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  1. STORE Warning: You already own this item.
  2. USER INTERFACE Team characters selection !
  3. Always the same story in these types of games..
  4. USER INTERFACE Profile Stats
  5. DECEIVER Aim for dominate mind
  6. ABILITIES Does anyone use the Sentinels' screech?
  7. Exp Booster Suggestion
  8. Deceiver needs to be taken down.
  9. MISC. Discuss - New Banner/Badge Designs
  10. Lets talk about Nosgoth business model.
  11. What we want to see from a skill ranking system
  12. Incentives to play regularly- New booster concepts/others systems
  13. [Constructive] Feedback
  14. Another party system problem
  15. Feedback on Hunter melee
  16. HUMANS Suggestion: A "Look Over Your Shoulder" Button
  17. Storm bow is unappealing
  18. Sentinel camera while flying
  19. Close Combat, Gender and Damage.
  20. Alchemist AoE heal a bit strong?
  22. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Siege Mode
  23. USER INTERFACE Remove the max fps slider or add an unlimited option.
  24. Nosgoth Suggestions / Improvements by Maxximus
  25. Designing a Rahabim Class
  26. controls
  27. Possible High Spec Suggestions
  28. VAMPIRES Vampire Charged melee?
  29. 1 Match/Round Feedback!
  30. USER INTERFACE Outstanding Issues with Controls & Misc
  31. USER INTERFACE Add a Compass to the Minimap Please
  32. WEAPONS buy a weapon from the shop permanty and now it is counting down
  33. can't group with under 10
  34. Wall climbing, rolling, and button response time.
  35. More Weapons/Skills to buy
  36. ALL MAPS Map Size vs. Population
  37. Suggested Balancing
  38. A one payment option
  39. Spawn mechanics suggestions
  40. Option to sell duplicates and no duplicates when normal skills need unlocking
  41. USER INTERFACE Region preference
  42. Alchemist is too powerful for Vampires to have (suicides)
  43. waste of a free weekend.
  44. Things that need to happen.
  45. Movement (A serious review)
  46. MISC. Great game so far, Just a few suggestions
  47. does anyone fell live reaver leap attack dosent always go all the way?
  48. Combat feedback..
  49. Can we get more details on what we can get with Gems?
  50. Epic game so far!!!!
  51. My opinion on Nosgoth and my suggestions.
  52. Nosgoth On Becoming F2P
  53. Killstealing everywhere
  54. MISC. Team balance
  55. AUDIO/MUSIC Enable to change the audio device used
  56. [Suggestion] Malus for excessive deaths
  57. Its getting more and more annoying.
  58. Ranked/Unranked
  59. Free weekend feedback
  60. USER INTERFACE More clarity.
  61. Shop restrictions and match rewards
  62. Lag Central in Fane
  63. Nosgoth - Warchests / Treasure Chests
  64. VAMPIRES Vampire Attack Dash
  65. VAMPIRES Vampire Melee Chain ( More Skill ), Slayer class, Classic Vampire, Day / Night
  66. MISC. My views and suggestions on Nosgoth based on the free weekend gameplay
  67. Negative mouse acceleration.
  68. Balance Suggestions: Serious Suggestions
  69. MISC. We Didn't Ask for This
  70. BOTH FACTIONS Improvements to HUD & kill assists
  71. Biggest challenge: Balance
  72. Stamina for Vampires?
  73. Friendly fire in dedicated servers
  74. My suggestions.
  75. Final Thoughts off of Free Weekend.
  76. The new website
  77. Free Weekend : Not Able To Play
  78. Suggestions for Human Balancing
  79. Just a thank you.
  80. ABILITIES Air Strike PFX/Range
  81. Would humans really build cities like that?
  82. BOTH FACTIONS Werewolfs
  83. USER INTERFACE I feel Alone !
  84. Other side of quitters or I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes...
  85. BOTH FACTIONS Friendly Fire
  86. USER INTERFACE Party System/Ropes
  87. AFK / leavers and some general comments
  88. Nosgoth - Steam Achievements
  89. Duration on items
  90. Loadouts.
  91. Love the game, hate the community
  92. ABILITIES Need a RunAway Ability for Humans
  93. USER INTERFACE HUD and End Game Display
  94. USER INTERFACE Game type too long in the Friend list
  95. skill based leaderboards
  96. Dynamic, Passive Buffs for Unbalanced Teams
  97. ABILITIES Add abilities for Deciver
  98. More damaging version of the game?
  99. Ranking system
  100. Permanent weapons + possible new class suggestion
  101. My Feedback on game after Playing for hours.
  102. Camera positioning, drawing a bow
  103. Party
  104. Double Clicking friend in the Friendslist should open a chat
  105. Feedback discussion: Item system
  106. STORE Renting System?
  108. [Suggestion] on creating a party
  109. Permanent Items/Party/DPS
  110. Suggestion to improve match starting
  111. ABILITIES Deceiver Backstab pre-attack animation far too slow.
  112. MISC. My impressions and Ideas
  113. Store...Alpha to now
  114. Unranked Server=No Class Limit, Ranked Server=Class Limit
  115. Graphics quality on lowest settings - it's too damn high!
  116. MISC. Class Specific Badges
  117. TYRANT Players Have Little Love for the Tyrant?
  118. The chat after the rounds - pls enable it
  119. STORE 3D Preview Added to Store/Armory, Thoughts
  120. LVL 25 Human Skins
  121. 680 White Hits?
  122. Small Bug...Or Developers put it in on purpose?
  123. Adding founder booster pack time
  124. I feel like the some equipment is underpowered
  125. MISC. Overall War Scoreboard and/or War Mode
  126. ABILITIES Another look into Sacrifice?
  127. Audio Setting Lacking
  128. Increase personal xp gold reward
  129. All-in-one feedback
  130. DECEIVER Dominate icon
  131. Vampire Buff Suggestions?
  132. PERKS [Suggestion] Duration Increasing perk
  133. Why does the alchemist hurt herself with her own explosions?
  134. Performance enhancing
  135. MISC. New Game Mode To Support Crafting System
  136. Hitboxes on lowered/raised platforms
  137. BOTH FACTIONS The Nature of Class Warfare
  138. Does the Flamethrower need a buff?
  139. Scout Bow reloads? WHY?!?!?!
  140. Movement speed and health
  141. Alchemist
  142. Play with Friends ?!
  143. WHY does Poison Cloud(Alchemis) cause self damage?
  144. Drops game and only new recruit is selectable in playlist
  145. MISC. A big issue with high network latency
  146. I'd kill for a 'remember me' checkbox for Twitch's stream stuff
  147. Tyrant collision versus sentinel collision
  148. Why can't Sentinels drop humans into the water on Freeport?
  149. Hit Boxes/Invincibility Frames/Remove HealthBars Above Players...
  150. Why is it that blind smoke lasts ages but flash bang is over in a flash?(no pun)
  151. a few suggestions regarding inventory
  152. USED health shrines should grey out on the minimap to show they are used
  153. TYRANT Tyrant too powerful.
  154. SENTINEL Sentinel Fall Damage
  155. Buff the human tumble range.
  156. booster and some frustration (correct me if i'm wrong)
  157. Execution bug
  158. Max fps and some other stuff
  159. Ammo types.
  160. Suggestion
  161. Hex Shot Balance
  162. Feedback and Suggestion
  163. love the game...just wish humans were not such a drag to play
  164. USER INTERFACE Add Death timers.
  165. For the love of god add an emote to healing mist :(
  166. STORE Need modify store!
  167. great game
  168. I Demand a trial by combat.
  169. Please warn us when were getting pubstomped
  170. FPS Improve for Lowend computers
  171. Balancing Act
  172. 5v5 code needs to be removed as it pops up a LOT when trying to party
  173. MISC. Insignificant Rares
  174. STORE Partial Credit for Matches where contact is lost with server.
  175. Sentinel Map Additions?
  176. Make the GRAPHIC of aoes FIT the actual circle
  177. The radius on poison mist feels like it is FAR too large for its damage
  178. There SHOULD be respawn invincibility
  179. Spawning under the map and party system
  180. Tyrants are the fastest climbers
  181. Opinion of game and overall notes
  182. ALL MAPS round showing
  183. ALL MAPS duoble, tripel, quad kill and first blood
  184. Extreme Visual Lag
  185. UI Responsiveness
  187. MISC. Game Adjustments
  188. Web site suggestion...
  189. Prestige classes
  190. Backstab
  191. So disguise makes you fully invisible?
  192. Change point/xp gain from kills to damage and healing
  193. SENTINEL Better view angle when flying
  194. Got bored.. Feedback
  195. Graphical Issues
  196. Mac Support
  197. Balance feedback
  198. Savage pounce is utterly broken
  199. MISC. Small teams make imbalance very likely
  200. Request: Map overlay
  201. DECEIVER Too Damn OP All the Way around
  202. PERKS Deadeye issue
  203. Long list of balance ideas after ~45 hours of playtime
  204. BOTH FACTIONS First look at Nosgoth
  205. Founders Pack Immortal./GameType Idea
  206. TYRANT Enrage animation
  207. STORE Remove delete function for bought skills and weapons and map communication
  208. USER INTERFACE All boosters refreshed?
  209. STORE Sales in store.
  210. DECEIVER Dominate mind is kinda annoying...
  211. Suggestion/Feedback - Skills
  212. Aiming with Humans
  213. Class Equipment Suggestions
  214. REAVER Tutorial Dragging Bug
  215. spanish comunity
  216. Suggestion: Epic boost
  217. Vampires ranged attack
  218. SENTINEL 's auto-landing: please remove it
  219. Feedback
  220. ABILITIES should so many abilities counter the bola?
  221. MISC. Casual vs E-Sports
  222. Some suggestion.
  223. Ideas for the game.
  224. MISC. Matchmaking Issues
  225. Prohpet needs her close-range firing tweaked.
  226. Buff assist exp/points
  227. STORE The founder packs...
  228. Nosgoth Suggestions and Feedback
  229. my feedback (opinions only)
  230. HUMANS are simply not enjoyable for me
  231. USER INTERFACE An aftermatch's scoreboard
  232. MISC. [SUGGESTION] Seasons, Ladders, Rankings and more.
  233. MISC. Several Suggestions
  234. DECEIVER Bat Storm
  235. Linux portage
  236. WEAPONS Nosgoth DPS Spreadsheet
  237. DECEIVER Is op
  238. AUDIO/MUSIC Not everyone has a beast Pc like other may have :D
  239. Promo items reroll
  240. TYRANT Throw need buff
  241. War Bow
  242. MISC. Heavy performance issue on a Asus V3-571G
  243. **SUGGESTIONS** from a level 35
  244. USER INTERFACE Damage mitigated statistic added to scoreboard.
  245. Freeport and Sentinel
  246. WEAPONS Reload tolerance threshold on interrupt
  247. No exp for execution.
  248. Humans run speed (Fleet footed perk + weapon bonus)
  249. Solution for 3v4/2v4 matches
  250. Class Promotion Chest