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  1. MISC. Will there be an API
  2. DECEIVER I don't want it to play like the spy from TF2
  3. USER INTERFACE Mobile settings?
  4. MISC. No sound when minimized?
  5. WEAPONS Why?
  6. MISC. Neat in-game moments
  7. USER INTERFACE Any chance at an ignore function?
  8. MISC. The First 24.....
  9. MISC. Special Items
  10. MISC. Possible hints at future stuff found.
  11. VAMPIRES Special Ability Focus/Zoom, Suggested Camera Change
  12. USER INTERFACE Choose between EU or US servers
  13. MISC. Score, What Is The X-Factor?
  14. MISC. Higher sensitivity?
  15. MISC. Beta Impressions and suggestions!
  16. USER INTERFACE Activation key bug
  17. HUMANS Rooftop access
  18. USER INTERFACE Weapon selection
  19. MISC. Suggestion - Allow us to switch skins in-game
  20. STORE Boosters, how to equip?
  21. AUDIO/MUSIC Please bring back global sound (windows)
  22. USER INTERFACE feedback time
  23. USER INTERFACE AFK ( Away From Keyboard)
  24. SENTINEL Thoughts about Sentinel
  25. SENTINEL Closed beta changes???!!!!
  26. SENTINEL Kidnap/Abduct Feedback
  27. SCOUT Warbow
  28. HUMANS Fall Damage
  29. USER INTERFACE ingame user interface bug and suggestion
  30. ABILITIES Items that need buffed/nerfed
  31. PERKS Portion perks
  32. PERKS Fleet footed
  33. MISC. MP with bots/Private Lobbies?
  34. MISC. beta access from email directs me to private forums?
  35. MISC. A moment to apologize
  36. PERKS Tenacity
  37. USER INTERFACE Buff and debuff timer
  38. USER INTERFACE Report abuse
  39. SENTINEL My thoughts on the new Sent. grab mechanic
  40. MISC. Make damage worth more points than kills for TDM
  41. MISC. Point/XP reward for survival in TDM
  42. MISC. Evolved Turelim Skin
  43. Prices way too high
  44. ABILITIES Echolocation should update frequently
  45. Evolved abilities to go with the evolved skins
  46. ABILITIES Evolved abilities to go with the evolved skins
  47. STORE Revert skin prices.
  48. MISC. Bug with character models?
  49. MISC. Frames of invincibility?
  50. STORE Skin Display
  51. MISC. suggestions for multiplayer
  52. STORE Russian Rubles (RUB) support?
  53. MISC. Noted Suggestions
  54. ALCHEMIST equal rights for women (alchemists)
  55. STORE Runestone refund Help !.
  56. BOTH FACTIONS Leveling up Reward panel
  57. MISC. NA server to EU server??
  58. SCOUT War Bow and Storm Bow suggestions
  59. USER INTERFACE Proper mouse sensitivity setting
  61. MISC. Discuss: Potential changes i have in mind. + some additions.
  62. MISC. Question on Razielim skins
  64. MISC. My view of Nosgoth
  65. MISC. Just a suggestion
  66. USER INTERFACE In-Game Interface
  67. USER INTERFACE Ranking System
  68. USER INTERFACE Name Change
  69. USER INTERFACE Graphics optimisation
  70. USER INTERFACE Suggestion: Betting
  71. MISC. Beta Invite to Alpha Player?
  72. ABILITIES My Opinion on Vampires Health Regeneration
  73. STORE Sentinel and Scout "Unlock"
  74. USER INTERFACE Please Add Player Ignore Option
  75. MISC. Motion animation and misc
  76. MISC. Some Ideas
  77. MISC. Really nice! But...
  78. USER INTERFACE Suggestions for Keybinds
  79. SENTINEL Echolocation
  80. ABILITIES Reaver smoke ability.
  81. MISC. Feedback about the newbie experience
  82. MISC. Games Getting Super Annoying and Boring. I have Suggestions
  83. MISC. No Connection to Online Suite Available
  84. MISC. Item Promotion
  85. MISC. Same misstakes like every one else
  86. MISC. First Impressions of a new beta tester.
  87. USER INTERFACE The search function is a bit painful - Help
  88. MISC. in game economy
  89. MISC. party is .... weird at the very least.
  90. MISC. Closed beta feedback
  91. USER INTERFACE I suggest the choice of the server you want to be on
  92. PERKS Question regarding some perks
  93. MISC. Balancing problems - move it to any thread you want.
  94. SCOUT how to play the scout?
  95. BOTH FACTIONS Unlocking characters
  96. MISC. General impression: humans need some love
  97. BOTH FACTIONS [Suggestion] Team colored abilities
  98. ABILITIES Humans are boring...
  99. ABILITIES Another Newb feedback
  100. MISC. Nosgoth payment methods
  101. MISC. Getting off Steam
  102. MISC. Very Fun and Competitive Game with a Backdraw
  103. ABILITIES Too much "stun time" between skills?
  104. MISC. Steam interactions
  105. AUDIO/MUSIC Some feedback about AUDIO Bugs/Suggestions
  106. ALL MAPS Map ideas.
  107. USER INTERFACE 32 bit systems - Running out of video memory (Crashing)
  108. SCOUT Storm Bow Too Powerful?
  109. USER INTERFACE UTF-8 is not supported?
  110. BOTH FACTIONS New classes ideas : Vampire Hunter / Warlord / Eldar / Savage
  111. SENTINEL Razielim flight
  112. ABILITIES Tyrants new ability
  113. AUDIO/MUSIC Something Competitive Games Have That Nosgoth Needs: An Announcer
  114. ABILITIES Hunter's sword
  115. MISC. More gore etc
  116. USER INTERFACE More indication of teammates' HP
  117. WEAPONS New Human Classes, Born From The Old Ones
  118. USER INTERFACE About the inventory...
  119. MISC. Mr. Vane was very pleased
  120. MISC. Feedback on Ranks 1-10
  121. ABILITIES Question: are downsides on uncommon abilities still active when the timer runs out?
  122. MISC. [Mode suggestion] Kill the leader
  123. MISC. [Mode suggestion] Vampires Assault
  124. MISC. A suggestion.
  125. ABILITIES Semi-Broken uncommons
  126. MISC. Motion Sickness - FoV - Blur - Sprint Zoom
  127. STORE skins
  128. MISC. Lingering bodies.
  129. MISC. Suggestion for second round.
  130. MISC. Not a complaint, but 2 things I'd love in the future.
  131. WEAPONS Changing Special Weapon Stats
  132. ABILITIES Suggestion Reaver class.
  133. MISC. Suggestion: "The Hunt" Game Mode
  135. MISC. If This Goes Competitive...Current Round System Won't Work
  136. MISC. Tradeable Items on Steam Market
  137. SENTINEL Sentinel healing support suggestions
  138. USER INTERFACE Picked loadout is based on last used across all classes, on class specific.
  139. USER INTERFACE Class portraits reflecting that of store-bought skins
  140. USER INTERFACE not sure why...
  141. USER INTERFACE "Link Your" button
  142. ABILITIES Assists for healing?
  143. USER INTERFACE Requesting support for draws (both round & game)
  144. MISC. Matchmaking: an elo system of some sort instead of total level
  145. WEAPONS Suggestion for armor/weapons.
  146. MISC. Graphical improvement Clawmarks
  147. MISC. changing classes while waiting
  148. VAMPIRES You broke the vampires.
  149. STORE "First Win of the Day"
  150. ABILITIES Making the humans hurt
  151. MISC. Beta Tester Feedback
  152. MISC. the particle physics for the gas skills
  153. SENTINEL Suggested fix for damage threshold, skill cap, and the LONG, multiple tells
  154. REAVER About the Reaver
  155. HUMANS How to make them more fun.
  156. SENTINEL Echolocation
  157. TYRANT Rework Jump Mechanic
  158. REAVER poison gas does lots of damage
  159. MISC. Some issues and feedback/suggestions
  160. MISC. Here's how you give this game longevity
  161. SENTINEL Discuss: Fixing sentinel flight
  162. BOTH FACTIONS Combat system + 2 Scout Access key
  163. MISC. killing team players and yourself
  164. MISC. Server region selection?
  165. ALL MAPS General map feedback
  166. ALCHEMIST Few alch ideas
  167. USER INTERFACE Class load-out suggestions
  168. MISC. Another patch before Founders packs release?
  169. USER INTERFACE Overall achievements suggestions.
  170. WEAPONS Weapon Unlocks and opinions
  171. SCOUT Ramping Charge Damage
  172. MISC. Elder models all need fangs :0
  173. WEAPONS The Scout Maelstrom Bow
  174. MISC. So was I in the wrong here?
  175. ABILITIES Revert the Shadow Bomb nerf
  176. ALCHEMIST Flamethrower quite OP
  177. MISC. More invites need to be sent.
  178. WEAPONS Regarding bows normal attack and the draw part.
  179. MISC. Casual plague spreading across nosgoth
  180. HUNTER Grenade - too big damage too big radius
  181. MISC. Level based teammaking system
  182. MISC. Comprehensive Beta feedback and suggestions (Last updated 21/03/2014)
  183. STORE About Ingame Founders Packs
  184. ABILITIES Kill the 1 sec cd! And while you're at it, fix that sentinel stair issue.
  185. MISC. Game balance suggestions
  186. ABILITIES Zephonim Ideas and suggestions for abilities and evolved skin
  187. AUDIO/MUSIC Main menu theme too depressing and foreboding.
  188. MISC. Feedback, things which should be fixec
  189. MISC. Vamp speed
  190. MISC. Fix team balancing
  191. WEAPONS Why Hunter's Spread Needs To Be Removed.
  192. MISC. Nosgoth First Impressions
  193. FREEPORT Dock side of freeport
  194. MISC. Environmental damage and Razielim in Freeport
  195. USER INTERFACE Victories, Thrills, And Trials
  196. MISC. Closed Beta Feedback: Humans rely on teammates too much
  197. MISC. Inviting to Party
  198. ABILITIES March 26th update Feedback
  199. WEAPONS Chests earned through playing the game...
  200. MISC. Improvements
  201. USER INTERFACE Founders Items From Chests
  202. BOTH FACTIONS Skin Suggestions
  203. SENTINEL Air Strike
  204. ABILITIES Thoughts on the new abilities.
  205. MISC. So far, the worst part of Nosgoth is the players...
  206. MISC. An "up to 4v4" instead of forced 4v4 system.
  207. PERKS Rebalancing perk system
  208. SENTINEL Sentinels quality of life improvement.
  209. ABILITIES Roundhouse Kick needs to be reworked.
  210. WEAPONS Vampire Melee feels clunky to newcomers (Bad for sales)
  211. MISC. absobed damage should earn exp/gold...
  212. MISC. Game
  213. USER INTERFACE Blocking players
  214. MISC. Snapshot of best kill
  215. USER INTERFACE Region Select
  216. MISC. After Latest Patch Vamps Seem OP
  217. MISC. Suggestions
  218. MISC. First Impressions
  219. USER INTERFACE Item Rename Tags
  220. MISC. Congratulations guys
  221. MISC. Show players profile
  222. STORE Runestones purchase still missing.
  223. MISC. Competitive play: Private Games + Observer Mode?
  224. USER INTERFACE Change "Echap" key purpose
  225. MISC. Anyone know How To Reaver Drag?
  226. PERKS Suggestion: Make shift a toggle
  227. VAMPIRES Non-Zephonim Clan Wall Climb ability
  228. ABILITIES Reaver: Shadow Step
  229. MISC. Warband Naming - Rules and Restrictions?
  230. ABILITIES Cast animations feel to slow.
  231. WEAPONS new weapon
  232. USER INTERFACE Duplicate Items
  233. USER INTERFACE Deceiver class and Siege map ?
  234. MISC. Joining 2nd Round
  235. MISC. Immortal Founders Booster is being deliberately missold
  236. STORE A big bunch of feedback on everything.
  237. MISC. Good Job!
  238. MISC. Party system fix (ideas)
  239. ALCHEMIST Healing vial.
  240. PERKS Prefix broken: Didn't get an item at level 10 Alchemist
  241. MISC. Question about the evolved skins
  242. MISC. love the game
  243. MISC. Next Patch Update Preview (March 31)
  244. MISC. Humans could use a DPS boost
  245. MISC. My suggestions
  246. PERKS Fleet Footed
  247. MISC. Healing / Supply Station
  248. MISC. Personal Blacklist
  249. MISC. Kill vampire = Stab in hearth ?
  250. STORE Founders pack upgrades?