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  1. MISC. Possible game modes
  2. MISC. Alpha testers Unite!
  3. STORE Initial thoughts on the Store
  4. MISC. May I stream Nosgoth?
  5. MISC. Closed Alpha Gameplay Feedback Guidelines
  6. MISC. First Impressions Gameplay, Sentinel, Ui, Thoughts
  7. MISC. 25 minutes played, my observations.
  8. USER INTERFACE UI Observations
  10. MISC. Extremely polished for alpha
  11. BOTH FACTIONS 2 hours played and love it!
  12. USER INTERFACE Lobby problem?
  13. MISC. My impressions
  14. MISC. Closed alpha, session 1, VOIP Feedback
  15. USER INTERFACE Some kind of ranked system.
  16. MISC. Impression NOSGOTH by Hirukaru
  18. MISC. So I played Nosgoth
  19. USER INTERFACE Suggestion: Debuff Duration
  20. USER INTERFACE Servers?
  21. ABILITIES Tyrant Jump attack suggestion.
  22. MISC. Alpha testers receiving exclusive cosmetics?
  23. MISC. Double Reaver
  24. USER INTERFACE Achievements
  25. BOTH FACTIONS Feedback on past 2 days.
  26. MISC. Some more feedback
  27. ABILITIES Scout: Grappling hook
  28. ALL MAPS Shape of maps
  29. SENTINEL Feedback on the Sentinel
  30. STORE ** WARNING** Item and Gold Wipe on Nosgoth Alpha Servers
  31. STORE Inventory and currency reset :(
  32. HUMANS Nosgoth Alpha Feedback-new ideas for humans
  33. BOTH FACTIONS Scout / Tyrant Focus Testing Report
  34. MISC. game changing nerf are not needed here
  35. MISC. Thoughts regarding Alpha test 22/10-2013
  36. ALL MAPS General impression about the environment feel of the maps
  37. BOTH FACTIONS Summary after first few rounds
  38. USER INTERFACE Minimap
  39. USER INTERFACE Voice commands
  40. VALEHOLM Door [Cliping]
  41. MISC. Skins
  42. USER INTERFACE How to Play
  43. MISC. Alpha tester General Feedback for the 24/10 event
  44. USER INTERFACE Map Rotation/Round Duration
  45. MISC. Germany Playtest 24/10 Observations
  46. USER INTERFACE Movement / Critic
  47. USER INTERFACE NOTICE: Latency Issues for Oct 29th Playtest
  48. MISC. No Patch Notes?
  49. FREEPORT Gameplay issue of 29/10 teste
  50. MISC. 8v8 with appearently half the Mod Staff and Dev team
  51. HUNTER So the Hunter has a Machete on his back. Why does he not Melee with it?
  52. BOTH FACTIONS Alchemist / Sentinel Focus Testing Report
  53. Alpha/Beta on Brazil?
  54. MISC. Today's Closed Alpha Session
  55. ABILITIES Leap Attack (Modified pounce for reaver)
  56. USER INTERFACE Outlined Characters?
  58. BOTH FACTIONS Balancing
  59. BOTH FACTIONS Hunter/Reaver Focus Testing Report
  60. BOTH FACTIONS My thoughts on balance
  61. BOTH FACTIONS My play report 12/11/13
  62. BOTH FACTIONS My thoughts circa 14/11/13
  63. MISC. My thoughts (variety of things)...my recyclable thread ;)
  64. MISC. Current Patch (14.11.13) Balance Problems
  65. MISC. The Testing Offensive! Looking for skilled Alpha players!
  66. MISC. Alpha/Beta Question...
  67. MISC. 1st play report 14/11/2013
  68. USER INTERFACE Character Costume Skins
  69. USER INTERFACE Custom Lobby Options?
  70. USER INTERFACE vampires needed to have cool down on attacks
  71. ABILITIES Melee Thoughts
  72. ABILITIES Sentinel Q Ability
  73. MISC. Practice mode and bots
  74. ABILITIES Sentinel wall climbing problems?
  75. Female characters and customization
  76. VAMPIRES Is it just me, are Vampires heavily overpowered?
  77. USER INTERFACE Match him like this…
  78. MISC. When is next patch coming?
  79. VAMPIRES Vampire Escapes
  80. MISC. Few things to add or not to add.(Suggestions)
  81. MISC. Feedback and Observations (Store/MatchMaking/Hunter/Reaver Primarily)
  82. MISC. First try
  83. MISC. First Impressions and Feedback
  84. BOTH FACTIONS Anyone else stick to one class?
  85. MISC. How many people are in the closed alpha atm?
  86. VAMPIRES Few things about Vampires
  87. MISC. Game types
  88. USER INTERFACE Vampire shadows through the cieling
  89. MISC. Next Patch Preview
  90. MISC. Thoughts so far and things id like to see.
  91. ABILITIES Sentinel Abduct
  92. USER INTERFACE Why no chat while respawning?!
  93. MISC. My first week playing Nosgoth, my thoughts.
  94. BOTH FACTIONS Ideas for the other clans!
  95. SCOUT Let's talk about the Scout class
  96. USER INTERFACE Uneven numbers
  97. MISC. Path notes for 25.11.2013 ?
  98. MISC. Spawning and the impact I think it has on the game.
  99. MISC. Where do Alpha testers post?
  100. MISC. New player Qs
  101. USER INTERFACE VGS system for quick non VoIP communication
  102. MISC. Friend / guild keys / access?
  103. MISC. more game sessions
  104. USER INTERFACE more game sessions
  105. HUMANS Tenacity
  106. SCOUT Build discussion
  107. TYRANT Build discussion
  108. USER INTERFACE Easier way to compare gear
  109. MISC. 90%-99% of dmg is grenade launcher or other aoe abilities
  110. MISC. Hello to everyone who was on the European servers today
  111. MISC. Alpha Play Sessions Next Week
  112. VAMPIRES Third person heavily favors vampires.
  113. WEAPONS Alc flashbangs
  114. USER INTERFACE Flash of text change on the Buy button on the shop UI
  115. SENTINEL Flying Point of View
  116. USER INTERFACE Undocumented stuns/interrupts?
  117. USER INTERFACE Could use an animation for the healing stations
  118. WEAPONS Trap suggestion
  119. USER INTERFACE Strafe Walking and flaying with sentinel idea
  120. MISC. Closed alpha: my feedback and suggestions
  121. USER INTERFACE Invert Flight for Sentinels??!!
  122. STORE Is there an Founders Program planed?
  123. MISC. Gamepad support
  124. STORE Skin Suggestions
  125. MISC. Complete This Survey and Earn 200 In-Game Gold!
  126. ABILITIES Hunter Bola Bugged?
  127. ABILITIES What happen to the dive bomb ability?
  128. BOTH FACTIONS What is or will be the purpose of the leveling system!?
  129. VAMPIRES Mellee on Vampires could use a look!
  130. USER INTERFACE NA servers only have 10 of the same people playing...questions about it
  131. MISC. Please revoke an abusive player.
  132. MISC. Just some quick feedback and suggestions
  133. USER INTERFACE Finishing match at shutdown.
  134. AUDIO/MUSIC How about an Announcer?!
  135. MISC. My first alpha impressions
  136. USER INTERFACE Lag for some players.
  137. ABILITIES Tyrant Jump
  138. SENTINEL Flying melee
  140. USER INTERFACE Two added features
  141. ABILITIES Thrown abilities
  142. ABILITIES Healing Wind
  143. ABILITIES Echolocation
  144. ABILITIES Choking Haze vs Healing Wind
  145. USER INTERFACE Change loadout mid "life"
  146. MISC. Alpha Gameplay feedback
  147. USER INTERFACE Server Schedule? Am I losing my mind?
  148. USER INTERFACE Server availability
  149. MISC. Will there be a reset?
  150. ABILITIES Vampires running when hit with Bola is silly.
  151. MISC. First Day Closed-Alpha and I am happy
  152. ABILITIES Sentinel blowing enemies away ability fails sometimes
  153. MISC. Forcing confrontation
  154. MISC. TDM Kill and Time Limit & more
  155. USER INTERFACE Network Connection Issues= everyone gets an instant drop. (No Credit)
  156. ABILITIES Reaver Pounce Trinity
  157. USER INTERFACE Scoreboard
  158. HUNTER Build discussion
  159. USER INTERFACE Tired of carrying
  160. MISC. Patch Released?
  161. USER INTERFACE Will Nosgoth support Steam Wallet transactions?
  162. MISC. Playing against the Devs.
  163. MISC. Dead servers , can we get more alpha invites tossed out?
  164. WEAPONS Swiftbow nerf
  165. MISC. Region locking
  166. MISC. Update Notes thread
  167. Rahabim Ideas?
  168. ABILITIES bola buff
  169. MISC. Nosgoth:The Good and the Could be better (imo)
  170. MISC. Lack of Closed Beta Players or Just Lack of understanding?
  171. MISC. Tube Reaver's first impressions
  172. MISC. is Nosgoth going to be a competative pvp game?
  173. STORE Epic Boosts - Stackable?
  174. STORE Purchasing
  175. USER INTERFACE Na Severs
  177. MISC. Next Balance Patch Preview
  178. WEAPONS ANOTHER trap bug
  179. MISC. You guys really need to send out more keys.
  180. USER INTERFACE Have any plans to add a server browser?
  181. USER INTERFACE Not sure if technical issue?
  182. WEAPONS Recoil on human weapons?
  183. MISC. Nosgoth's Metagame: Human vs Vampire Skill Cap
  184. ABILITIES Reaver Blink in trailer
  185. SENTINEL Build Discussion and Information
  186. SOMMERDAMM Sommerdamm
  187. MISC. Nosgoth Ventrilo
  188. USER INTERFACE 5 players against 3
  189. USER INTERFACE Click to spawn
  190. USER INTERFACE Joining matches that are underway
  191. Additional server support
  192. USER INTERFACE Suggestion for team balancing after someone left
  193. MISC. Beta keys
  194. ABILITIES Leap attack
  195. ABILITIES Roll-cancellable Pounce and Channeled Eating
  196. ABILITIES Let's discuss Ignore Pain
  197. ABILITIES Vampire melee
  198. [Suggestion] Surrender
  199. USER INTERFACE Damage
  200. BOTH FACTIONS Health vs. Burst Damage
  201. ALL MAPS Concept ideas
  202. USER INTERFACE Voting ingame
  203. HUNTER Range
  204. SENTINEL Sentinel
  205. MISC. Standing in a corner
  206. MISC. where are the alpha tester?
  207. USER INTERFACE Class Limitation
  208. ABILITIES New Abilities?
  209. BOTH FACTIONS Major Balancing Problems
  210. STORE Suggestion: Unlock all perks/abilities/weapons temporarily
  211. MISC. For match Feedback
  212. MISC. The faces of Nosgoth
  213. USER INTERFACE Vampire movement
  214. VALEHOLM Regarding Camping
  215. ABILITIES Skill Cancelling....
  216. MISC. New testers share your first impressions of the game.
  217. MISC. Come on old guys! be nice to the new guys!
  218. ALL MAPS From my experience...
  219. MISC. Opinion of the Alpha
  220. MISC. January 9th Patch Notes
  221. USER INTERFACE Auto-aim assist poll
  222. USER INTERFACE North American Servers
  223. MISC. Trolling
  224. USER INTERFACE Your are currently playing on a different online suite
  225. USER INTERFACE Vampire Visibility
  226. USER INTERFACE Tutorial Needed
  227. MISC. Servers are up for the Weekend, come play!
  228. MISC. Parallels between L4D (A good thing!)
  229. ABILITIES Grappling hook on Sommerdam is bugged.
  230. SCOUT Scout
  231. ABILITIES Let's Discuss - Bola
  232. MISC. Award/Trophy system
  233. MISC. First Impressions
  234. USER INTERFACE is there a way to play as partys?
  235. USER INTERFACE Server browser, locked lobbies, randomize teams button
  236. BOTH FACTIONS A few opinions.
  237. USER INTERFACE Unlocking 60fps cap
  238. ALCHEMIST Alchemist
  239. MISC. Destructible Objects
  240. ALL MAPS Maps with night vision
  241. BOTH FACTIONS Stupid difference between the races
  242. HUMANS Why cannot humans jump over walls ? // Impression of 3 days
  243. MISC. This is alpha??? (First impressions)
  244. PERKS Suggested Buff List
  245. MISC. Twitch Streaming
  246. AUDIO/MUSIC Voip discussion
  247. USER INTERFACE Profile Statistics
  248. MISC. January 16th Patch Notes (Build 76016)
  249. MISC. Nosgoth PUG steam group
  250. USER INTERFACE Online