Tyrant?
  213. Achievements don't work in capture the body mode.
  214. Negative/Toxic Players
  215. STORE Runestone Vouchers from Daily Rewards.
  216. Kicking from the game always about 7 min. (first half)
  217. Human Respawns
  218. Unable to Enter Nosgoth
  219. DECEIVER Gliding Deceiver in jump stance
  220. Shadowstepping through firewall sets you on fire
  221. Capture the Body 5 vs 3 and bad human spawns
  222. 8th man lobby problems.
  223. Scout charged shot bug
  224. Couple more bugs I've noticed after the last patch.
  225. human who can outrun a vampire
  226. Just what is going on with my MMR ?
  227. Infinite loading
  228. Improving your performance/frame rate – A Basic Guide
  229. Scout - Grappling Hook Fail - Sommerdamm
  230. VAMPIRES Summoner Slayer sound too loud
  231. Earthquake effect??
  232. Can't connect - Help! (2015/06/09)
  233. Problems with screen resolution and windows scaling settings.
  234. Infinite syncing to server
  235. Invisible Enemies
  236. Servers are lagging
  237. Achievement progress stopped after latest patch + some geometry issues
  238. Unable to select anything whilst in loadouts
  239. Summoner's minions do no damage
  240. Can't reforge items
  241. MISC. in game chat is broken
  242. broken camera angles and inability to spawn into games
  243. not connect to the server
  244. Downtime - June 17th [BACK ONLINE]
  245. Mouse lag Morse Code bug.
  246. Downtime - June 18th
  247. Audio Issues: Static/Buzzing Sounds on Certain Maps
  248. USER INTERFACE "Host team is full."
  249. Sound bug - deafening silence
  250. No HUD in match