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  1. **FIXED** Beta Access (details inside)
  2. STORE Buy button off center
  3. Beta Key
  4. USER INTERFACE Alt+F4 doesn't close the game.
  5. Need HELP!
  6. Can't Reach the Private Forums
  7. USER INTERFACE Constant Crashes
  8. MISC. Gamepad Binding Difficulty
  9. ABILITIES Not getting a death with blinding shot.
  10. ABILITIES Unable to melee reavers when feeding
  11. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound issues
  12. MISC. Computer shuts down after 15 minutes of playing
  13. MISC. Crash on Scoreboard
  14. USER INTERFACE Ability display incorrect when changing class
  15. MISC. Suggestion and a bug report
  16. Steam Account Not Syncing with Square
  17. USER INTERFACE Hit level 10 did not receive my token.
  18. USER INTERFACE No Visual Confirmation that Voice Chat is Active
  19. MISC. !Warning messages in launch files
  20. USER INTERFACE Two bugs found in the HUD
  21. USER INTERFACE Why don't I have all the classes anymore?
  22. ABILITIES Choking Hazard not applying damage in certain situations
  23. AUDIO/MUSIC Need more audio channels in lobby?
  24. MISC. Timer bug
  25. MISC. game
  26. USER INTERFACE Lobby screen bug (w/video)
  28. MISC. Gameplay issues in another country's server
  29. USER INTERFACE Can't Always Change Classes During Match; Can't Select Class Before Match Starts
  30. USER INTERFACE Healing stations on map
  31. MISC. Team Switching?
  32. USER INTERFACE Glitch/Bug Report
  33. USER INTERFACE Unable to change loadouts.
  34. Temporary account reset after match
  35. MISC. HELP !!!
  36. Climbing Bug
  37. Top 50 Alpha Players: Beta Invite
  38. AUDIO/MUSIC Loud vampire ability sounds even when they are far away.
  39. Minimum requirements
  40. Anticheat system
  41. MISC. Discovered glitches
  42. MISC. Bugs/Glitches I found.
  43. AUDIO/MUSIC Missing Subtitles
  44. STORE Missing levelup rewards
  45. MISC. Bugs I have found so far
  46. USER INTERFACE Restart game, borderless window off
  47. Melee Attacks not connecting…and some general moaning…
  48. MISC. Incorrect Match results
  49. ABILITIES Bola-Sentinel Bug
  50. PS4 and XBOXone
  51. USER INTERFACE Lobby bug
  53. ABILITIES Skills Delay
  54. MISC. Reconnect system
  55. MISC. Feeding animation can be "clipped"
  56. ABILITIES Double Bola bug
  57. ABILITIES Reaver + Smoke Bomb + Teammate death = ?
  58. Can I play from where I live?
  59. TDM - Siege thingy present
  60. Beta application verified?
  61. Not receiving class token at rank 10
  62. USER INTERFACE In Siege Mode C and B the progress bars are often not visible
  63. USER INTERFACE Recent patch altered booster time?
  64. USER INTERFACE Game stuck
  65. ABILITIES Siege mode objective bugs.
  66. ABILITIES sentinal bug
  67. STORE Store problems
  69. Reload bug
  70. USER INTERFACE Perks not showing
  71. USER INTERFACE After "milestone" ranks it's not updating instantly
  72. USER INTERFACE Skins browsing bug
  73. USER INTERFACE Server name and region not appearing. (w/video)
  74. USER INTERFACE Getting kicked out of the shop while waiting on Siege
  75. USER INTERFACE Suicides and Scoreboards
  76. USER INTERFACE A little problem
  77. USER INTERFACE Text populating chat when not having chat box open.
  78. New Update??
  79. Hunters Blinding shot
  80. Open beta date or the month?
  81. MISC. Some Quick buggy stuff since patch
  82. STORE I have a problem with boosters.
  83. MISC. Rank Bug
  84. USER INTERFACE Chat bugs
  85. STORE Turelim Plate skin - slight hair clipping bug
  86. Invisible-ish Reaver…
  87. USER INTERFACE Game launch auto minimises on 1200*800 res, can't maximise
  88. AUDIO/MUSIC Unstable graphics / sound
  89. USER INTERFACE weird cycle glitch
  90. Legal beta access or fake?
  91. Vanishing graphics.
  92. Fire wall not dealing damage
  93. ABILITIES Sentinel Inconsistencies
  94. USER INTERFACE Leveling up ranks
  95. AUDIO/MUSIC Weird sound glitch
  96. Wont let me install
  97. MISC. Payment Authorization Failed
  98. Logging in.
  99. USER INTERFACE Ally portrait shows a different class than chosen.
  100. STORE Major Bug: Unable to buy items. (w/video)
  101. USER INTERFACE When Steam Disconnects
  102. MISC. Immortal Pack "transaction unavailable"
  103. Immortal Pack
  104. Payed for 9200 Runestones but didnt get them... >.<
  105. MISC. Forced re-linking of Steam account every game start?
  106. Invisible fire on a relic (that deals damage!)
  107. Can't purchase Runestone
  108. STORE New reaver skills
  109. USER INTERFACE Select Region Broken
  110. cant see/post in my own post...no permission... >.<
  111. STORE Missing items from Founders pack
  112. I purchased a founders pack, why am I not getting what the email says?
  113. USER INTERFACE Experience shown after round only displays 1 class
  114. WEAPONS Rares/Uncommon stat changes
  115. How to use beta invites
  116. immortal pack issues
  117. ABILITIES Reaver pounce at the healing stations
  118. MISC. Levelling class to 20
  119. WEAPONS Random weapons appearing in the inventory
  121. New rig
  122. Reaver using evasion and feeding?
  123. Class Unlock Access Keys
  124. USER INTERFACE Equiped banner doesn't save
  125. USER INTERFACE Message Of The Day missing
  126. MISC. Sync problem...big loss of exp
  127. USER INTERFACE Can't finish games due to drops.
  128. MISC. Game crashes in 2nd round....
  129. Class Token
  130. USER INTERFACE Exiting chat
  131. MISC. AFK kick issue
  132. Sentinal needs a fix to its landing.
  133. MISC. Where are the patch notes?
  134. ABILITIES Sentinel bug: Extra items in inventory (w/video)
  135. STORE Key to open the chest is gone
  136. MISC. Seriously annoying beta problems D:
  137. Can't view threads - Didn't receive Level 10 Class Token
  138. Bought the $45 Founder Pack didnt receive anything
  139. Not in my library...
  140. Rebought the same class twice help
  141. USER INTERFACE Weird black screen
  142. I botched up my .ini files..
  143. ABILITIES BUG Abilities not doing damage.
  144. MISC. New nVidia drivers crash several times each round
  145. ABILITIES Alchemist and Reaver abilities causing massive framerate losses
  146. Forum Difficulties ( neither PM permissions nor Closed Beta forum access )
  147. USER INTERFACE Can't Spawn After Team Switch
  148. Can't link steam to my account
  149. Vampire Bug
  150. MISC. Lag?
  151. Forum Badge
  152. ABILITIES Bola still removes other disables
  153. MISC. Game freezing in the middle of the round!
  154. MISC. Massive FPS drops and BSOD
  155. USER INTERFACE Items are not expiring?
  156. Immortal Pack issue
  157. MISC. Few bugs I encountered so far
  158. USER INTERFACE Constantly being put in EU servers when queing for NA
  159. WEAPONS **BROKED** Please fix the machine bow glitch
  160. USER INTERFACE In-game name change
  161. SS bug
  162. USER INTERFACE 0 player in lobby
  163. USER INTERFACE Idle player kick issue.
  164. USER INTERFACE A Game type choice bug.
  165. Pre order access
  166. USER INTERFACE look sensitivity, misc
  167. Bought Sweeping Kick, not in my Reaver's Special Abilities
  168. MISC. Something very, very strange
  169. AUDIO/MUSIC No Audio…
  170. WEAPONS Alchemist Cannon
  171. AUDIO/MUSIC really load music at one place
  172. STORE Grenade Price and Store Categories
  173. Graphics card:
  174. USER INTERFACE Loadout screen disappears if you press Esc
  175. USER INTERFACE Controller Binding
  176. Can't redeem beta key help!
  177. MISC. Graphics Freezes
  178. MISC. can't access beta
  179. USER INTERFACE Chat box still isn't closing after sending, post patch.
  181. MISC. Low fps problem
  182. Grappling Hook multiple anchors
  183. ABILITIES Last patch broke Echo Location
  184. WEAPONS Multibow Reload Cancel Fire
  185. Running Nosgoth on MAX settings? What are your specs? :)
  186. Did not get my Warband stuff.
  187. Missing code.
  188. HELP
  189. MISC. Corners of objects and walls
  190. Error redeeming beta key, help?
  191. Reaver’s lower armour error…
  192. MISC. Just reporting weird performance issues :P
  193. Nosgoth beta key status check
  194. MISC. bug with names on scorescreen
  195. MISC. 3rd match?
  196. MISC. Beta Keys sent to an old email account
  197. MISC. Custom Keybindings
  198. USER INTERFACE Loss of Input after Alt & Tab
  199. USER INTERFACE Game hang after disconnection
  200. Not being able to shoot/attack after using a skill
  201. Buying in the Store
  202. Is anyone able to run the game at 120+ fps?
  203. MISC. Broken Game
  204. YouTube Gameplay
  205. MISC. Access Denied - Middle of game
  206. Help
  207. MISC. Rotating Camera
  208. Have Nosgoth Beta Registered but cannot find the Download
  209. Stuck on "link account"
  210. Two Nosgoth Keys Both Registered to Same Account Help!
  211. Unlock page bugging out.
  212. Help pls, Moderator?
  213. Player icons:
  214. AUDIO/MUSIC In-game mic issues
  215. Beta passes from Pax East April 13
  216. USER INTERFACE I broke your leveling system
  217. MISC. Player Kicking Hacks?
  218. MISC. "random" crashing
  219. MISC. Hit detection issues, netcode, servers
  220. Changing e-mail?
  221. MISC. possible issue with razer naga 2014
  222. Cant open account profile on website
  223. ABILITIES Small misleading bug.
  224. Insomnia 51- Claiming NOSGOTH on STEAM
  225. STORE Class Artifacts can be used to buy a class already unlocked.
  226. Add dxDiag after account creation
  227. ABILITIES Reaver Floating above pounced target
  228. Im sure there is a thread for it but here goes
  229. MISC. Loadout spawn
  230. MISC. Vanishing Tyrant
  232. USER INTERFACE Game won't open
  233. MISC. Blocking Players
  234. USER INTERFACE Game Freezes for 2 seconds every so often
  235. USER INTERFACE Same name on the whole team
  236. USER INTERFACE Attempting to join a steam friend's full game will block Siege mode.
  237. USER INTERFACE Profile page won't register "Longest Time Alive" if it is the time is 10 minutes.
  238. Why are Nosgoth keys being distributed so slowly?
  239. Issues with Founders Pack from PAX
  240. MISC. Reporting possible abusive bugs?
  241. MISC. Trouble while finding match, crashing
  242. MISC. All TDM lobbies are broken?
  243. STORE unlocking the deciever
  244. MISC. No more Gold since Patch
  245. MISC. Stuck in Riuns Deceiver
  246. MISC. Performance Drops after Patch
  247. Climbing and sliding in Freeport…
  248. alchemist temp wep
  249. ABILITIES Deceiver: Bug with the phase skill
  250. Sommerdamm video/lag issues