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  1. ABILITIES Deceiver/Sentinel: Mind-controlling Abduct victims causes drop of victim
  2. MISC. Unexplainable Latency Issues
  3. MISC. Freeport - sentinel drops by water still catch player on fence
  4. Beta Key Entry Issue
  5. PERKS Undying Wisdom bug.
  6. PERKS Catlike Reflexes Store bug
  7. Trying to view the video issues support thread.
  8. MISC. 3 bugs: 2x player amount (new bugs) , 1x textual
  9. USER INTERFACE Massive Bug
  10. AUDIO/MUSIC Static in audio when playing
  11. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound effects on human weapons
  12. Floating Deceiver!
  13. Lost My Beta Keys
  14. ABILITIES Reaver Melee Roll Cancel
  15. USER INTERFACE war chest: 3x same item
  16. STORE Grenade Price
  17. Streamer Questions
  18. MISC. Can't load User Data on Match start
  19. Technical question
  20. where my invite
  21. Alchemist projectile colour mismatch
  22. ABILITIES Bug with mind control at the end of a round
  23. i bought runestones the other day and they arent there
  24. MISC. Midgame multiple user crash
  25. USER INTERFACE Game crashes whenever i try to play on EU servers
  26. MISC. CRASH Info Thread
  27. MISC. How to be the best Nosgoth bug you can be!
  28. MISC. Strange mid-game freezes
  29. STORE Waiting in a lobby alone causes the store to close.
  30. Payment not being accepted?
  31. STORE cant purchase runestones
  32. Sentinel not being knocked out of flight by bola
  33. USER INTERFACE Scoring + Afterlife Damage
  34. I found a thing!
  35. Mark Target permanently marking target
  36. Humans being stuck on start of match
  37. MISC. Beta Invites
  38. Bought the game, still region locked from steam
  39. Deceiver's Back Stab still buggy
  40. Not able to buy rune stones
  41. Bug Report (since the proper area dosent seem t work)
  42. STORE Store bug - "Warning: you already own this item" doesn't show when ...
  43. MISC. Unable to retrieve user status information
  44. MISC. Does not come into play (the match)
  45. High CPU usage, especially on 'Sommerdamm'.
  46. Nosgoth Close Beta Questions changeing them
  47. "You are currently not logged in to Steam. Please quit and log in."
  48. USER INTERFACE Report a Player
  49. STORE Wrong names on evolved skins
  50. May 15 update - Why were my Vampire classes knocked from level 20 to level 19?
  51. server help
  52. MISC. Buzzing and getting stuck.
  53. ABILITIES Uncommon Ability Bug
  54. MISC. Customer Support is terrible.
  55. MISC. An apology to my teams.
  56. AUDIO/MUSIC Changing output device, sound stops working
  57. ABILITIES Grenade Damage bug?
  58. ABILITIES Grenade price bug?
  59. USER INTERFACE Cant view any player card
  60. WEAPONS Two sets of the Scout's base items in inventory.
  61. Respawned under the map.
  62. Native support for MAC
  63. I can't even play.
  64. MISC. Game system file issues
  65. Ignore Pain graphic not going away when the ability fades.
  66. MISC. Misc Minor bugs
  67. Any one else have problems with deceivers back stab.
  68. MISC. Stopped gaining gold after a couple games | mid-level
  69. Founders Pack invite dont work
  70. MISC. As soon as i click "Play" my complete internet connection crashes until i restart PC
  71. Grenade launcher sometimes doing no damage
  72. USER INTERFACE Extra Class Keys in inventory
  73. No Confirmation sent to my email?
  74. MISC. May 21st Patch Update - "Returning to Lobby.. 0" lobby known issue
  75. MISC. The power of invisibility…
  76. Pounce through firewall
  77. Founders Pack Invites & Closed Beta Confirmations - FIXED!
  78. Beta Keys Not Redeeming To Steam
  79. Closed Beta: Failed To Get.
  80. Problem With account
  81. SOMMERDAMM Unusable Healing Station
  82. Beta Keys During Stream
  83. Accidentally deleted a founder item,
  84. Problems With connecting with steam
  85. MISC. The game has constant graphics freezes
  86. MISC. Vampire Execution Bug - Able to eat multiple times.
  87. MISC. Two different reports of errors
  88. MISC. Bug Report
  89. USER INTERFACE Expired Items
  90. ABILITIES Deceiver Backstab on slopes/stairs
  91. ABILITIES Fall damage and relative things
  92. Blinding Shot only shoots 1-2 Vials
  93. Class Locked, Can't Change
  94. Nosgoth Videos on Youtube
  95. ABILITIES Dominate Mind
  96. MISC. Execution bug, floating in the air!
  97. Threads moved
  98. MISC. What would cause jittering?
  99. MISC. spinning camera on vampire
  100. MISC. Sync Errors/Steam
  101. MISC. lvl 5 prophet bag - couldnt parse contents
  102. Banish Shot doesn't interrupt attacks
  103. Climbing bridge issue
  104. Dead and stuck on flags/building
  105. Skirt flaps blur
  106. MISC. Feeding on the same corpse Multiple times!
  107. prophet class not working
  108. Suspicious?
  109. STORE The problem with buying a new class
  110. AUDIO/MUSIC Prophet, a scream from death...
  111. Forum issues
  112. Forum Username + Signature
  113. ABILITIES Multiple duplicate sentinel items in inventory.
  114. MISC. Failed to parse contents when opening chest
  115. MISC. Matchmaking, Account Linking, and Forum issues...
  116. Camera / Crosshair Bug
  117. I have lost my invitation from my friend Ivansolidsnake
  118. MISC. Website lore page: Reaver currently has a Deceiver description
  119. ABILITIES Scout invisibility arrow bug?
  120. Twitch Stream
  121. ABILITIES Game Crashing When Using the Deciever's Disguise Skill
  122. HUNTER Grenade being cast while on the ground?
  123. MISC. Beta Bug:
  124. "Nosgoth - Your access key is ready" email.
  125. MISC. Bug: Able to play in Begginer lvl10 matchmaking.
  126. MISC. Game crashes when match starts/Can't access other threads posting about this bug
  127. NA Servers?
  128. beta forums not working.
  129. MISC. Server Status?
  130. PERKS Perk price bugged? Lost half my money
  131. ABILITIES Disabling curse
  132. USER INTERFACE Gold/Items not in inventory
  133. STORE glitch in purchasing.
  134. Can i have it on my ps4?
  135. ABILITIES Bought ability... put it in loadout.. doesn't show up in game
  136. USER INTERFACE Leveling bug
  137. Key question
  138. Closed Beta problems
  139. Help?!
  140. Founder Pack Questions
  141. I have my key but I can't access the redeem code area...
  142. E3 VIP Beta Key
  143. 1 key activated by multiple users?
  144. Beta key problem
  145. Evolved skin....how do I change to it?
  146. I can't use my code
  147. MISC. Server Crashes
  148. I accidentally redeemed one of the 1 of the 3 beta keys for friends I received
  149. Downloaded Nosgoth Beta, not starting up.
  150. Grenade Use Bug
  151. Steam Account undetected
  152. Nosgoth website lag.
  153. Won't get the confirmation E-Mail
  154. Down for maintenance?
  155. key has already been claimed, after "We sorry something went wrong"
  156. ABILITIES disabling curse
  157. MISC. [Tutorial] Unable to pass at some point.
  158. USER INTERFACE Loadouts not saving
  159. USER INTERFACE ESC Key Issues
  160. Quick question on streaming.
  161. AUDIO/MUSIC No Sound from USB drivers/AUX working fine/Crashing
  162. How i can buy runestones from Russia ?
  163. Performance drop
  164. MISC. Cannot play the Game because the Firewall
  165. PROPHET Sacrifice Ability
  166. MISC. Lost my skin
  167. AUDIO/MUSIC Execute voice lines not working?
  168. USER INTERFACE No mouse after launching game...
  169. USER INTERFACE Borderless Window bug
  170. STORE tried to buy in game bundle, lost runestones
  171. Why do I have to link my steam account every time I load the game?
  172. MISC. Major Mouse Issues =[
  173. Problem Steam Sharing
  174. I know you may think im lying but..
  175. How to use BooSTER ?
  176. helping to improve
  177. MISC. Movement not working, please help
  178. beta keys i got from email doesnt work
  179. Raidcall
  180. Early Beta Tester
  181. new bug found cant click the play button on loadout.
  182. MISC. Lag Shooting... so much worse than Lag Stabbing
  183. Can't buy Runestones on Nosgoth website
  184. 1st day of playtime: Multiple Bugs/Glitches Found +Suggestion
  185. MISC. 120 hours in...
  186. Trouble signing into battle
  187. MISC. **Possible** issue with a Prophet outfit
  188. Using a 19 inch screen ( yes those people still exist :p ) ==> text way to small
  189. In-game name changing
  190. MISC. Current game play inconsistencies.
  191. Level 25 Skin Unlock
  192. Rude unreliable support. The issue remains.
  193. STORE Ingame store
  194. Issue with Founders purchase.
  195. Update the Geforce 340.43 driver (beta) game lag.
  196. Where is the development roadmap?
  197. Really bad animations.
  198. An idea for team balancing!
  199. MISC. Tutorial
  200. Bug Report and ideas
  201. Linking account to steam over and over
  202. STORE 4 issues ingame and 1 for the forum
  203. What about russian language?
  204. Can I use steam bucks for the 75% off Veteran Founder's pack?
  205. MISC. We're sorry, but something went wrong - Activation process
  206. AUDIO/MUSIC Extracting sound files
  207. Closed Beta began on 27th February 2014 at 08:00 PST / 11:00 EST / 16:00 GMT / 17:00
  208. Виснет ужасно.
  209. New Player - Bought Founders Pack, Lost Money & Recieved Nothing?
  210. I did a stupid, help!
  211. Matchmaking is broken -.-
  212. PERKS "Waiting for server" while in match already
  213. USER INTERFACE Russian / Cyrillic is not shown correctly
  214. STORE Names of variable displayed in Armory instead of their value
  215. Chat : multiple entrance messages for players
  216. FREEPORT Runing on a hole in a roof in Freeport
  217. MISC. Nosgoth purchase
  218. Cam Bug
  219. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound of countdown start before countdown.
  220. Xfire causes Nosgoth to crash
  221. Changing loadouts causes crash.
  222. ABILITIES Blocked positioning of Draining Curse
  223. MISC. The latest update: Crash
  224. MISC. Tutorial shortcuts
  225. MISC. Choppiness After last patch.
  226. USER INTERFACE Nosgoth Armory Crash
  227. PERKS Arrows falling even under covers
  228. USER INTERFACE Calculating Damage issue
  229. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound unexpected when Firewall hit Health station
  230. MISC. Dissapointed
  231. REAVER Reaver Pounce attack bug
  232. USER INTERFACE Bug, 30-29 game declared victory for 29 team
  233. Network issues
  234. Siege: Last cap shows no progression
  235. Lobby bugs of 10.7.14
  236. USER INTERFACE Disappearing images and font after last patch
  237. MISC. Delays on "Downloading Armory", level/abiltiy resets and others
  238. MISC. Getting extremely high latency at the start of the match (post 10 Jul patch)
  239. Still not working and no answer
  240. Nosgoth Friend Invite not working.
  241. Steam decided that you are not authorized to connect to this server
  242. USER INTERFACE crosshair moves without moving mouse
  243. STORE Purchased Warlord Pack, hasnt arrived?
  244. STORE Purchased Founder pack, site went down right after
  245. Re-download Nosgoth n keys
  246. bugs/feedback
  247. Another confirmation mail problem.
  248. I was invited to the closed beta, but lost my email
  249. DECEIVER Backrub should do damage
  250. x360 controller just stopped working