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  1. ABILITIES Blue and green non-specials????
  2. AUDIO/MUSIC 's pessimism
  3. USER INTERFACE Class names
  4. TYRANT Tyrant Skill Idea
  5. MISC. Tiered matchmaking Queue
  6. ALL MAPS Is there going to be a new system to prevent people from being thrown in the water?
  7. ABILITIES Alchemist : Anti-magic zone
  8. STORE Suggestion to improve new player experience.
  9. WEAPONS [Suggestion] Remove Vampire's lunge attack
  10. ALL MAPS About the Dead Bodies
  11. ALL MAPS More iconic locations?
  12. MISC. My first feedback for Nosgoth
  13. MISC. Fingers and toes!
  14. MISC. suggestions feedback
  15. MISC. Umm... hi...
  16. ALL MAPS More Grappling Hook Points
  17. MISC. Inventory and Loadouts
  18. MISC. Few things id like to see
  19. TYRANT Statue Form(Tyrant Skill Idea)
  20. USER INTERFACE top level
  21. USER INTERFACE FPS increase
  22. REAVER About the Reaver's new abilities
  23. MISC. Matchmaking with friends issues.
  24. MISC. Why Doesn't Anyone Play Siege Mode?
  25. ABILITIES ability duration
  26. ABILITIES Suggestion for Sentinel Class
  27. HUMANS Potential prophet abilities.
  29. MISC. Message Of The Day
  30. ALL MAPS Camping spots on maps (more frequently used spots)
  31. USER INTERFACE Free look for Sentinel.
  32. USER INTERFACE Implementation of a Group Game Finder System
  33. USER INTERFACE We can has global chat?
  34. MISC. Make team balancing a priority, please.
  35. MISC. Scoreboard really need some adjustement
  36. USER INTERFACE Colour Blind Mode for player highlights
  37. MISC. Recruit a Friend System
  38. BOTH FACTIONS I feel Alchemist & Tyrant are being overshadowed by other classes
  39. BOTH FACTIONS General balance tweak suggestions
  40. WEAPONS Founder bow and crossbow looks
  41. STORE Character Skins
  42. MISC. Equipment Suggestion/Idea Thread
  43. USER INTERFACE Expired items
  44. USER INTERFACE Becoming the 'e-sports' Nosgoth should be
  45. USER INTERFACE How are teams set?
  46. USER INTERFACE Bind press-to-talk to mouse button.
  47. SENTINEL What the heck happened to Echolocation?
  48. ABILITIES Parkour 2.0
  49. Running on a Mac?
  50. MISC. Here's a fancy idea, how about 9 human classes vs the 6 vampire's
  51. USER INTERFACE What can we learn From Wrath of Heroes
  52. MISC. Possible solution for .. : Players leaving at start
  53. SENTINEL Why would a vampire carry a explosives around?
  54. MISC. Is it just me, or is it no longer fun to play as the Sentinel?
  55. MISC. What do humans get at lvl. 20?
  56. WEAPONS Vampire Melee Weapons
  57. MISC. Reaver holds his right foot lifted from the ground?
  58. MISC. Why so many masks?
  59. MISC. About the Melchiam.
  60. TYRANT Jump Attack vs. Bola
  61. MISC. Score - Killing blows + "save" suggestion.
  62. ABILITIES Sentinel alt RMB ability
  63. MISC. I think it's time we discussed premade's
  64. ABILITIES Imbalance -in my case-
  65. MISC. Some suggestions.
  66. USER INTERFACE Raw mouse input?
  67. MISC. Lower levels not using the lower ranked queue
  68. ABILITIES New scout skill - mark of death
  69. TYRANT Feeling the Tyrant's Enrage ability
  70. MISC. Starcraft 2 style match making
  71. ABILITIES Scout Abilities
  72. MISC. More immersive gameplay
  73. USER INTERFACE Indicator when teammates attacked
  74. MISC. Encouraging people to play siege
  75. MISC. Maps question.
  76. ABILITIES Reaver pounce feedback
  77. MISC. Vampires and Humans: Together.
  78. ABILITIES Tyrant Jump for Traversing
  79. USER INTERFACE Display the current amount of players and amount of active matches/lobbies
  80. ABILITIES Healing Mist Should Damage Vampires
  81. ABILITIES Reaver Abilities
  82. REAVER Werewolf skin for Reaver
  83. MISC. New Nosgoth player, long time LOK fan first impressions
  84. USER INTERFACE To be able to display FPS and Latency in-game
  85. MISC. Feedback after a few weeks of playing.
  86. MISC. Multikill timing
  87. REAVER The colour of choking haze
  88. MISC. Discussion and suggestions: Why do novice human teams lose.
  89. MISC. suggesiton: Not rejoining a match you left twice.
  90. One faction only players
  91. USER INTERFACE Game Setting - Disable/Enable Auto-aim Function
  92. ABILITIES Passive Ability Slot
  93. MISC. returning to a game you left...
  94. MISC. Unbalanced games
  95. PERKS Goodbye founder's exp booster.
  96. ABILITIES Humans slightly clunky compared to the elegant Vamp design?
  97. MISC. New patch breaks smoke, vampire melee charge
  98. ABILITIES Deciever ability ideea
  99. SENTINEL Are the sentinels too "Weak"
  100. USER INTERFACE Trading Items
  101. ABILITIES First impression of deciever
  102. ABILITIES Charges on abilities
  103. MISC. My Feedback aaaand some ideas
  104. MISC. Allowing humans to climb roofs, walls, crates, etc.
  105. MISC. Points of Criticism
  106. WEAPONS Question on the "Rare" and "Uncommon" items
  107. FREEPORT About those ledges on Freeport...
  108. STORE Deceiver skin pictures.
  109. USER INTERFACE would anyone else enjoy an optional first person pov?
  110. SENTINEL Sentinel Suggestion
  111. DECEIVER Deceiver glitch
  112. MISC. Dear Nosgoth Developer team. WTF?
  113. DECEIVER What is this class actually supposed to do?
  114. AUDIO/MUSIC Where is the option to mute other players?
  115. SENTINEL Random landing
  116. MISC. Too hard for a new player. (Feedback not rage. :D)
  117. MISC. 15 hour first feedback
  118. MISC. Thoughts on the Current Meta
  119. STORE Regarding class tokens and upcoming classes
  120. ABILITIES Question about Shadow Step
  121. MISC. My own personal impressions of the game so far (New Player)
  122. MISC. beta invite after buying founder pack
  123. ABILITIES Next Patch Balance Preview (Apr 28)
  124. MISC. ETA on stuff
  125. WEAPONS Crossbow spread
  126. HUNTER Best overall Cross bow
  127. MISC. Vampires need 2 seperate forms of attack
  128. ABILITIES Restore aim assist to "lunge" type abilities
  129. MISC. fangs
  130. MISC. META: Class stacking and innert deathmatch issue.
  131. MISC. Day 5 Question for the community:
  132. MISC. voice chat
  133. DECEIVER Deceiver Loadout
  134. DECEIVER plaguestab
  135. MISC. just some suggestions
  136. MISC. Alpha badge
  137. SENTINEL New Special/Primary Suggestion: Intercept
  138. USER INTERFACE Beta Suggestions/Impression
  139. USER INTERFACE Making account level invisible
  140. ABILITIES Weekly Community Discussion - Echolocation
  141. USER INTERFACE Spot Enemy Key
  142. DECEIVER Choking Haze + Dominate Mind = OP (Balance Suggestions)
  143. USER INTERFACE Soul Reaver style controls?
  144. MISC. Empty party rooms
  145. DECEIVER Tool Tip - Ally Vision
  146. MISC. Drag dying up buildings?
  147. ABILITIES Choking Haze, a bit to powerful?
  148. REAVER Sweeping Kick
  149. MISC. Few suggestions
  150. ABILITIES Hunter - secondary shot skills need improvement?
  151. MISC. Reduce AFK kick time to 30 seconds
  152. MISC. Ranked Matches and Public View (Looking Ahead)
  153. ABILITIES Feign Death
  154. STORE pay to players vs free to players under lvl 10
  155. USER INTERFACE Kicked for not being on Steam?
  156. ABILITIES Reaver Balance
  157. AUDIO/MUSIC Audio settings should allow selecting input/output
  158. TYRANT Leap Attack
  159. WEAPONS Please reduce the amount of explosive stuff.
  160. MISC. my first impressions,
  161. MISC. Team balancing suggestion: Randomize it more.
  162. SCOUT For those thinking about how the scout "reloads"
  163. MISC. Returning Impressions
  164. MISC. Things need to Change In-Game!!!
  165. USER INTERFACE [Suggestion] Relocate Minimap
  166. DECEIVER Phase - should remove CC effects
  167. ABILITIES Some thoughts and suggestions on AoE abilities
  168. PERKS Why is buying Perks permanently so expensive?
  169. USER INTERFACE In-Game store UI
  170. ABILITIES Deceivers - chose a disguise target
  171. MISC. This game is excellent.
  172. ABILITIES goodbye roundhouse kick
  173. USER INTERFACE Party Lobby needs improvement's
  174. DECEIVER Dominate re-"Vamp" and two other small suggestions
  175. DECEIVER Delusion
  176. STORE Evolved Skins and the raised Level Cap
  177. MISC. Can't connect to NA servers?
  178. USER INTERFACE On the Subject of Premades Vs. Pubs
  179. REAVER Best right-click skill.
  180. ALCHEMIST Starting to get the hang of things.
  181. MISC. any guild/clan/group using microphone?
  182. ABILITIES Alchemist Suggestion: Slowing Goo
  183. SENTINEL Kidnap activation time
  184. MISC. Humans don't feel like Vampire Hunters.
  185. SENTINEL Sentinel's flight animation
  186. SENTINEL Air strike risk vs reward is heavily skewed
  187. STORE 1 day bosters
  188. MISC. Update on Matchmaking and Parties
  189. WEAPONS Weapon Crafting
  190. STORE Skin Discussion and Screenshots
  191. MISC. General Gameplay & Vampire Feedback
  192. MISC. What human class after release of the Prohpet?
  193. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Reavers
  194. MISC. My Observations
  195. ABILITIES Sentinel Ability Suggestion (Cling)
  196. ALCHEMIST Flamethrower Usefulness
  197. MISC. Hate playing as humans.. Love playing as a vampire
  198. MISC. How to hide new teammate HP bar?
  199. ABILITIES Some skills look too similar
  200. MISC. Suggestion: Drinking blood timer
  201. MISC. Forced AA through Nvidia Inspector
  203. MISC. More US server options eventually?
  204. DECEIVER Dominate Mind Suggestion
  205. BOTH FACTIONS We need class and race specific forums to better organize balance discussion.
  206. USER INTERFACE User Loadout
  207. USER INTERFACE Response to Dropdown menu mentioned on livestream.
  208. MISC. First Impression with Nosgoth
  209. ALCHEMIST Not enough Healing
  210. HUMANS Fan ideas: Rebel vampire
  211. MISC. Team Deathmatch - Doesn't End After Loss
  212. USER INTERFACE Crosshair for Vampires?
  213. ABILITIES Deceiver Backstab and Disguise
  214. WEAPONS Warbow Made Useless?
  215. MISC. Screen startup fix/bug
  216. ABILITIES Blinding Shot and Sunlight Vial buffs?
  217. USER INTERFACE Kill Streaks
  218. MISC. Define *Wins - Loses*
  219. PERKS "Perks"
  220. DECEIVER "High Level" Deceiver tips?
  221. MISC. Recruit/Invite friends for bonus gold/runes
  222. MISC. Skins
  223. ABILITIES Small balance suggestion for AoE spamming.
  224. WEAPONS The Reload your bow situation.
  225. PROPHET Prophet feedback.
  226. TYRANT Prophet gameplay vid shows a new tyrant ability!
  227. PROPHET Prophet overpowered
  228. USER INTERFACE Some improvements
  229. MISC. Weekly Community Discussion - Prophets
  230. USER INTERFACE First Message of the Day Spam
  231. MISC. Moving better players out of the beginning area sooner.
  232. MISC. NO fun for hunters
  233. MISC. Undo last patch for reavers
  234. USER INTERFACE Round one or two?
  235. USER INTERFACE Steam users
  236. SENTINEL The Sentinel needs an AOE Dot Spell
  237. ALL MAPS Maps, we need more of them!
  238. SENTINEL Suggestion: Gust puts out Flame
  239. ABILITIES Improvements?
  240. DECEIVER Mobility
  241. ABILITIES CC and Support EXP/GOLD Rewards
  242. ABILITIES Deceiver feedback
  243. USER INTERFACE Interface add-ons?
  244. MISC. After a week of playing, this is the list I've compiled of issues that need attention
  245. BOTH FACTIONS New Skin Ideas
  246. MISC. 2 guys FeedBack/Suggestion
  247. MISC. My personal review
  248. USER INTERFACE Suggestion: off match global chat
  249. HUMANS Hunter's voice actor
  250. TYRANT I like the new Tyrant Throw ability, but...