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  1. USER INTERFACE How to disable new bloody hit effects on screen?
  2. MISC. [SUGGESTION] About Controllers
  3. HUNTER Whip skill question
  4. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Tyrants
  5. USER INTERFACE Make Alt so we can use it to look around
  6. PROPHET Pistols Are the Problem
  7. AUDIO/MUSIC New Music With New Updates?
  8. MISC. Scouts doing 700+ damage per shot?
  9. MISC. XP Boosters Issue
  10. STORE Why is there a store in a Beta?
  11. VAMPIRES The Idea that Vampire are Overpowered
  12. MISC. good ideas for game
  13. MISC. The Elder God
  14. PROPHET Please revert damage and reduce range on Life Leech
  16. ALL MAPS Map Feedback
  17. MISC. Feedback if anyone cares
  18. REAVER Choking Haze is a direct upgrade to shadow bomb
  19. MISC. General Feedback
  20. MISC. Feedback so far - Level 14
  21. USER INTERFACE Minimap/Radar rotation feature request
  22. MISC. Class Fixes and/or Improvements?
  23. MISC. Without a doubt
  24. MISC. Marketing idea
  25. ABILITIES Give Humans a melee attack pls!
  26. BOTH FACTIONS Class Passives
  27. MISC. Forum and game moderators?
  28. MISC. How about cinematics?
  29. WEAPONS First feedback - infinite range
  30. MISC. New PLayers lvl 1-10 should play a different game type
  31. MISC. Mix and Match Skins
  32. MISC. Thoughts on the game so far
  33. DECEIVER Whats the actual place of Mind Control [Deceiver]?
  34. MISC. Store and Inventory Suggestion
  35. ALL MAPS The new map at E3
  36. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Hunters
  37. ABILITIES Give Humans a limited "Terrain Shift"
  38. PERKS Feedback on Perks / Itemization (50 hours in)
  39. MISC. This game has some issues.
  40. MISC. Suggestions.
  41. ABILITIES The Clans Signature Abillities
  42. USER INTERFACE Request: Mandatory New Recruit mode
  43. MISC. Is there even any high level play in this game?
  44. ABILITIES Razielim Feedback
  45. SENTINEL Change Flying to Hovering
  46. USER INTERFACE Character Voice Heard by Your Team?
  47. DECEIVER The Deceiver Is A ?
  48. USER INTERFACE Just a Random Idea
  49. TYRANT The Tyrant is a joke class
  50. ABILITIES unable to chain abilities
  51. USER INTERFACE bigger fonts
  52. USER INTERFACE game crashes when almost over
  53. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Sentinels
  54. MISC. Team vs Team (hear me out)
  55. PROPHET Tryant: Rare Jump (It wont label it as Tyrant.)
  56. MISC. FPS limit shudder
  57. SCOUT Is the scout too weak now?
  58. Tutorial Upgrade
  59. MISC. +2 tyrants is unstoppable as humans?
  60. PROPHET Support prophet: Good or a waste of class space?
  61. MISC. A few things I noticed that will hopefully be improved.
  62. ABILITIES Suggestion. Vampire Melee
  63. USER INTERFACE Crosshair Customization
  64. PERKS Match DC's and matchmaking
  65. STORE Steam sale
  66. MISC. Feedback and QoL Technical stuff
  67. VAMPIRES Reaver
  68. PROPHET Sentinel: Abduct and Kidnap inconsistent
  69. MISC. 100 improvements to the current game by another lead designer
  70. Change Side button
  71. VAMPIRES Have vampire feasting gotten faster?
  72. USER INTERFACE Invalid loadout items were replaced
  73. MISC. Shotgun Specs
  74. MISC. This game is fantastic!
  75. MISC. [Constructive feedback] Nosgoth
  76. VAMPIRES [Gameplay Concerns] Those things that must be STOPPED or REFINED.
  77. MISC. Favorite Map Poll
  78. More Players per map...
  79. STORE After hitting the level caps
  80. Suggestions for the game in general
  81. Help with the hunter: What is this guy even for?
  82. Lobby
  83. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Alchemists
  84. Balancing human weapons
  85. Balancing Issues - My opinions
  86. USER INTERFACE Optional Cross-NA Search?
  87. WEAPONS Prophet's RMB
  88. Balancing the Multi-Bow
  89. Clan/Competitive Forum Section
  90. STORE Skin Suggestion
  91. MISC. Problems with tutorial and general performance
  92. USER INTERFACE Mouse buttons beyond 3?
  93. VAMPIRES: sentinel abilities
  94. I don't enjoy playing Hunter/Scout anymore ...
  95. ABILITIES Aoe spam
  96. Join in Progress
  97. A general impression of the game after 50+ hours
  98. HUMANS A few thoughts and suggestions...
  99. My thoughts so far...
  100. My Feedback on Nosgoth
  101. Feedback about Nosgoth.
  102. feedback
  103. VAMPIRES Vampires are extremely overpowered
  104. Thought's and some minor feedback
  105. ABILITIES Inspirations from new Dracula movie
  106. Different Bundle Options
  107. regarding nosgoth.
  108. My .02 cents.
  109. USER INTERFACE HUD tweaks
  110. STORE Low drop rate, keys for locked chests?
  111. The Wizard Human Class
  112. Add toggled sprint or I'll sue you for pinkie injury ^^
  113. Thachicken Beta review
  114. Problems that I'm immediately tracking
  115. ABILITIES Few Improvement Suggestions
  116. Gameplay Feedback (Scout, Reaver, Vampire Aim Assist, etc.)
  117. ABILITIES Throw is honestly so terrible.
  118. DECEIVER Deceiver Tweaking thread <<<<<<<<< READ Feedback and Suggestions
  119. SENTINEL More Detailed Echolocate feedback
  120. Awesome game. Some thoughts and feedback! (Scout and matchmaking critique)
  121. BOTH FACTIONS Worried about the future (Feedback discussion)
  122. SENTINEL Vampyr Sentinel Skin
  123. USER INTERFACE Character model obscuring view when zoomed in
  124. MISC. My own point of view.
  125. DECEIVER Visual Effect for Dominate Mind
  126. USER INTERFACE Blood/Swearing off and Matchmaking
  127. MISC. The Outside World
  128. MISC. Out-manned should mean you get a buff
  129. MISC. Impressions/Suggestions/Bugs
  130. MISC. A few improvements?
  131. Party suggestions for future patches
  132. ABILITIES Why the acid is op.
  133. ABILITIES Anyone else really disappointed with Dominate Mind?
  134. Teamwork Bonuses
  135. ABILITIES Skills suggestion/idea
  136. MISC. Custom maps and server browser?
  137. USER INTERFACE Controller Scoring suggestion
  138. STORE Runestones Buyable With Gold?
  139. ABILITIES Update on Class Balance Priorities
  140. VAMPIRES Competing For The Title
  141. BOTH FACTIONS to eliminate camping, (if there is any.)
  142. VAMPIRES [Game] Increase Utility by Adding a baseline ability.
  143. USER INTERFACE Screen cluttered by notification messages
  144. USER INTERFACE Stat-item distribution system is bad. Please re-evaluate.
  145. ABILITIES Deceiver Disguise Ability
  146. USER INTERFACE Separate Mouse Sensitivity Sliders
  147. MISC. Metrics in the tutorials
  148. ABILITIES Last update spoiled grenade throw
  149. Dumahim evolved skin
  150. SENTINEL Sentinel flight deactivating
  151. USER INTERFACE zoom out option
  152. New Class of Vampire... Spiker!
  153. Clan vs Clan
  154. MISC. Daily Perk Item Drops
  155. TYRANT Suggestion: TK Throw
  156. STORE About the store and the time limits of equipment & perks
  157. Noted Suggestions Version 2 & Implemented Suggestions
  158. MISC. Just small nitpicks
  159. Spectral Realm Death Screen
  160. About those Autoattacks with the auto movement...
  161. Hunter Explosives need a bit of tweaking
  162. HUMANS Human race suggestion
  163. VAMPIRES Death
  164. BOTH FACTIONS Classes
  165. USER INTERFACE Adding Master Volume Control [Quality of Life Improvement]
  166. VAMPIRES Choose Your Side
  167. USER INTERFACE Particle Effect Settings
  168. Weekly Community Discussion - Scouts
  169. USER INTERFACE Community-made language localization?
  170. MISC. So i gave this game a fair chance but its simply not fun.
  171. Balance suggestions.
  172. USER INTERFACE Movie Mode On Twitch
  173. AUDIO/MUSIC Please add support for Mumble's positional in-game audio feature.
  174. Servers are just failing hard these days
  175. ALL MAPS Overhead/plan views of maps in the blog or pregame:
  176. Nosgoth devs; we need an answer here.
  177. MISC. Just 1 round!
  178. THE FANE Thoughts on new map
  179. USER INTERFACE Add map vote?
  180. After a while of playing now..
  181. Suggestions
  182. Class 'Home' locations
  183. USER INTERFACE A little info on the maintenance would be appreciated
  184. ABILITIES Discussing Infect and Eldritch Guard
  185. MISC. Rebalancing Old Game Mechanics
  186. Number of letters in the "preset bar"
  187. HUMANS [Class Suggestion] Using Feral Humans As A Possible Class
  188. REAVER Weekly Community Discussion - Sweeping Kick
  189. Sentinel
  190. What should be changed in Nosghoth
  191. USER INTERFACE Lobby suggestion
  192. SCOUT Quick adjustment stuff.
  193. Something wrong with "draining curse"?!
  194. why not make more charters based off the original legacy of kain games?
  195. Founders Items
  196. The changes with the lobbies?
  197. Stronger Through Diversity
  198. Get It Together
  199. STORE Bundle info texts
  200. A few suggestions
  201. My review (feedback) of the game
  202. ABILITIES Deceiver Backstabbing Feedback
  203. USER INTERFACE Suggestion: MOTD disable option
  204. ABILITIES Sixth sense ability:
  205. Custom Game Option
  206. REAVER Reaver Clarity
  207. Remove the NDA
  208. A few suggestions for the future.
  209. Alchemist - Poison Cloud Suggestion
  210. BOTH FACTIONS Balancing and where is my humans jump?
  211. 3-D Armory Models
  212. Point of view is a big problem.
  213. Humans vs Sentinels
  214. VAMPIRES The Mark Of A Master
  215. TYRANT Jump Attack marker?
  216. Illusion (initial) direction control
  217. ABILITIES Marathon really underwhelming?
  218. DECEIVER Weekly Community Discussion - Deceiver
  219. Human Citadel, and other ideas...
  220. Interesting suggestion:
  221. USER INTERFACE Suggestion : communication icons ingame
  222. Reaver tongues
  223. ABILITIES Sunlight Vial Upgrade: Add Cringe
  224. A few suggestions for tweaks to controller support
  225. camera
  226. VAMPIRES The new vampire female class
  227. Exstream Lag
  228. USER INTERFACE More Intermission Time
  229. VAMPIRES Why there are still only 2 vampire classes in the game
  230. USER INTERFACE Chat box is too small
  231. Insta loss :C
  232. Nerfs, and graphical fixes
  233. Feedback on Deceiver changes
  234. [Suggeestion] Post-round chat
  235. SENTINEL New diving motion blur after update
  236. USER INTERFACE Frame Cap to 30?
  237. STORE Skins in Armory and Store
  238. VAMPIRES [Suggestion] Succubus class
  239. Community already went sour, implement mute/block asap
  240. USER INTERFACE Feedback for new UI/interface
  241. MISC. After patch feedback and bugs
  242. Killcam
  243. Razielim/Sentinels ability suggestion
  244. USER INTERFACE Teamwork: Creating Waypoints
  245. New Nosgoth party system is stupid!
  246. Nosgoth getting unpleyable.
  247. BOTH FACTIONS Overall visibility is very bad lately
  248. Kneeling
  249. The newest update kinda sucks...
  250. Simple Way to Balance High/Low level play