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  1. New player; first impressions.
  2. When start match screen looking up and turning always left
  3. Executions
  4. USER INTERFACE Suggestions for confusing colours on teammates.
  5. Deceiver Too Stronk ?
  6. Nosgoth Pros and Cons
  7. Don't throw me to the wolves yet!
  8. A Nooblet's Reflections
  9. Steam Account name?
  10. Sound in Deathmatch
  11. New player here, are there prohibited/overpowered weapons/skills in this game?
  12. Game is still unbalanced
  13. Joke / Test mode.
  14. HUMANS Who thinks reviving is a good idea?
  15. New Name for the Shield Bearer
  16. First impressions and suggestions
  17. New perk ideas
  18. More team info on HUD inc. training wheels for New Recruit:
  19. Flash point seems to favor the Hunters
  20. Some skills need a boost
  21. Items
  22. South America server!
  23. Matchmaking and Split Party's
  24. VAMPIRES Bullets/Arrows/Bolts stagger Vampires
  25. Controller at massive Disadvantage
  26. What Do You Want To Have In Nosgoth?
  27. Thoughts on improving Reaver
  28. MISC. Premades, Premades Everywhere
  29. TYRANT Gilded Colossus skin's color is too dark
  30. Decievers suck
  31. BOTH FACTIONS A great improvment
  32. Joining a started game.
  33. Mouse sensitivity???
  34. HUMANS CC suggestions/changes to deal with Vamps
  35. SCOUT The Stormbow seems better than the default bow(should be a sidegrade not an upgrade)
  36. DECEIVER Dominate mind - mechanics slight tweak
  37. Map vote.
  38. Maintenance
  39. Unbalanced (prophet)
  40. USER INTERFACE Disconnection suggestions.
  41. MISC. A few suggestions
  42. A game mode and class Idea (Forgive me if they've already been thought of)
  43. Purchased Boolean in the store? Check box maybe?
  44. so now that global cooldowns work
  45. Flashpoint's HUD suggestions
  46. Gameplay bug about second round as vampires.
  47. MISC. 1 game at a time DC ISSUE!!!
  48. Weapon/Special bonuses and Perks
  49. Artwork and Wallpapers
  50. Gimped Tyrant [GCD]
  51. The Points Division System Is Unfair
  52. Hide to win?
  53. "Clans" and Clan chat
  54. ALCHEMIST Firewall Stun
  55. Match Review
  56. Balance cloaking
  57. Echolocation needs improvement
  58. Sticky Bomb Useless?
  59. My amazing match experience
  60. Reward bags and abilities
  61. So when exactly are we going to get the Level 25 human skins?
  62. Very toxic and feeding player (or almost afk ? )
  63. New Recruit and Deathmatch
  64. Mysterious item distribution
  65. Summoner Feedback
  66. Human Melee Stagger?
  67. Stop people partying up without permission
  68. AFTER Death Damage
  69. First Impressions - Voice Chat Bugs/Map Compass/Etc.
  70. This is so going to make you mad at me...but
  71. Please increase speed of activation.
  72. Voice Chat Tweaks
  73. Sentinel flight tweaks
  74. "Downloading Armoury"
  75. An adjustment for Infect
  76. AimBots...
  77. SENTINEL Sentinel grab camera change?
  78. Servers Location
  79. ABILITIES How to fix echolocation
  80. Outdated Tooltip
  81. USER INTERFACE Match lobby responsiveness.
  82. Please turn back on team balancing
  83. Class Unlock Artifact Description
  84. (For fun) Summoner achievement suggestions
  85. USER INTERFACE Suggestion for Class Portraits
  86. Piercing guns for prophet
  87. THE FANE Some suggestions
  88. Perk buff on less used
  89. Classes and Matches
  90. DECEIVER Dominate Mind suggestions
  91. USER INTERFACE Ability to ping
  92. MISC. About the friend referral program
  93. MISC. Remove XP for Feeding.
  94. Summoner Update
  95. 5v5 Game Mode next?
  96. lobby remake suggestion
  97. Hunter multi bow update
  98. BOTH FACTIONS Time to adjust perks?
  99. Valentines Event Perhaps? Red Toxic skin (minus flies)
  100. Various voice chat thoughts
  101. Pls nerf the Piercing Pistols
  102. WEAPONS Alchemist cannon with ammo that contains an accelerant
  103. feedback survey discussion
  104. Play modes without pre-made party
  105. lesser of the two evils? (poll)
  106. Assist and kill stealing
  107. Run Away! Run Away!
  108. Psyonix Don't Care About Older players?
  109. Will Health numbers get adjusted before release out of beta?
  110. About the most recent Nosgoth's survey
  111. Asymmetrical game opinions
  112. PROPHET Giving XP for shielding
  113. MISC. Some thoughts...
  114. Controller vamp camera
  115. ABILITIES Abilities
  116. MISC. Changing the evolved razielim skin aka. Sentinel
  117. Alternative Gender Skins
  118. Hit detection and how certain abilities function
  119. Necromancer AOE
  120. AOE Targetting Controls
  121. Give us SOME way to deal with mic-spamming trolls.
  122. Item crafting?
  123. BOTH FACTIONS observation about the game in general
  124. party system
  125. Server to Latin América
  126. Explosive shot auto spam is the new whip
  127. Combine New Recruit and Team Deathmatch for Australia server
  128. The game's main UI needs some rework in my opinion (Suggestions)
  129. how to make Nosgoth aesthetically better :)
  130. make a weapon lvl xp booster
  131. Global Chat
  132. A few suggestions from a literature student
  133. ABILITIES Summoner Pets
  134. WEAPONS piercing pistols
  135. make a inventory filter pls
  136. Show Players Level Again
  137. The Prophet needs nerfed
  138. SUMMONER: Please make other classes more chatty
  139. Random Drop and Trading Questions
  140. MISC. Mismatching, longer wait times after update and quitting issues
  141. Game Balancing Ideas
  142. Banners!
  143. MISC. Point of no return for Executions and abilities
  144. USER INTERFACE Lobby system
  145. ABILITIES Puncture
  146. Parties seem almost completely broken now
  147. Matchmaking still completely broken
  149. sugestions on viable changes to the game! [Supply stations/Shop]
  150. Tips in loading's screen, lobby.
  151. Scouts put the arrow at the wrong side of the bow
  152. Abyssal Bolt Still needs buff
  153. Reaver's -50hp; still relevant?
  154. Level 50
  155. I'm loving the Scout's Warbow
  156. Prophet's Leech Life could do with less auto-aim
  157. BOTH FACTIONS Balance
  158. Some thoughts after playing for a long time
  159. FAO The Devs, Nosgoth little things
  160. Map balancing needed
  161. So about that Echolocation
  162. More Graphics settings for future? (just wondering)
  163. [Suggestion] Vote Pause + LOL Duels
  164. Suggestion for competition
  165. DECEIVER Deceiver extremely overpowered
  166. Separate config files for different classes
  167. Leave dead Vamps on map, but not ghouls
  168. Thoughts On Fighting The Vanguard
  169. Nosgoth - Finding a Match System (from Steam quote)
  170. Training With Your Sire... Or a Clash of... Households...
  171. Summoner Skin Feedback and Suggestion
  172. Sadly Nosgoth is going to die out
  173. The Necropolis Map Next...or...
  174. Team Deathmatch - Shrine Idea
  175. Make sure to ask if a player wants to reconnect to an ongoing match!
  176. USER INTERFACE Mismatch between scoreboard kills and sum
  177. Recent matchmaking feedback
  178. ABILITIES New pounce for Reaver.
  179. Higher cap for New Recruit
  180. Game Mode: Assault
  181. Requests for Spectator Mode Going Forward
  182. Vampire hit registration and aim assistance
  183. [Suggestion]Flashpoint: Double XP or 50% possibilities to get ...
  184. Hunter: Change melee animation to use the sword
  185. USER INTERFACE New TAB-Screen and End-of-Match-Screen Feedback
  186. Need more diverse Reaver and Tyrant skins
  187. New AFK system?
  188. New Deciver ability
  189. Either alter the maps or nerf the Scout
  190. Tyrant needs a buff
  191. MMR Rating calculation
  192. Spawning algorithm should be more "aware" of some situations.
  193. Gamble System
  194. VAMPIRES Alternate Melee Weapon Options For The Vampires
  195. Matchmaking Update Gives More In-Progress Games
  196. PROPHET Is Hex Shot too effective?
  197. MISC. Multiple region queue
  198. Optimize the game
  199. Kains Lieutenants Styled Skins from SR1 in Future?
  200. Just my own (long winded) thoughts on improvements.
  201. An Idea For The Lobby System Keeping MMR
  202. MISC. Improving New Player's Access to Classes
  203. Vanguard Shield customization and thoughts
  204. Voting
  205. Earning Runes?
  206. Couple of things for the devs
  207. Warband name reservation
  208. USER INTERFACE Suggestion on the "Host's Team is Full"
  209. HUMANS Vanguard feedback thread.
  210. The Vanguard
  211. Suggestion : Vanguard : Charged Throwing Axes
  212. A positive direction.
  213. Please change matchmaking adjustment for premade parties back
  214. Experience with the new patch (25 feb)!?
  215. I Badly wanted to like this game...
  216. too afraid to even log in
  217. TYRANT Let tyrant charge with ignore pain
  218. [Suggestion] First Win of the Day Bonus
  219. Private Party Settings | 1v1 2v2 3v3
  220. Why does it take so long to return to lobby now?
  221. Please add a hotkey to bring up the class selection screen
  222. Summoner Stacking
  223. fighting against people in my friend list
  224. reviews
  225. HUMANS Recoil doesn't work properly
  226. HUMANS Disappointed by Mark of the Survivor skin.
  227. Scoring is broken, I love this game, Vanguard majorly OP, please fix
  228. Compact lobbies after match / requeue players
  229. VAMPIRES New Melee
  230. Idea for Vanguard axe
  231. That Phantom Range...
  232. VAMPIRES Deceiver and Summoner Skill Swap
  233. Support points and Eldrich Guard
  234. Always get back to the Lobby
  236. MISC. Personal feedback on the game
  237. Swap Vanguard's Judgement and Charge mechanics ?
  238. "Capture the Body" Name Ideas
  239. MISC. Colour customisation
  240. Please revert Feb 25th Vampire changes
  241. Getting stomped after Feb 25th patch.
  242. Vanguard's block should interrupt his reload.
  243. Unlocked stuff and classes level wrong
  244. USER INTERFACE Persistant chat
  245. HUMANS Rousing Cry - Suggestion
  246. USER INTERFACE Recruit-A-Friend System is Great!!
  247. Another MM rant. Sorry just my 2 cents
  248. WEAPONS Mysterious Items
  249. 24hr Perk Rewards
  250. Could we stop resetting the keybinds every update?