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  1. "Join only to lobby" option and auto forfeit when teams arent balanced.
  2. Sugestions
  3. Prophet
  4. Dunno what happened but...NO..
  5. No player
  6. Development Build
  7. USER INTERFACE 3rd Person Camera Switch function, crosshair right->left
  8. AUDIO/MUSIC I want a sound test option.
  9. ABILITIES Cross Class ablitys
  10. NEW Animations =D
  11. WEAPONS Devil's Night Mysterious Items - Fix Droprate First?
  12. USER INTERFACE Devil's Night server stability
  13. Improve Vision please.
  14. Syncing
  15. VAMPIRES Alternate Evolved Skin Suggestions
  16. USER INTERFACE A couple of Suggestions
  17. Devil's Night - There was no worse time for an event.
  18. 100% payback from shop while event.
  19. Devil's Night item suggestion: Preview before you buy.
  20. Lagg
  21. Congrats, you done broke it (rant)
  22. Syncing...(rant)
  23. Better kiting options for Humans
  24. Dodge Roll
  25. WEAPONS FX request for Mysterious Item Scout bows
  26. Prophet Lore and Gameplay Thoughts
  27. Will halloween event weapons come back in a year?
  28. Issues in the game
  29. USER INTERFACE Feedback
  30. Scout Camo & Grappling Hook
  31. What are the REAL system requirements?
  32. MISC. My Steam review!
  33. Devils Night is here and I want to stop playing!
  34. Scoring is broken
  35. 10/27 patch feedback.
  36. My concern for vampires able to rapid left click.
  37. Adding visual FX to already bought weapons and vampire skills
  38. MISC. Name Tags
  39. Devil's Night update feedback - that's more like it
  40. USER INTERFACE Azerty possibility
  41. Nos-cam needs player perspective mode
  42. Excuse me.
  43. FPS cap while browsing menu/inventory/store etc
  44. Suggestion: In-game class changing options expanded.
  45. Noscam feedack thread
  46. bigger matches
  47. TYRANT Tyrant´s new Charge/Marathon TK effect
  48. Summoner abilites
  49. Forum Profile Pictures
  50. Vampire banner
  51. SENTINEL Sentinel seems silly and too easy
  52. USER INTERFACE (Text wall incoming)Two (relatively) small fixes that will solve a lot of complaining
  53. ABILITIES Leap Attack Buff Possibility?
  54. Is LMB still unmappable?
  55. Newbie's point of view about features that should be added and fixed.
  56. Banners
  57. After Nosgoths first Esl tourney do you think there should be a spectator mode ?
  58. request to extend the devils night event
  59. Feedback and Suggestions on thoughts about Nosgoth
  60. STORE National Money Issue
  61. reduce to 2 player the party
  62. Allow Vampires to Hang on Walls
  63. What is the point of Evasion ?
  64. [Map Balance] Valeholm
  65. Bugs & improvements
  67. "Execution" and "Evolved skins" for humans?
  68. A plea for improvements before trying to get into esports or add more classes.
  69. SENTINEL Sentinel controls:
  70. Prophet party invincible
  71. SENTINEL Sentinel lvl 30 reward...
  72. Fleet Footed OP
  73. Any News On Trading?? I got a Devils Disguise for deceiver
  74. Having problems with Noscam
  75. Kidnap OP? or Ok
  76. Tyrant Really Sucks! (In a Terrible way)
  77. Class spefic perks
  78. Suggestions
  79. In-Game Feedback
  80. Idea about the damages
  81. Arrow Reloading
  82. USER INTERFACE Suggestions for store and controlles
  83. USER INTERFACE Suggestions for HUD and input.
  84. Sensitivity Number
  85. Few ideas
  86. Dive bomb
  87. MISC. Improved Level-Up Reward System
  88. MISC. Give me my Ingame Currency Please
  89. Some Suggestions
  90. MISC. Fade out objects close to the camera?
  91. One more suggestion.
  92. Recommendations for Gameplay
  93. PROPHET Prophet Ability Suggestions
  94. Stun Resist.
  95. Region lock Public games
  96. Special Lobbies
  97. Shadow FX problem
  98. Sweeping Kick
  99. Holding Alt to "look around."
  100. Matchmaking and Dodging
  101. Nosgoth Rss Feed?
  102. Everyone is 40 and the fun of the open beta
  103. Radical Combat Suggestions
  104. Remove positive item effects that do nothing from weapons - Please!
  105. Lore inside the game
  106. Refresh the Abillity stats of a Mysteriouis Item
  107. WEAPONS Glory Days Of The Stormbow
  108. HUMANS Shooting While Falling
  109. Tutorial Update
  110. TYRANT Charge/Marathon
  111. best game :)
  112. MISC. Proper key rebinding
  113. Human Omnidirectional sprint.
  114. MISC. Class Quotes: Controlling The Conversation
  115. USER INTERFACE Private Match Server Codes
  116. MISC. Problems with TPS component - camera position + some suggests
  117. Humans too strong,vampires too weak.
  118. MISC. FPS view?
  119. Forum suggestion: Dev tracker.
  120. Mouse sensitivity set up
  121. MISC. Points for rescues:
  122. Global Rank Filter
  123. Information about the procress of a update
  124. Nosgoth Southamerica
  125. VAMPIRES "Feed, My Brethren!"
  126. MISC. Party System Suggestion
  127. Mysterious winner Team
  128. USER INTERFACE Noscam feedback/wishlist
  129. USER INTERFACE The New Matchmaking System
  130. Just some things that might help
  131. TYRANT Jump Attack
  132. Faster Start time
  133. We LOVE playing Nosgoth!
  134. Actually save key bindings?
  135. VAMPIRES Deceiver
  136. User interface
  137. Balance feedback from a competitive player
  138. AUDIO/MUSIC Sound effects in new vampire territories
  139. USER INTERFACE Locked Loadouts?
  140. Control aspects of recent nerfs reduce fun
  141. Balance: Charge Attack, Abduct, Infect
  142. |\|OSGOTH - The Road to be Taken
  143. Shift sprint
  144. Bitey's Big Feedback (Ability and Class-based feedback!)
  145. No way out for reavers?
  146. Don't reset settings on every update
  147. Questions about Competitve Design @Psyonix
  148. HUMANS Human wounded animation
  149. Again I say goodbye until the next patch. Whiney rant!!
  150. ALL MAPS Map Progression
  151. USER INTERFACE Static Background Option
  152. My rant on competitive Nosgoth as of right now / ESL Feedback Wanted
  153. a quick thought on new matchmaking
  154. Showing levels.
  155. Re-rolling mysterious visual fx?
  156. Revisit the Region locks.
  157. USER INTERFACE [Suggestion] While waiting for match have Warm Up round
  158. Summoner Update: The Skins Are Here
  159. Stopping Power Questions, Hunter
  160. Alchemist Light Bomb annoyance.
  161. Sentinals Abduct/Kidnap
  162. Cards & Badges
  163. opinions on warbow?
  164. ABILITIES Nosgoth abilities
  165. About Take off...
  166. Scout trap nerf
  167. Emotes!
  168. tyrant main skills discussion
  169. Idea: Passive Abilities
  170. Achievement Rewards
  171. Games throws out ppl
  172. Don't force localization on us!
  173. Immortal Pack here 9 euro too please :(?
  174. Matches, playing to win
  175. Please Consider
  176. The -5% health contrast
  177. Pls bring back the increased droprate
  178. Gold/Silver Chests in the store
  179. MISC. Chat moderation
  180. Alchemist post-patch
  181. Dear Psyonix
  182. Time for killing streak
  183. Two really quick suggestions!
  184. HUMANS Reload
  185. Explanation of New MM - System Ingame and Stats or MMR > Personal Stats
  186. Exotic items suggestion and Event question
  187. USER INTERFACE Continuous matches in private lobbies
  188. MISC. Customizable Banners
  189. USER INTERFACE Mouse Look Sensitivity
  190. 3rd Charged attack Combo
  191. Official Nosgoth Teamspeak
  192. the reaver dlc finishing move could be a bit overworked
  193. Nosgoth compatible for Nvida 3 vision ?
  194. Nosgoth Voice chat
  195. Please sell referral skins in store
  196. Sending you feedback from Noscam files.
  197. shooting range to test out weapons
  198. more objects flying arround (destoyable things ragdoll objects) and performence
  199. ABILITIES Let us decide which abilities we wanna have as primary/secondary
  200. Thoughts on Basic Attacks
  201. ranked games lvl 40 + only and no lvl cap
  202. Question for Devs - Game Pad vs M/K Playlists?
  203. idea about crafting (dead vampires could drop rarly an orb)
  204. Parties vs random publics
  205. Increase Intermission time.
  206. Observations of a returning player
  207. How To: Test new weapons and explore the maps in Nosgoth.
  208. To Issue of Clan Stacking and Leavers
  209. Increased contrast for certain skins
  210. VAMPIRES questions about sentinel and tyrant
  211. Suggestion - EOR scoring system
  212. Flashpoint feedback thread for balance, comp players
  213. Shadow Step, why vertical fall after end?
  214. Yet Another Flashpoint Feedback Thread
  215. client improvements to watch streams/guides over the client
  216. BOTH FACTIONS Minor feedback from recent playtime on Prophet pistols, Sentinel, and Tyrant
  217. VAMPIRES Tossed Human
  218. BOTH FACTIONS Nosgoth and why i see this game is broken
  219. Show supply stations when you're low
  220. Show time remaining in friends list:
  221. When are developers going to fix attack+roll?
  222. Trading Cards
  223. Flashpoint and the Deceiver.
  224. MISC. Add mysterious items in gold/silver war chest
  225. Xbox controller fix
  226. Mouse Sensitivity
  227. DLC trophies/achievements for when the game goes 8th gen.
  228. More Combat System Complexity
  229. MISC. A Long List of Assorted Suggetions
  230. Third party aims
  231. STORE Suggestion: Gift option for packs/items.
  232. Possible Improvements to Nosgoth Friend Referral
  233. BOTH FACTIONS Team Balancing
  234. STORE New Player
  235. From a LoK point of view
  236. Gold not worth it's weight in gold and other grievances
  237. Shieldbearer skin
  238. Please fix bola lag
  239. Random Newbie Feedback
  240. Day/night cycle?...
  241. MISC. Matchmaking desperately needs to be fixed
  242. The Reaver
  243. Do you think the Toxic Visual Effect on Mysterious Weapons is ugly?
  244. The full repercussions & drawbacks of high latency.
  245. Humans/Vampire CC
  246. PROPHET My Issue with the Prophet
  247. Working on new Skill and Scarping under used ones??
  248. 7-day items
  249. MISC. Dumah's Last stand - revisited
  250. Mysterious weapons