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  1. Just got things working again and turns out $300 worth of items is missing...
  2. Game Virtually Unplayable Since 5v5's
  3. Failure to link account
  4. Linking failed: SE Membership server error.
  5. VAMPIRES Annoying melee behaviour
  6. The lag is back
  7. Anyone else getting huge fps drop + Audio Stutter
  8. Launcher not launching game (Troubleshooting tried)
  9. Skins/items not received/missing
  10. FPS on AMD Notebook
  11. Kicked out of match
  12. Nosgoth has stopped working.
  13. Tracking invisible deceivers with the mark function.
  14. Stuck at Looking for best match screen...
  15. Do you need to link accounts to open the game?
  16. Load-out selection bug
  17. League Points Explained
  18. "Syncing your online profile" after every game.
  19. Some skins missing in the page
  20. Weird party split bug
  21. Game crashes after click on League tab
  22. Just purchased gems, now I am being booted from every ranked and deathmatch game...
  23. Strange freezes and teleports.
  24. League Game Ping
  25. Ranked - 7 EU players on a US server ...
  26. Bug on players leaving and continuing the game...
  27. bug report: score screen giving 2 different points values
  28. leave bug
  29. Can you play outside the US
  30. Got banned by FairFight but have no clue why
  31. My Account Got Reset
  32. Nosgoth doesn't launch
  34. League search game bugged
  35. SCOUT Green Scout
  37. Jitter, Lag and Oversteer since this week
  38. Nosgoth Blog is not working
  39. Maintenance - March 10th 2016
  40. End Ranked matches at 4v1 and ban those griefers please
  41. The Crucible Tyrant combos with no dmg
  42. Matchamed in ranked: Getting connected to too far server
  43. Summoners Slayer Hitreg
  44. No Launcher
  45. Constant EULA and Tutorial Prompts
  46. Rise of aimbots in TDM
  47. Maintenance - March 14th 2016
  48. Could not retrieve character information (failed to sync char data)
  49. Infinity "syncing your online profile"
  50. Access Denided can't log into game after update?
  51. I'm level 50 and I can't unlock BEAstmaster??? BUG OR INTENDED?
  52. No artefact
  53. USER INTERFACE Lobby chat needs dark background
  54. MISC. Black launcher not starting
  55. Latest Patch Broke Game - Audio Stuttering and Lag
  56. Login Issues
  57. You broke the party system
  58. Game won't launch
  59. Game not starting
  60. USER INTERFACE Steam friends gone +name
  61. gold refound
  62. Connecting to Online Suite Forever
  63. NEED HELP - still can't launch nosgoth after the update
  64. Unable to change Resolution
  65. Nosgoth disabling pc desktop
  66. PRIVATE MATCH: unable to join
  67. Gold reward
  68. how can I change accounts in the game client?
  69. Another "Nosgoth doesn't starting after patch" thred
  70. Problems and crash with new patch?
  71. Achievement Completion - Crash - Bug Report
  72. Achievements still/again bugged?
  73. Matchmaking taking a long time since update
  74. New bugs: league points, also can't quit the game
  75. The report bug button
  76. Pffff New downgrade ?????
  77. Windows 7 64-bit and beasmaster Nosgoth patch
  78. Launch.log 17Gb!!!
  79. USER INTERFACE Impossible to launch a game
  80. Why Votekick needs to happen
  81. Play button does nothing
  82. What a great game!
  83. Launcher doesnt start anymore...
  84. Update making my CPU and Motherboard 80°C+ temperature
  85. Can't add person to my friend list or party, profile picture is missing
  86. I cannot add my friend!
  87. Cant see text writing in Lobby
  88. Connection problem.
  89. ABILITIES Flamethrower crashing the game
  90. Unstable Nosgoth, Impossible to league
  91. sonic boom exploit
  92. Endless "Syncing Online Profile" screen.
  93. Friend referral page not working
  94. HUMANS Loadouts resetting
  95. Frequently loading into game not able to use skills and other marvelous bugs
  96. Wacky Corpses!
  97. Fix the game, please. The sooner, the better
  98. Please Help. Game crashes on Sync. Downloading Armoury + Beasmaster Skill Icons wrong
  99. Maintenance - March 23rd 2016
  100. Same daily challenge twice
  101. Nosgoth Launcher Stuck - Black Screen
  102. Game crashing after 1-3 minutes in game.
  103. impossible to make a party
  104. Randomly returning to lobby mid game
  105. Was the Beta banner actually released?
  106. Matchmaking is down 3/24
  107. USER INTERFACE Frozen daily challenges
  108. New achievments bugged
  109. Refer a friend page does not work
  110. The "CLICK HERE TO REPORT A BUG" button does not work...
  111. Didn't get the Reward from Quest
  112. Gold earned and personal score
  113. Private Matches counting stats bug
  114. Failed To Open (Unknown Error) HOW CAN I FIX !!!!
  115. Are all US & OC servers down?
  116. Minimizing Launcher is causing a "Launcher not detected" error
  117. What is up with matchmaking?!
  118. Launcher
  119. explain me these daily challenges
  120. No daily challenge today
  121. Gonna uninstall + want money refund
  122. Game crashes
  123. Steam link not linking
  124. BEASTMASTER: Wrong ability icons displaying
  125. Requires connect Steam account.
  127. MISC. (minor bug) Daily Chest disappeared W/o giving reward.
  128. Invisible Reaver/Lag?
  129. reporting server issues in the last few weeks
  130. Nosgoth startet nicht
  131. Gold Match Reward Bug
  132. Launcher: Blank screen, spinning buffering icon. Help?
  133. Bug or an error?
  134. Problems when starting the launcher...
  135. Capture the Body queue broken?
  136. USER INTERFACE Reward pop ups after match
  137. Sonic Boom effect bug
  138. big frame drops and massive lags
  139. [bug]
  140. Gold only rewarded for second half
  141. USER INTERFACE Ugly message
  142. Linking your Steam Account
  143. Nosgoth refund
  144. Launcher bug.
  145. Server Connectivity Issues - April 22nd 2016
  146. Banned for running a cheating tool on background.
  147. Mouse moves by itself
  148. Bundle of Just Cause 3
  149. I'm not gaining EXP
  150. Maintenance - May 13th 2016
  151. How can i delete my Square Enix account?