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  1. MISC. Thachicken's review
  2. MISC. First experience: amazing. Second experience: not so much.
  3. ABILITIES Tyrant Jump Attack: Can one even aim this thing??
  4. MISC. Feed back after 24 hours
  5. HUMANS Human weapon values current 18-01-14
  6. PERKS Perk discussion.
  7. MISC. First Weekend Experience
  8. SCOUT Is the Scout still supposed to be able to run up walls (without a grapple)?
  9. USER INTERFACE How to eliminate matchmaking woes.
  10. MISC. Skins, abilities and language thoughts.
  11. USER INTERFACE US Play times completely dead lobbies
  12. MISC. Upcoming Changes and Roadmap
  13. MISC. My personal player feedback, suggestions and opinions.
  14. MISC. Default gear is fine
  15. MISC. Couple of days playing ready to give my initial thoughts I think.
  16. MISC. My impressions of the game
  17. MISC. Patch Notes Jan 21st (Version 76235)
  18. SENTINEL How do you counter a Sentinel?
  19. MISC. Siege mode feedback
  20. MISC. My First thoughts on Nosgoth
  21. MISC. nosgoth
  22. MISC. Who are the "Charmander guys"?
  23. New classes
  24. USER INTERFACE Quick question
  25. MISC. Quick Question...
  26. MISC. First 30 mins of play, really dissapointed.
  27. USER INTERFACE Help with the Raziliem
  28. USER INTERFACE Suggestion - Timers for Corpsedecay
  29. SENTINEL Killcombos and flight speed
  30. SOMMERDAMM Tyrant hits the height cap when jumping from buildings
  31. MISC. some observations
  32. MISC. First Impressions
  33. BOTH FACTIONS There may only be six clans...
  34. ALL MAPS Ropes
  35. WEAPONS Ballistas in maps?
  36. USER INTERFACE My opinion for multiplayer...
  37. USER INTERFACE Choose your Team!
  38. MISC. My impressions from the first game
  39. WEAPONS Suggestion: Shotgun
  40. USER INTERFACE Issue I have with the game.
  41. MISC. Two hours of gameplay - Suggestions and Critique
  42. MISC. Wot I think.
  43. MISC. Initial opinion
  44. ALL MAPS Location suggestion: Ancient Ruins Excavation/Vampire Settlements
  45. MISC. "Dumah has joined the fight!"
  46. MISC. Just some general feedback.
  47. MISC. First impressions
  48. ALCHEMIST Alchemists need help
  49. MISC. My Opinions/Feedback
  50. MISC. Alpha feedback/opinions.
  51. MISC. my impressions and suggestions
  52. WEAPONS Claws or Weapons, chose you poison
  53. VAMPIRES Zephon's Descendants
  54. STORE Skins Customization
  55. MISC. First impressions (after 2 days of playing) and some suggestions
  56. HUMANS Melee classes for Humans?
  57. HUMANS INVENTOR (human class concept)
  58. MISC. Impressions
  59. TYRANT Turelim Train Issues
  60. USER INTERFACE Matchmaking Issue - Locked at Rank 23
  61. BOTH FACTIONS more class types????=]
  62. MISC. Team Deathmatch - Stuff to be Noted
  63. ABILITIES nasty executions =]
  64. WEAPONS Ranged damage falloff
  65. SCOUT Scout normal attacks and health box
  66. MISC. 5 hours of gameplay - thoughts
  67. USER INTERFACE Custom reticle
  68. MISC. First Impressions
  69. ABILITIES Ability responsiveness
  70. BOTH FACTIONS First thoughts on the various classes
  71. AUDIO/MUSIC Music and sound effects query
  72. USER INTERFACE How Does This Happen?
  73. WEAPONS Idea for Sentinel- Razor Wings
  74. BOTH FACTIONS is the rank progress bar on the individual classes a hint to evolution?
  75. USER INTERFACE Idea for Gamesetup- Map Size, Team Size
  76. ALL MAPS Idea for Gamesetup- Map Size, Team Size
  77. SENTINEL Idea for Sentinel- Razor Wings
  78. STORE Make skins available?
  79. WEAPONS Warbow - YESSSSSS - best weapon in any game *evar*
  80. MISC. Down but not out; incapacitated
  81. MISC. First impressions
  82. MISC. just a bit of feedback TYRANT jump and health perk for humans
  83. WEAPONS vampire weapons
  84. USER INTERFACE Perks won display incorrect desciption text (when it shows anything)
  85. MISC. My impressions of Nosgoth
  86. MISC. My impressions.
  87. USER INTERFACE More People?
  88. USER INTERFACE I can't find anyone to play with
  89. ABILITIES Suggestions to Improve Razielim Abilities (QoL)
  90. MISC. Impressions and feedback
  91. ABILITIES Echolocation - really cool effect
  92. MISC. Are we all living in the past just a little bit?
  93. MISC. I officially suck.
  94. MISC. VMC/QA team
  95. MISC. Let's talk economy!
  96. MISC. It's Good To Be Back - Impressions and Feedback
  97. ABILITIES Consistency in cancelled ability activation
  98. ABILITIES Bola + haste
  99. AUDIO/MUSIC Why does a reaver growl?
  100. USER INTERFACE Idea: Player Level
  101. ABILITIES Escape from battle
  102. MISC. FEEDBACK REQUEST: Founders Program for Nosgoth Closed Beta
  103. USER INTERFACE Pc Requirements
  104. STORE Suggestion: Better "try before you buy" options
  105. USER INTERFACE Level rewards?
  106. STORE Please, change your business model while you can.
  107. ABILITIES Ability enhancements to get the creative juices flowing...
  108. MISC. My first impression on Nosgoth
  109. MISC. Umah's Additional Impressions of Nosgoth....
  110. MISC. Suggestion: "Daily Quests"
  111. MISC. My First Impressions/Suggestions And Bugs/Glitches Encountered
  112. BOTH FACTIONS My review of the human/vampire classes
  113. SOMMERDAMM skybox way too low
  114. ABILITIES Vampire melee still feels horrible
  115. ABILITIES Skill vs skill interactions
  116. STORE Reaver Skins
  117. Class Stacking
  118. MISC. Just got in, here are my initial impressions as a PC gamer
  120. MISC. What I Believe should be Implemented into Nosgoth
  121. USER INTERFACE Reporting Players
  122. MISC. Returning Impressions
  123. ABILITIES Two player combos:
  124. MISC. Next Alpha Update Preview / Discussion (Jan 31)
  125. USER INTERFACE Spectator mode or a way to report players?
  126. ABILITIES Human Ability: Decoy
  127. BOTH FACTIONS In my opinion...
  128. BOTH FACTIONS General thoughts/musings
  129. MISC. Some classic UE3 .ini graphics tweaks for quality enthusiasts
  130. HUNTER Grenade tooltip
  131. MISC. Guilds/Clans?
  132. Human melee...
  133. WEAPONS Targetting reticle and aiming down sights - possible bug/or design intent?
  134. ABILITIES It rustles my jimmies that Tyrant's charge makes mockery of the inertia.
  135. BOTH FACTIONS Swipe speed
  136. MISC. 05.02 - 07.02 and further gameplay questions
  137. MISC. Intermission, and Vampires doh
  138. STORE Armory Changes I Would Like to See
  139. MISC. Feb. 5 Patch Notes
  140. TYRANT Melee Attack (LMB) not doing any damage
  141. VAMPIRES On Ears and Names
  142. MISC. Facebook group for Closed Alpha Testers?
  143. MISC. Let's play, are we allowed?
  144. MISC. Let's talk about Feb 6th video
  145. WEAPONS Grenade Tooltip
  146. ABILITIES Dominate Mind
  147. DECEIVER Elder Zephonim
  148. USER INTERFACE Suggestion: Wait Counter in Lobby?
  149. VAMPIRES Vampires Over powered
  150. USER INTERFACE Control Difficulties
  151. MISC. Feedback - Inventory
  152. ABILITIES Let's Discuss Shadow Bomb
  153. STORE Release all abilities/perks/items in closed Alpha.
  154. MISC. My Feedback
  155. MISC. First impression / issues list
  156. MISC. Team Balances
  157. DECEIVER Imitate wounded comrade under fire?
  158. MISC. FEEDBACK - First Couple of Games
  159. STORE Rotate Skins
  160. MISC. Nosgoth Gameplay
  161. MISC. We can post vids of the alpha after the NDA is lifted, right?
  162. HUNTER Feedback +bola suggestions redesign
  163. MISC. level 13 impressions of your game
  164. MISC. Personal First Impressions
  165. MISC. Some thoughts on my first day of playing
  166. Gold Sink Suggestions
  167. VAMPIRES Rahabim idea
  168. VAMPIRES We got two vampire clans left one of them has to be female for equality sake.
  169. USER INTERFACE Suggestion: New Ways to Divide/Match Players
  170. HUMANS Any chance at a human support class?
  171. TYRANT Feedback 2.0 and Tyrant and stuff
  172. ABILITIES Suggestions for Vampire abilities
  173. USER INTERFACE Teams in Beta
  174. USER INTERFACE Earlier selected loadout "remembered"
  175. USER INTERFACE Chat Suggestion
  176. ALL MAPS Map Pin Point Suggestion
  177. USER INTERFACE An idea about matches.
  178. BOTH FACTIONS Soul Vampire- Mixed Blood Human, Priest
  179. ABILITIES Does Tyrant leap have like aim assist?
  180. MISC. Nosgoth Shoutbox/IRC
  181. USER INTERFACE Strike's VGS poll.
  182. USER INTERFACE Now, I don't know much about server logic...
  183. ALCHEMIST Poison cloud
  184. ALCHEMIST Poison Orb (Toxic to vampires and humans?)
  185. MISC. Alpha 24/7 but where are the players?
  186. MISC. Clan-specific powers.
  188. MISC. Send out another wave of beta keys PLZ great game when we can actually play...
  189. ABILITIES limit stun attacks?
  190. MISC. My feedback so far.
  191. ABILITIES Change Savage Pounce
  192. USER INTERFACE Idea for a new "Tab" like area
  193. USER INTERFACE Please change the "X has left the game"-Message
  194. ABILITIES Shockwave
  195. ABILITIES The thing I would love to see
  196. STORE Holiday themed skins.
  198. HUNTER Why I think he needs to be toned down.
  199. SENTINEL Air dodge/strafe
  200. USER INTERFACE Aesthetic changes?
  201. MISC. Fall damage not being calculated correctly?
  202. ALCHEMIST Reload
  203. USER INTERFACE Lower resolutions?
  204. STORE Suggestion: One day buy option.
  205. HUMANS Executions for humans
  206. ALCHEMIST Poison Cloud Color Change
  207. MISC. Crazy idea I had.
  208. MISC. 2/19/14 Update
  209. MISC. End of Closed Alpha
  210. SENTINEL "Updraft" after snatching
  211. MISC. Toxic players.
  212. MISC. Do alpha players have to register for closed beta or are in with automatically?
  213. STORE Runestone question.
  214. Leavers Issue
  215. MISC. Of Bolas and Men. And Whips.
  216. MISC. Closed Alpha Thoughts - A Rambling Review
  217. BOTH FACTIONS The chart posted.
  218. MISC. My thoughts on the game so far
  219. USER INTERFACE Server region selection?
  220. WEAPONS A bit late: Reaper smoke grenade as a support tool?
  221. MISC. Playing till the sun goes down....
  222. ABILITIES Grab combos / stun locks
  223. MISC. Nosgoth Guide feedback
  224. USER INTERFACE Random crazy idea to throw out there
  225. MISC. *BETA ANNNOUNCED* Feb. 27th, 2014
  226. MISC. Forum Rearrangement
  227. MISC. Basic feedback
  228. MISC. So closed beta starts tomorrow, what time?
  229. MISC. Friend Keys
  230. MISC. Closed Beta questions
  231. USER INTERFACE Problem in loadouts
  232. MISC. top 50
  233. REAVER What happened to the Reaver?
  234. USER INTERFACE Access Keys?
  235. USER INTERFACE Bindings Options for Game Controls
  236. MISC. Light blue light effect too strong
  237. ABILITIES Can't use 'Abduct' as well as in Alpha
  238. MISC. Beta day 1 Feedback
  239. MISC. This Forum's Guidelines & Prefixes
  240. MISC. Lag/Delay hard during game
  241. ABILITIES new sent grab rocks.
  242. ABILITIES Bola question
  243. MISC. The beta release looks REALLY nice
  244. USER INTERFACE Server request...
  245. MISC. First Impressions/General Thoughts and Suggestions
  246. SENTINEL Puncture; Too Much Damage?
  247. USER INTERFACE Switching classes after round start?
  248. MISC. got the email invitation but not access?
  249. MISC. Important problem and solution listed 3 v.s 5 from no auto-balance?
  250. USER INTERFACE Party system