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  1. Minor visual bug
  2. MISC. alt tab level issue
  3. USER INTERFACE Bug: Statistics counts
  5. Sapphire R9 290 Trix
  6. USER INTERFACE I can't delete an expired item
  7. STORE 3 Wasted Golden Chests!
  8. STORE Immortal pack problem. (in-game store)
  9. Email Confirmation Not Being Received
  10. Question regarding the Founder Packs
  11. USER INTERFACE Cyrillic support
  12. Humble bundle Veteran pack glitch
  13. Confused about the Founder pack friend invites
  14. DECEIVER Deceiver's Health Bar being shown when taking damage in Shroud (post 22/7/14 patch)
  15. Codes not working for friends
  16. ABILITIES Prophet - Eldritch Guard
  17. MISC. Inventory bug
  18. ABILITIES "Pounce" don't always stop flying animation when hitting an obstacle.
  19. Skin Menu Bug
  20. Prophet/Deceiver "Preset Bar" Bug
  21. MISC. Mouse Sensitivity
  22. THE FANE same problem as Sommerdamn
  23. ABILITIES My bug finds (Hunter/Reaver)
  24. MISC. FPS option ????
  25. USER INTERFACE Key Binding Bug
  26. Billing issue?
  27. Problem linking on steam
  28. THE FANE Tyrant neck glitch
  29. Multi-GPU Compatibility issues?
  30. MISC. 4 Player ghost lobby.
  31. In-Game Name Issue
  32. How do I delete my account
  33. Mass influx of gold?
  34. Stupid Ingame-Shop mistake ...
  35. Attempting to stream to Twitch but not working
  36. USER INTERFACE No class selection screen
  37. A couple of things
  38. Steam download stuck at 99%
  39. Two last nights, some issues SE.
  40. Getting fps drops on Fane
  41. Veteran pack not available for purchase??
  42. dual core CPU constantly at (almost) 100%
  43. USER INTERFACE Parsing error on names (Security?)
  44. REAVER Reaver, Leap Attack
  45. MISC. 16263days of perks and boosters
  46. SENTINEL Air Strike grenade invisible
  47. ALL MAPS How I became a ghost
  48. ABILITIES Scout/Reaver issue
  49. PERKS Losing "permanent" perk
  50. Beta key-Error
  51. Three things i noticed
  52. Cant use beta key
  53. MISC. FPS DROP FIX! Add -onethread to Launch Options
  54. Max FPS setting doesn't work
  55. Joining game returns me to main menu
  56. REAVER Charged melee issue...
  57. ALL MAPS Tutorial Map: getting stuck
  58. MISC. Starting Nosgoth disables my internet connection
  59. Problem with invites
  60. Nosgoth Immortal Pack 50% off....
  61. New UI staggers menu browsing
  62. USER INTERFACE 3D View bug in armory
  63. No lobby content after a match
  64. im waiting for mi beta invitation
  65. Silent tyrant jump
  66. viewpoint bug
  67. THE FANE Texture bug
  68. Can't purchase founders pack
  69. Currently unplayable for me
  70. Deceiver Disguise Cloak
  71. VAMPIRES Bugged turing tutorial.
  72. SENTINEL Marauder skin: wing clipping glitch
  73. Game Likes to Freeze
  74. Nosgoth payement failing
  75. Unable to Launch Game
  76. USER INTERFACE FEEDBACK: Human Tutorial Bug?
  77. MISC. Keybinding Mouse buttons
  78. MISC. Hitdection or cheating?
  79. Disable Controller Option?
  80. Siege mode bug
  81. MISC. "Lowest" settings
  82. ALL MAPS Spinning Character
  83. USER INTERFACE Twitch Ingame not working
  84. ERROR -80030 Transactions Item Consume failed
  85. Join issue
  86. USER INTERFACE No weapons or abilities.
  87. Map won't load...
  88. Free Weekend Issues - Working On It
  89. Leveled to level 10 4 times
  90. WHERE can I play?
  91. STORE Multiple purchase after purchase failure
  92. Progress not saving
  93. Why So Slow?
  94. Had left over runes from the founders pack and the shop ate them?
  95. MISC. EXP given to wrong class
  96. STORE Cannot buy Runestones
  97. MISC. Double EXP not working
  98. SCOUT Trap do not explode well sometimes.
  99. UI stacks making the game unplayable. (+Black Screen)
  100. My account got charged twice (refund)
  101. How can I report a player?
  102. HELP! Bundle issue
  103. Bugs I Have Encountered
  104. STORE Store taking my Runestones, Why am i losing my money help
  105. Where are my runestones
  106. STORE My Founders pack won't Work.
  107. Game messed up with items
  108. SOMMERDAMM Invisible wall in Storage room
  109. PERKS No indication is store
  110. question for the devs about the server situation.
  111. Respawn bug
  112. MISC. Immortal Booster+free weekend booster+ Party IS BUGGED
  113. Developer console and commands
  114. ABILITIES Abilities of alchimist are with the hunter
  115. USER INTERFACE 1 kill and 1 assis when the team only have 1 kill
  116. GamePad - Controls
  117. Free week ended but I can still log In and play.
  118. Can i buy Gems ( Cash Coins) or send it for my friend ?
  119. STORE A Load of Bundle Confusion
  120. Bought immortal pack, still cant get on
  122. Matchmaking DESTROYS internet connections
  123. Steam and the main web sight aren't communicating.
  124. AUDIO/MUSIC Bug - Attack sounds.
  125. Human Camera Issue
  126. 8/7-8/12 50% off....
  127. Mouse Acceleration?!
  128. Runestones lost
  129. Beta Key Not Working
  130. Keys for the Immortal Pack
  131. STORE Date problem.
  132. STORE A really bad bug!!!
  133. [Bug] Holding Shift Causes Player to Lock in Place after Respawn
  134. Funny Glitches.... :3
  135. Nosgoth keeps crashing on "Joining match"
  136. I can't move in game quite often
  137. STORE Veteran Founder's Pack received today, but money wasn't taken
  139. Possible crash workaround!
  140. The Fane map lagging the game.
  141. Opened a Gold Crate to nothing... :(
  142. USER INTERFACE [Problem] Siege's cap ring not showing 'amount of capture'
  144. Immortal Vampire Bug. Hex Shot variety.
  145. USER INTERFACE Key bind problems
  146. Where did my name go???
  147. Different nicknames. Forum nickname different from the nickname of the account.
  148. Game crashes when i click "g"
  149. MISC. New strange party bug
  150. MISC. You Won't Believe This
  151. MISC. Losing my level, gold and runestones on disconnect.
  152. MISC. Major bug found. Controlling 2 characters at once making 5v4.
  153. bug or hack?
  154. bug at tutorial!!!!!
  155. MouseSmoothing issues
  156. Your match maker needs to STOP putting me in the damn european region
  157. Bugs
  158. Game is not launching anymore.
  159. Everything is going blurry and smooth when I move my mouse (post 13/8/14 patch)
  160. Pack&key Issue
  161. Few bugs
  162. Getting very low FPS
  163. how to show fps in this game?
  164. Deciever Disguise
  165. MISC. Issue with trying to play 720 fullscreen
  166. clicking settings while matchmaking hangs
  167. Serious question about posibility to buy runestones
  168. Game crashing bug
  169. Where is the download?
  170. STORE Immortal booster not activating
  171. Possible Healing Well Bug
  172. Connection Issues
  173. USER INTERFACE Design of artefact to unlock class
  174. how do you report a hacker ?
  175. MISC. Problem with config
  176. Experience Stuck
  177. AUDIO/MUSIC voicelines absent
  178. Payment options?
  179. ping
  180. Forum bug: Spoilers can't be viewed on mobile
  181. Vampire Bug
  182. Reporting cheaters
  183. Warlord pack booster problem
  184. canĀ“t purchase a founder pack
  185. USER INTERFACE Armoury - Alchemist display error
  186. Game lagging like hell
  187. Lost gold
  188. My Forum Profile
  189. Pounce/ Savage stuck in animation
  190. STORE Shop issue
  191. Fix War Bows Please
  192. Known User Fixes and Workarounds
  193. REAVER pounce skills + human ragdolls through walls
  194. Region filter broken?
  195. No Leaver Penalty
  196. MISC. Profile view bug
  197. FREEPORT Collision Bug
  198. Deceiwer bug
  199. MISC. EU servers apparently make my game frameskip
  200. stream is crashing
  201. Had problems with this game
  202. Xbox Controller Overlay
  203. suicides don't count?
  204. I played with this guy...
  205. DX11?
  206. USER INTERFACE 3D character models
  207. MISC. Weird Nosgoth problems.
  208. Tyrant evolved skin issue.
  209. [Bug] Can't See Other Players' Steam Profile Pics
  210. Possible Bug in tutorial
  211. Multiple Screen issues
  212. Kills are NOT scored!
  213. Deceiver too tall ?
  214. ABILITIES It's NOT working
  215. Prophet Pistols bug
  216. having trouble holding rclick abilities
  217. [Bug] Human relax armor
  218. Bug: Deceiver not appearing invisible.
  219. AUDIO/MUSIC Sentinel "abduct-shriek " coming from no distinct direction
  220. Vampires feeding from humans not taking damage
  221. EU 302842 & 302879 issues
  222. Game refuses to launch
  223. massive lag issue when using push to talk
  224. Scout not stealth
  225. Buggy sentinel animation when flying against a wall.
  226. Invincible bug
  227. bug and unsaved achievement
  228. was able to read the enemy team-message
  229. Didn't get my items
  230. Profile picture... Help?
  231. Steam User MSIEXEC issue CTD
  232. Nosgoth on Windows XP?
  233. Store bug Error
  234. 7.1 surround
  235. 3 bugs
  236. USER INTERFACE Account not updating
  237. Steam Gameplay
  238. Bought the $4.99 Founders
  239. STORE Lobby bug
  240. BETA downloading problem
  241. Control Issue
  242. Alchemist Damage
  243. [Bug] Hunter reloads right after respawn
  244. USER INTERFACE Lobby issue I've never seen before.
  245. Old Ignore Pain bug present and still accounted for...
  246. Deciever Invisibility Bug.
  247. USER INTERFACE Syncing & Downloading Armory bug.
  248. Invisible player entity
  249. Drop RNG
  250. USER INTERFACE Lobby never gets 8th player -> never starting