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  1. Time Frame for ranked play. wtf?
  2. Kain
  3. More transparency regarding the ladder rank
  4. MISC. Forge lore.
  5. Now Listen here
  6. Open Letter to Psyonix - League Rankings and how to fix it
  7. Forfeit In League Games
  8. Heals
  9. What has to change till october solo-league release and why...
  10. Class stats
  11. Executing humans should not provide experience.
  12. No more duo queue?
  13. Fun achievments!
  14. Enchanted unique items
  15. Crucible music
  16. Art ideas for the new Zephonim territory
  17. 2 things regards to leaver penalties
  18. Class Stack Limit Poll & Discussion
  19. Forum vote function to better show what we want and need
  20. Ranked 3vs4 solutions poll
  21. Vanguard Melee
  22. Loot Chests with random chances! A free to play gameĀ“s bane!
  23. + clip size on alchemist weapon
  24. Punish constant queue dodgers
  25. BOTH FACTIONS Recoloring Through Reforging
  26. Summoner The Balance of Stalkers
  27. item recharge system
  28. Map Idea : Cain's Keep
  29. Combos - A new layer of team work
  30. leavers cause hate among players
  31. MISC. Suggestions
  32. Enchantment/Salvage for Occult Weapons won in Ranked.
  33. buff reaver
  34. Feedback
  35. Matchmaking time?
  36. Some skin ideas for the tyrant
  37. Leaving vs Client Crash
  38. VAMPIRES Alternate Executions Are, A Weakness?
  39. Bloody "survivor"
  40. Lightened Exalted & Marked Skins For Purchase
  41. Make deaths a negative score
  42. MISC. Curious about league rewards.
  43. Care enough?
  44. Direct X 11 Support/UE4/Game Mode
  45. A couple things on capture the body
  46. "Capture the Body" is great and probably something that was needed!
  47. MISC. Ranked Leagues issue
  48. Level Segregation
  49. Animated alpha banner
  50. Attack+dodge to move around looks stupid
  51. Next gold skins
  52. Ending screens are too quick now?
  53. STORE Keys available for gold purchase
  54. ABILITIES Ability ideas
  55. Various Game Fix Ideas
  56. Climbing at healing station fail.
  57. MISC. Capture the body
  58. Returning Impressions and Experiences
  59. Freeport's handling of kidnap/adbuct over water needs to be addressed.
  60. Hitboxes
  61. New human class
  62. Make all vampires and humans have passive abilities for their skills
  63. Leave Penalties
  64. Rewards for playing all Beta Leagues
  65. A couple of suggestions before the new ESL prizes
  66. Flashpoint Suggestions
  67. executions?
  68. Nosgoth Ranked: Things we don't want to see happen!
  69. A Game Designed For Team Work With A Useless VOIP.
  70. Matchmaking Rank Drop with Inactivity.
  71. Tyrant Jump
  72. Please stop reset binding after updates!
  73. Leagues and Regions
  74. Nosgoth's Match Making
  75. Some ideas
  76. Different Banner colors for different Betas ?
  77. About the reconnect function and leaver punishment
  78. So many issues with Ranked...
  79. League games not 4vs4
  80. Current state of the game, my POV
  81. Feedback about the current Ranked experience (Beta 1.2)
  82. League improving and FX
  83. Leagues level requirement and VOIP
  84. Item charge levels should be identifiable in the armory at a glance.
  85. Microcontrol points
  86. Still want to see more loadouts..
  87. Last loadout selected should be tied to class, not applied universally.
  88. Ability Suggestion: Another vampire disabler ability
  89. Tools to detect cheaters via NOSCAM
  90. Difference beetween the "Kidnap" abilities
  91. Nosgoth challenges, closing the skill gap.
  92. Patch of 17 september...
  93. PERKS Talents Feedback
  94. USER INTERFACE The Inventory needs an Overhaul
  95. Can we get some more Grappling hook points
  96. No to racism and hate speech in Nosgoth
  98. In-game friends
  99. MISC. Thoughts after last update and then some
  100. 30 minute matchmaking ban
  101. Armory synchronization
  102. Movement issues
  103. Prophet Elite skin
  104. CLANS
  105. matchmaking suggestion
  106. USER INTERFACE Hide map
  107. Regarding Deathly and Abyssal Shield
  108. Recharging Items
  109. MISC. Forge and expired items
  110. Balancing a 3 vs 4 Game by introducing Spawn Queue
  111. Bulwark going through walls and is not limited vertically
  112. REAVER Reaver and Talents
  113. Chest keys for lots of Gold?
  114. Nothing but Trash
  115. MISC. Daily Roll
  116. new perk and scout running as speedy gonzales, seriusly devs?
  117. Nosgoth New/Second Competition/Cups ideas :)
  118. Matchmaking Ban for leavers
  119. Current implementation of ranked leagues has diminished the game for me
  120. unfair league matches
  121. Upgrading the UI for competitve play
  122. New Deceiver Ability: Web Yank.
  123. SENTINEL Sentinel special ability idea
  124. Finding players for Ranked games
  125. Exploiting low detail settings...
  126. Russian Server
  127. Small but necessary Vanguard Tweaks.
  128. MISC. Point loss system
  129. How should your way until a game starts look like in league games (lobby)
  130. Is Nogoth atmoshpere too dark ?
  131. League Points idea
  132. Ranked Matchmaking
  133. In-game Consumables, "power-ups", etc
  134. Why Psyonix/Squaresoft should withdraw cash rewards this season.
  135. Improving league (and Nosgoth in general)
  136. Profile borders for season 1 of league Beta?
  137. Devs can you stop dithering around
  138. USER INTERFACE Showing weapon/abilities stats
  139. Lobby simulator
  140. Add bots for practice.
  141. Leagues 2.0 Nothing was learned, nothing was gained
  142. Name Tag
  143. How come the alch skin is in blood and not gold this season?
  144. Can't play ranked after october 15th patch
  145. MISC. A list of suggestions from a resident of Nosgoth
  146. Turn down the lights!
  147. At least matchmaking
  148. Unlucky or MM system again broken ?
  149. Something needs to be done about AFK parasites.
  150. WTF is up with ranked matchmaking after silver 1
  151. ABILITIES Bulwark is over-buffed
  152. Leavers 2.0
  153. HUNTER Whip It
  154. Ranked 4v0 games solution
  155. ABILITIES Suggestion for a new Hunter ability.
  156. Add ping to match-making
  157. Ranked placement system is basically luck based
  158. Change Properties to Mysterious Weapon
  159. Banner for participation...
  160. Forge needs changes ASAP
  161. Bulwark
  162. Sentinel spamming back
  163. Tournament Points system
  164. You shouldn't lose any points for completing a 3v4 match
  165. League penalties for leavers and leaving: clean up the messages
  166. Weapons founder.
  167. Let's talk about flavor.
  168. Game vs Players
  169. Matchmaking is a joke.
  170. CASH-ONLY HALLOWEEN EVENT!?!? Are you trying to ruin your game?
  171. ABILITIES Backstab lesser redesing
  172. Will caught cheaters be removed from ESL?
  173. Will caught cheaters be removed from ESL?
  174. Sentinals are almost impossible to dodge at the moment
  175. Potential new talents on classes
  176. Public roadmap
  177. Getting very little points from wins
  178. US playing on EU and vice versa
  179. Leagues points history / noscam / dispute
  180. Capture the Body
  181. What is wrong with your patches?
  182. Capture the body sugestion
  183. STORE Sales are changing ? when?
  184. Russians
  185. Level up molten abilities
  186. Don't fix matchmaking just punish leavers, easy solution
  187. Keeping controls after updating
  188. 1 minute to RECONNECT
  189. Here is key drop rate
  190. Ranked reward?
  191. STORE ...You've got to be kidding, Psyonix.
  192. Eldritch Guard and Bloodweaver
  193. October season final rankings
  194. leavers in league games
  195. have sentinals had a speed buff?
  197. About ranked pool
  198. Changes to Nosgoth I'd like to see
  199. Duos & Overseas ranked lag = Ranked ruined
  200. WEAPONS Storm Bow alteration
  201. New Human Class - Duelist
  202. Current focus of Nogoth's development
  203. KILLCAM -> replay
  204. New Vampire Class - Sanguin
  205. When we get borders?
  206. Mix Team and Solo Ranked leagues together [Ranked MM suggestion]
  207. Ranked Lobby Issue
  208. ESL advertisement needed
  210. Why is the Sentinel the way he is?
  211. Why is the Sentinel the way he is?
  212. HUMANS Primordial Mage
  213. Merge Arcane weapon with event weapon
  214. An idea for balancing 2v4 3v4 games.
  215. Voice Free Sytem
  216. Count Eyokir's suggestions
  217. Server location based on majority of the players?
  218. Uneven match ending automatically bug
  219. FREEPORT Bring back Tyrant's ability to throw humans in water?
  220. DECEIVER Dark Clone ability (suggestion)
  221. Tyrant 30fps abuse
  222. Origin Skins
  223. NOSCAM - Player view
  224. Bloody victor skins, before getting bloodied
  225. STORE Trading
  226. Servers in south america
  227. ABILITIES Time to fix broken eldritch shield. Some suggestions.
  228. Chests/Keys
  229. Hard to connect to ranked lobby
  230. League points
  231. Season 4 & Vanguard
  232. Better game modes, bigger team-sizes
  233. Rank System is useless if low ranks put with high ranks
  234. Duplicate Weapons/Special Attacks/Abilities/Talents
  235. My Suggestion's
  236. Disabling chat so (we dont have to deal with toxic people in the game)
  237. Map Vote During Lobby [POLL]
  238. Universal voices
  239. Why can't new players choose their beginner classes?
  240. Leagues tab in main menu
  241. Enchantig
  242. Summoners Devourer?
  243. My main problems and how to improve Nosgoth.
  244. Solo league
  245. Voice-free-system suggestion.
  246. This forum needs to be easier to log into.
  247. The voice command menu should open and close with the same hotkey.
  248. USER INTERFACE Ping System - Why do we have to press C anyway?
  249. Summoner Melchanim gameplay/abilities suggestions
  250. VAMPIRES Wraith (Melchahim class)