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  1. Infinite Auto-turret.
  2. MISC. No charge levels
  3. USER INTERFACE sound of the water wheel
  4. MISC. Build Rollback
  5. USER INTERFACE Eyefinity/surround support plz
  6. Cant acces the game even though email said i had alpha access.
  7. Firewall on Stairs bug
  8. USER INTERFACE Game lag.
  9. USER INTERFACE Would the devs consider a server list/browser?
  10. How delete this game from my account?
  11. MISC. Steam associated games
  12. Endless falling
  13. Abilities not working in sommerdamm
  14. USER INTERFACE Bug: Able to invite high ranking players in new recruit
  15. Writing a preview on Nosgoth
  16. paid for FF14AAR but it didnt register to my account
  17. ABILITIES Human roll bug?
  18. USER INTERFACE Servers just go down?? I can't log in anymore and dropped the game I was in.
  19. MISC. Bug`s i found
  20. ABILITIES Vamp dive
  21. Application form problem
  22. STORE Typo on Swiftbow
  23. Feedback ?
  24. Deleted e-mail by mistake, can I get it resent?
  25. USER INTERFACE Anyone else experiencing issues with exp and gold?
  26. Game does not show up in steam after i link my accounts
  27. ABILITIES Reloading while being tackled (possible glitch)
  28. Background (white splotches)
  29. Recieved an email, tried to link my account, something went wrong!
  30. USER INTERFACE keyboard scrolling in skin selection
  31. USER INTERFACE Newcomer server issues
  32. USER INTERFACE Small bug had to restart steam.
  33. Error occurred when attempting to access Alpha forum
  34. USER INTERFACE remapping contols for mouse with extra buttons
  35. USER INTERFACE Alt + Tab when game starts = Laggy game
  36. Will people involved with the Alpha and Beta be rewarded?
  37. USER INTERFACE 5760x1080 problems
  38. Abilities problem
  39. USER INTERFACE Report on Technical Issues in "Nosgoth"
  41. USER INTERFACE Level up doesnt show correctly
  42. MISC. Shadowing with movement
  43. USER INTERFACE Windows 8.1
  44. USER INTERFACE Missing chat in lobby
  45. Recieved Aplha access email, but links dont work! Please help!
  46. USER INTERFACE Lost connection
  47. Wall climbing
  48. USER INTERFACE Green Screen
  49. USER INTERFACE health and ammo points on HUD compass/map
  50. Cant download Nosgoth
  51. USER INTERFACE Disconnecting every game
  52. USER INTERFACE New bug (haven't seen it in the listed ones)
  53. USER INTERFACE ScoreBoard doesn't hide.
  54. USER INTERFACE Issue with xbox pad
  55. MISC. General Bugs
  56. USER INTERFACE Don't know if its cause I'm new... (and another thing/glitch)
  57. USER INTERFACE Class restriction at the beginning of a match?
  58. USER INTERFACE Round time issue i've noticed.
  59. USER INTERFACE Chat gone crazy
  60. ABILITIES Particle effects missing/abilities not working
  61. Class Level Bug
  62. USER INTERFACE Bug: Lobby right-click menu - won't close if target slot player leaves
  63. USER INTERFACE Game Never Starts
  64. Improvements in the flight of the Sentinel
  65. USER INTERFACE Portraits of people that quitted stay on screen
  66. USER INTERFACE Winning Items
  67. USER INTERFACE Lots on non-regs
  68. USER INTERFACE Sudden rename
  69. Can't Register Game?
  70. Hole in texture
  71. Nosgoth; Sommerdamm(bug?)
  72. Spawn Bug
  73. Fence not climbable
  74. Health Station don't appear on minimap
  75. USER INTERFACE Indefinite Freeze Full Lockup on Match Start
  76. MISC. Personal Bug Thread
  77. Bug in provance (bushes near top of level lose all color)
  78. MISC. A few possible bugs and issues
  79. AUDIO/MUSIC Sounds not deleted on death
  80. ABILITIES Spawn fire (possible bug)
  81. Square-Enix Email Newsletters... HOW TO STOP?
  82. Tyrant wears no pants...
  83. USER INTERFACE RMB does nothing.
  84. USER INTERFACE Minor problems in Lobby 4vs4 New Recruit
  85. USER INTERFACE Team Deathmatch Under Rank 5 Queue Issues
  86. USER INTERFACE Changing Steam Community name in lobby has makes Chat freak out
  87. USER INTERFACE Crashing of server
  88. AUDIO/MUSIC Audio Stuttering & Sound Looping
  89. USER INTERFACE bug server NAm 268268, team
  90. USER INTERFACE Unable to switch class at random points in the beginning and during game.
  91. PERKS False Description on "Nimbleness" Perk (Found after match)
  92. Two visual bugs
  93. Camera position when dying in the water and then respawning
  94. USER INTERFACE Ghosting Players, Uneven Matches, 5v3, 5v4, 4v3 matches etc
  95. USER INTERFACE Increasing lag on the EU servers
  96. USER INTERFACE Options sound bug.
  97. USER INTERFACE Reducing Ping In Game
  98. Registration info for alpha/beta
  99. MISC. NDA lift for Closed Beta entrance
  100. MISC. I have a problem with nosgoth
  101. USER INTERFACE Player icon pictures
  102. USER INTERFACE Deaths not always registered
  103. USER INTERFACE Crashed when "joined' a friend with active 'search game' button
  104. USER INTERFACE 60 fps lock?
  105. USER INTERFACE Minimazing lags
  106. USER INTERFACE intermission countdown bug?
  107. Can't link my steam account with Square Enix
  108. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound bug
  109. USER INTERFACE lobby chat strange bug
  110. Confirmation email never comes.
  111. Problems with accesing privet alpha forum
  113. ABILITIES Climbing Bug
  114. SOMMERDAMM Soundbug
  115. Don't have permission for the closed alpha forum
  116. Poison bomb
  118. USER INTERFACE Anti-aliasing bug ???
  119. USER INTERFACE server 267295. problem with rejoining
  120. SENTINEL Sentinel bug
  121. SENTINEL Divebomb physix problems
  122. extream lag/physix reaver bugs
  123. MISC. Shadows on the roof are visible through the ceiling.
  124. STORE Double rewards after match.
  125. USER INTERFACE Health shrines dissapear from the minimap
  126. USER INTERFACE Computer turning off for no reason during play.
  127. Falling issues
  128. USER INTERFACE Game Freeze Bug
  129. Can't get the Alpha/Beta sign-up confirmation email
  130. USER INTERFACE Chatbug in matchmaking
  131. USER INTERFACE Better communication for teamplay
  132. MISC. Alpha Feedback
  133. USER INTERFACE code across the screen! ahhhhh!
  134. USER INTERFACE Nosgoth breaking Steam
  135. This is Tech support?
  136. ABILITIES Players are VERY slowly taken
  137. About the DxDiag file
  138. USER INTERFACE Either it's a bug or I'm seeing things
  139. USER INTERFACE Enter adds newline in chat in lobby instead of sending message
  140. (Bug) Armour of the Imperial Guard - Tyrant...
  142. FX bug
  143. USER INTERFACE Round Two Secondaries
  144. USER INTERFACE Performing First time setup freeze
  145. USER INTERFACE Match not Starting
  146. USER INTERFACE Above the head icons?...
  147. Forum is kidding some of us...
  148. USER INTERFACE WIN 7 32 bit
  149. USER INTERFACE Network connectivity error => reconnect => THEN kicked? == most frustrating logic
  150. Confermation key
  151. Melee attacks not registering as vampires /melee attack damage bug on Tyrant.
  152. MISC. Various hiccups (UI, CHAT, & MAP)
  153. E-Mail change
  154. USER INTERFACE Small bug in inventory tab
  155. USER INTERFACE Dat Subtitles...
  156. USER INTERFACE Mouse Input overloaded
  157. USER INTERFACE Low Ping = Lag
  158. USER INTERFACE trouble being able to play.DEV PLEASE READbefore it disappears AGAIN
  159. Loud Fire
  160. USER INTERFACE Lossing sound after a match
  161. USER INTERFACE Lobby end of match display error
  162. MISC. Bugs/Suggestions That I've come up with and found.
  163. USER INTERFACE problem wioth audio
  164. Grenades never blow up if they land on a refill station
  165. MISC. Game kicks players back to lobby
  166. USER INTERFACE Not leveling up
  167. Bug - loud weird sound
  168. Nosgoth Client
  169. production registration
  170. Beta Invite Through Email Won't Work
  171. STORE Sorting items does not work properly
  172. MISC. CLOSED BETA Access Problems
  173. USER INTERFACE Can't join a match?
  174. USER INTERFACE No loadouts + won't spawn in game
  175. STORE Question: Missing classes - Sentinel and Scout
  176. ABILITIES Vampire Insta-Heal
  177. USER INTERFACE Alpha testers
  178. STORE store, equipment bug
  179. USER INTERFACE Details on won items when mouse over
  180. Minimap healing stations
  181. MISC. Bugs so far
  183. MISC. Weird 'freeze' / 'lag' issue during gameplay
  184. Game not responding after launch?
  185. MISC. This Forum's Guidelines & Prefixes
  186. MISC. I turned off motion blur but...
  187. I turned off motion blur but...
  188. Floating Tyrant
  189. STORE Invisible chests that self-open (?!?)
  190. Still no email confirmations..
  191. STORE Missing gold
  192. USER INTERFACE Having problems controlling my character.
  193. Why are Beta invites random?
  194. USER INTERFACE The game doesn't like Alt+Tab
  195. Sticky corner in Sommerdamm
  196. Misaligned Grapple Point
  197. Misaligned Grapple Point
  198. USER INTERFACE freeze on launch
  199. MISC. Levels not Loading
  200. USER INTERFACE Entered the room
  201. Using Echolocation immedietly upon match starts does nothing.
  202. USER INTERFACE Framerate lock?
  203. USER INTERFACE Human stats for Vampires glitch
  204. USER INTERFACE Just a few bugs.
  205. USER INTERFACE Can't see mouse cursor
  206. USER INTERFACE 2 littels problems
  207. MISC. A moment of your time to help me :)
  208. MISC. Damage dealt while dead isn't accounted?
  209. MISC. Small bug
  210. STORE Reaver Shop Bug
  211. STORE Can i have my gold back, pls?
  212. Can't Pick Tyrant
  213. Failur to register XP
  214. MISC. failure to register XP
  215. USER INTERFACE Names disappearing in the lobby chatbox.
  216. STORE Booster bug
  217. STORE Donate issues*
  218. USER INTERFACE Inventory bug - items multiplying
  219. MISC. Ping cheating or packet "hacking"
  220. USER INTERFACE Button "play" does not work
  221. MISC. Game Crash/Freeze scoreboard 4's and w's
  222. USER INTERFACE Player list not shrinking
  223. Bolla and knives immunity
  224. USER INTERFACE Dead sentinels floating in mid air
  225. ABILITIES Rocket Vampires
  226. MISC. Alchemist Vicous Cannon Profile oversight
  227. USER INTERFACE sentinel class bookmark in humans' stats
  228. MISC. Classes not available.
  229. USER INTERFACE Double loadout display
  230. MISC. Graphic artifacts
  231. USER INTERFACE Everything Reset
  232. MISC. Locked at 30 fps.
  233. USER INTERFACE Received email about participation- Nosgoth site says: You do not have access
  234. MISC. FPS Lock
  235. Good News Everyone
  236. Grounding/Landing "bug"
  237. Scout only
  238. MISC. Lingering Bodies
  239. SIGE Tyrant jump fails
  240. MISC. 2 different chat bugs been around since alpha
  241. Static laying down Tyrant
  242. MISC. Upward angle of aiming sights is not 90 degrees
  243. MISC. Closed beta - computer keeps turning off
  244. MISC. Matchmaker Issues
  245. how to activate/register game
  246. USER INTERFACE Invite and message bugs/issues…
  247. MISC. Tried to tell you before but got no response, trying to tell you a 2nd time.
  248. Queue times
  249. USER INTERFACE Incorrect text in 'Headlines', cannot select rightmost skin in Armory > Skins
  250. USER INTERFACE More than 8 players in a lobby