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  1. Change the name of the new Zephonim map from 'The Nest' to 'Silenced Cathedral'
  2. ABILITIES Suggestion: Add a height threshold to fall stun from Abduct/Kidnap
  3. MISC. OCE all but dead?
  4. Ranked: Separate Solo and Team Queues
  5. So I returned to Nosgoth for a weekend
  6. Change the MatchMaker queue system [MM suggestion]
  7. It should be possible to automatically recharge items.
  8. Another client and launcher on Steam?
  9. Region selection in League mode
  10. Future things?
  11. segregation in league
  12. Your group matchmaking is a failure
  13. Ranked System Broken?
  14. Suggestion/Request for Improved Gameplay
  15. Exotic fx weapons are pointless...
  16. Suggention: Leave penalty
  17. MISC. In-game animations (Taunts)
  18. USER INTERFACE Launcher should not minimize when closing / Easier connecting of Steam/SE
  19. DECEIVER Dominate Mind time rebate
  20. Psyonix? Why don't u just make this? Profile Border update
  21. The fundamental flaw in Nosgoth's game design and what can be done
  22. Key Bindings
  23. Suggestion For Leagues
  24. Match should end when 4v1
  25. Suggestion: Please do not mix the servers in ranked
  26. Legue Points, opposite Team, Party system
  27. Tips for your Teammates
  28. Idea - Gauntlet Mode
  29. Terrible game operations
  30. Improvements for private matches
  31. Leagues - Solo, Up to 2 or Up to 4 man parties, which do you prefer?
  32. Some Ideas regarding Forge and Stuff
  33. Leagues 4.0 review and ideas for future leagues
  34. Could we get a few more of the recolored skins?
  35. Relic Shards
  36. Broken Achievements
  37. Suggestion friend trade !
  38. MISC. Multi-Mode Selection
  39. League Beta 5.0: 4v4 or 5v5?
  40. Ideas from Jarvz and Stuff: Possible Nosgoth Abilities
  41. ABILITIES New/old abilities and not only.
  42. DECEIVER Dominate Mind and Reloading
  43. Reconnecting
  44. USER INTERFACE Mode specific stats
  45. WHYYY?
  46. SENTINEL New Primary Ability: The companion to Sonic Boom and Air Strike
  47. New Inventory Storage Feature
  48. Why is Airstrike OP rip-off's of Sticky Grenade?
  49. Vanguard is too nerfed IMO: suggestions
  50. Loadout # request
  51. Exp boosters in a game that doesn't reward gaining exp?
  52. suggestion about League Banners ^^
  53. Beastmaster Name Change
  54. League Points depending on match result
  55. What about exotic abilities/weapons?
  56. Story Videos
  57. MISC. Sentinal still annoyingly overpowered
  58. Leaver Plague
  59. Level Restriction
  60. Please let me save my controls.
  61. Can we get the NA ESL region lock lifted for oceanic players?
  62. Weapon names
  64. Lag compensation for abilities?
  65. Minimum Level 30 Experience required to play ranked leagues
  66. Changing the Forge
  67. Match-making improvement suggestion
  68. The most famous leaver in Nosgoth league
  69. Recycle duplicate exotic/mysterious items by using them to gamble for new ones
  70. Loading screen images
  71. Why i am being punished? And what for?
  72. League Points
  73. Poll: Change the reward rank of the league to Gold
  74. Did not rewards keys from last league
  75. Pre-Game Chat and Planning
  76. League, balance
  77. Nosgoth training assistant system
  78. Please share your opinion on this
  79. Runes for top 3 in NA
  80. New animations for abduct and dominate mind (human side)
  81. Cenobite's Hood variants
  82. Feedback: League Level Restriction
  83. Discussing in-game mechanics/issues
  84. Raziel's pride fx change
  85. Beatmaster feedback
  86. Quality of life improvements
  87. The Number One Problem with Beastmaster
  88. Sonic boom
  89. Update feeback
  90. Summoner deathly shield sound too loud
  91. Suggestion: new lobby design
  92. Should Nosgoth have a lore tab in its out of Early Access release?
  93. Class Restriction?
  94. MISC. The movement away from Steam.
  95. Daily Challange Feedback
  96. Forge suggestion
  97. USER INTERFACE hours to play one RANKED
  98. MISC. Merge Lobbies
  99. Change League Lobby and add server ping
  100. Where's it Balancing?
  101. Leagues loss punishment increased?
  102. Monetization issue
  103. USER INTERFACE Adding friends with mouse right click
  104. Leagues, The never ending wait.
  105. Extend the Current Ranked Season
  106. League prize for gold rank to compensate for points problem this season
  107. Flying Beastmaster and Dominate Mind
  108. Beastmaster is too loud.
  109. Dominate Mind warning
  110. Subtle Idea for Dive Bomb
  111. Long Needed Balance
  112. Dominate Mind needs some Love
  113. Support skills
  114. Can I play soon?
  115. Give the Savagery talent to the Vanguard
  116. League Feedback - a 10 question survey!
  117. The Scout's Grappling Hook
  118. Sonic Shriek Nerf
  119. Nosgoth going offline 31st may so what with achievements?
  120. Purchases pre 2016? Refund?
  121. Is it possible to let us host the servers so Nosgoth doesn't die?
  122. Give Nosgoth a last chance
  123. So long, Nosgoth...
  124. How To Fix Nosgoth
  125. A Suggestion For Square Enix
  126. Nosgoth section in LOK forums?
  127. It'd be super great...
  128. Nosgoth it's a good game, and deserve a second chance
  129. The game, and my gratitude for nosgoth team
  130. History abhors...Well, this series, apparently. :(