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  1. [eSport] Competitive ladder/game on Nosgoth
  2. record system
  3. Humans are boring
  4. SENTINEL Sentinels Too OP?
  5. MISC. THE SIEGE MODE (suggestions)
  6. Removing Hitscan
  7. Customization is fundamentally uninteresting.
  8. AUDIO/MUSIC Mute Player Option
  9. Tyrant Leap Attack suggestion. How to make it not useless.
  10. Founder's Pack from Steam
  11. USER INTERFACE Medic cross for vampires when dragging bodies
  12. +/- Clip Size
  13. Hunters are too strong
  14. MISC. Games in progress losing penalty
  15. MISC. My General Feedback
  16. MISC. Matchmaking suggestion.
  17. MISC. Party Nerfing/ no more premade vs pug
  18. deciver is not working well...
  19. Personal Feedback
  20. Store - Buying From
  21. Possible Improvements
  22. [Suggestion] Random Reward of Equipment Pieces for Customization
  23. Some Suggestions, (Nvidia Surround), (Sentinel) and (Spell Queing)
  24. Game Queue
  25. Aug 19th Patch has killed this game for me!
  26. [Suggestion] Nosgoth - Steam Charts
  27. STORE The tremendous shop cost for unlocking equipment permanently disgusts me
  28. MISC. Pet Peeve
  29. Change vampire melee attacks to feel less clunky, slow, and most of all "clumsy".
  30. DECEIVER Illusion Pathing
  31. Stuck countermeasure needed
  32. Hunters Whip
  33. Kills give too much experience
  34. Please the default weapons from level 5 class bags
  35. ABILITIES New Tricks For A New Era
  36. [Suggestion] Classes per team and penalities
  37. Question: What are the ways to obtain weapons with bonuses/attributes?
  38. What kind of mouse sensitivity settings are people running for this game?
  39. SENTINEL New Primary-Idea: Blood Tasting
  40. 4v3 matches STILL occuring.
  41. Suggestion: Stats that make sense in armory
  42. Teased Vampire thoughts and ideas.
  43. Rant time....
  44. This game was a huge let down
  45. demorec eta
  46. BOTH FACTIONS Ideas for balancing factions
  47. Pros/cons list from an oldschool gamer.
  48. VAMPIRES New Mechanic - "Starved of Blood" - Fix for semi-afk Vampires and more
  49. PROPHET Hex shot seems a bit too strong
  50. ABILITIES Possible Loophole For Melee vs Range
  51. 4 v 4 have your choice Hunters vs vampire mode 20 minute match no auto setup
  52. reaver jumping from wall to wall and also diagonal climbing
  53. REAVER Reaver combo wit pounce and choking hazard
  54. I think the main focus should be objective modes
  55. HUNTER Differentiate the bolas.
  56. Remove rejoining a match you left
  57. Humans vs Humans , Vampires vs Vampires and bow travel time
  58. Reloading... a bow?
  59. more levels
  60. Voice chat (how to know who on my team is speaking)
  61. 5 vs 5
  62. Two Scouts? I only wanted one.
  63. BOTH FACTIONS movement/damage/abilities
  64. [Suggestion] Gold Bonus for 2v4/3v4
  65. Sentinel's Divebomb(i think it is dive bomb) and Tyrant's Jump attack
  66. A Few suggestions/changes.
  67. Some Various Ideas I Have
  68. My suggestions :D
  69. PLEASE REMOVE level based matching.
  70. [Suggestion] Remove Invisibilty
  71. ALCHEMIST Weapon damage and "healing" ability...
  72. General chat
  73. ABILITIES Prophet´s Eldritch Shield is not reflected in the score tab
  74. Server sync/lag
  75. The online value is going downhill, fast.
  76. Alchemist 4 man OP?
  77. USER INTERFACE Match making
  78. SCOUT zooming without charging
  79. BOTH FACTIONS Some thoughts on balance.
  80. Hex shot and other problems sense late update.
  81. [Suggestion] Roll with charge for Scout
  82. Same stuff again and again and again...............
  83. ABILITIES Give Feign Death To A Human Class
  84. BOTH FACTIONS Looking around
  85. Need of a serious re-think.
  86. Stormbow feels op
  87. Please add double tap to dodge
  88. ABILITIES Alchemist poison and Reaver poison look same
  89. VAMPIRES Deceiver Backstab Hitbox and Shroud
  90. VAMPIRES Interacting with Stuns
  91. Dodge hitbox , animation
  92. DECEIVER new skill - Brain Tap
  93. SCOUT Trap + Grappling Hook
  94. DECEIVER Ability Suggestion: Betrayal
  95. Invisibility, flash, and Vampire's auto attack
  96. PROPHET Prophet Sacrifice ability issue
  97. Please recolor the Tyrant's Gilded Colossus skin
  98. Balance, Clipping, Cheats and Other Garbage that Makes Me Not Want to Play
  99. Hitbox
  100. BOTH FACTIONS Global Damage reduction?
  101. The little things matter :D
  102. Warband name preservation suggestion
  103. MISC. More Tweaks, Adjustments, and Fixes that need to be made
  104. ABILITIES Disguise Suggestion
  105. More survivability functions for tyrant?
  106. Bugs and Balance feedback 1
  107. suggestions
  108. Competitive TDM Scoring Suggestion
  109. [Suggestion] New weapon for Alchemist
  110. Match making and possible AI
  111. USER INTERFACE Round number on scoreboard
  112. ABILITIES Better "hitbox" on Deciever abilties
  113. USER INTERFACE No hit-check on dodging - bug or intentionally?
  114. MISC. Adjust the Point system
  115. Spanish Language???
  116. MISC. Anticipation
  117. Separate climb keybind
  118. WEAPONS Viscous Cannon (suggestion) and Weapon Reacharge bugs
  119. ALL MAPS round showing
  120. USER INTERFACE game mode "how many is playing"
  121. maybe ???
  122. Balancing and Pricing suggestions
  123. In Game, real-time Watch
  124. Healing/Ammo refill system should have more strategic value
  125. Please do something!
  126. Temporary solutions to 3v4
  127. My Suggestions
  128. ABILITIES Tooltip and ability explanation
  129. HUMANS Lack of consistency for health stations.
  130. Feedback and little bugs
  131. Life leech kills / Draining curse usage
  132. won first game with human?! lets go for a 0:0 -.-
  133. Engine Smoothing - Registration fixes plz
  134. USER INTERFACE A Possible Future for Banners
  135. Siege mode suggestions
  136. Suggestions
  137. Sentinels' Flight Mode Needs Fix
  138. My thoughts so far
  139. USER INTERFACE Expiration warnings
  140. Regional Restrictions
  141. The strength of humans
  142. Breaking parties while quitting lobbies
  143. Unprofessional Patch & Communication
  144. [Suggestion] Make in-game class switches easier
  145. HUMANS How to make zooming a little bit clearer
  146. Ally Ammo
  147. PERKS How to make perks more interesting & game changing
  148. Stop making new classes and executions
  149. Unbalance
  150. Sanctuary of the Clans, Vampire Lieutenants
  151. TYRANT Tyrant, Too Big?
  152. Class Bundles - Reaver feedback
  153. Class Bundles - Tyrant feedback
  154. Class Bundles - Sentinel feedback
  155. Class Bundles - Deceiver feedback
  156. Class Bundles - Hunter feedback
  157. Class Bundles - Scout feedback
  158. Class Bundles - Alchemist feedback
  159. Class Bundles - Prophet feedback
  160. Class Loadouts - We need your feedback!
  161. [Suggestion] Stop cast animation.
  162. ABILITIES Trap Style Ability For Vamps
  163. MISC. French forum? (:
  164. Beta compensations for boosters?
  165. REAVER Idea for new execution.
  166. BOTH FACTIONS Hefty Game changes thread
  167. ABILITIES Tyrant: Human Shield
  168. MISC. Add a suicide option
  169. TK for the Razielim
  170. ABILITIES New Deceiver Ability Suggestions
  171. [LOBBY ALTERNATIVE] - Combating 3v4 lobbies
  172. TYRANT Bear hug attack...
  173. Ideas and impressions
  174. Vampire climb jump?
  175. MISC. 4 Issues I find with the current implementation
  176. SENTINEL Echolocation location location - Renaming it to keep the clans heterogeneous
  177. VAMPIRES Zephonim Movement
  178. Server browser would make the game playable
  179. Human range is overpowered
  180. BOTH FACTIONS new faction
  181. MISC. Improve the way we get gold.
  182. Implementation of the leveling system like in Dota (or other moba game)
  183. USER INTERFACE The UI is missing a major component...
  184. The game is unplayable and a way to fix it
  185. ABILITIES Tyrant Buff Suggestions
  186. WEAPONS Multi Bow Buff
  187. SENTINEL Flying medic
  188. Vampire Accuracy (Melee+Dodge Cancel)
  189. New Ways for Vampires to Sneak
  190. Feedback 'at first glance'
  191. ABILITIES Limited Ammo on Abilities
  192. WEAPONS Viscous Canon
  193. Site for redeeming beta code not working
  194. Execution wants
  195. MISC. Mouse Settings
  196. USER INTERFACE Canceled match and unable to play
  197. ABILITIES Deceiver's humanpossession things
  198. ABILITIES Reaver's smoke FEEDBACK
  199. VAMPIRES The Next Razielim Class
  200. High number of "ghost lobbies"
  201. ABILITIES Whip needs nerf (the real one).
  202. MISC. Lore idea: Written commendations from clan/faction leaders
  203. ABILITIES Tyrant sprint camera:
  204. Thoughts on movement speed and mechanics, and combat skill ceiling
  205. Rejoin Game Button
  206. PROPHET Eldritch Guard
  207. Bugs are killing your game.
  208. ABILITIES Double healing with Prophets
  209. Some thoughts
  210. need a way to mute people
  211. Match Making Based on In-game Time
  212. WEAPONS Balancing of weapons - some numbers
  213. MISC. Hide Player Level
  214. Feedback new player
  215. I thought that this problem was solved...!
  216. New Player Rank for lobby (Player level + Character level)
  217. Suggestion: SERVER BROWSER! Also, some suggestions on matchmaking and other stuff
  218. ABILITIES Mind Control Issues
  219. WEAPONS War Bow Imbalance
  220. Number of Players, and LAN. Feekback.
  221. BOTH FACTIONS Actually see your loadout on your human/vampire
  222. Suggestion: Weekly development updates incorporated into blog
  223. USER INTERFACE This is ridiculous. Roll back the hotfix already.
  224. USER INTERFACE Slightly improved loadout system.
  225. Map size/Hight
  226. My first impressions and suggestions concerning the future of the game.
  227. Win lose gold rewards are completely unacceptable in this state
  228. MISC. October 10th Blog Post
  229. PROPHET More offensive Abilities for the Prophet
  230. choose character bug
  231. TYRANT Tyrant Shockwave abillity suggestion
  232. VAMPIRES Human "sharing".
  233. Should I expect a south american server?
  234. STORE "On Sale" Timer.
  235. STORE Feedback on store changes.
  236. ABILITIES Immolation Feedback
  237. controllers
  238. Fifth Humans and Deceiver Skin
  239. Desperately need a votekick system
  240. Frustration
  241. Nosgoth new content suggestions
  242. USER INTERFACE Upgrading your badge.
  243. Executions Need Detail!
  244. Crafting Mysterious items (MI)
  245. TYRANT Jump Attack cooldown
  246. 5760 x 1080
  247. More reticles for Vamps
  248. movement / attack of vampire changed?
  249. MISC. Todays Nosgoth Survey"You Talked we listend"
  250. [Suggestion} Kick based on Ping