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  1. Definitive pack vs the older class pack?
  2. New alternate execution for Summoner
  3. Classes should continue to receive experience after 25
  4. Please make ranked matches solo queue only
  5. Additional Graphic Settings.
  6. |Vampire Mechanic|- Hanging up human corpses
  7. Modding & First person
  8. Deceiver v Summoner Combo Suggestion
  9. Instant victory if whole enemy team leaves the game.
  10. USER INTERFACE Forum Lisibity
  11. Summoner Abyssal Barrier - Upgrade ow reflects projectiles back at you
  12. 2 new map suggestions
  13. VGS sytem for communication
  14. Russian players
  15. Ideas to make Nosgoth more popular
  16. HUNTER Alternative Balance Suggestion For Hunter
  17. Soul reaver 2 style loading screens
  18. Alternative Melee for Humans
  19. Capture the Body Feedback
  20. SENTINEL Feedback on Sonic Screech.
  21. Razielim Sorcery
  22. They changed the sumoner default skin ?
  23. still no vanguard help?
  24. DECEIVER Infect Range
  25. add some options/buttons
  26. Mysterious weapons are WAY too loud
  27. More communication from the developers. PLEASE
  28. HUMANS Body Burning Torches
  29. MISC. Lobby Countdown Leavers
  30. PROPHET Please fix the prophet hitbox!
  31. DECEIVER Dominate Mind Suggestions
  32. HUMANS Healing Stations
  33. Any way to get a few questions answered by devs?
  34. When will we see an other special WE Double XP ?
  35. Sentinel nerf?
  36. 4 important things
  37. Map idea, suggestion for altering class abilities, request for more communication
  38. Game DATA goes here.
  39. I want to play :(
  40. Simple Request
  41. MISC. Lobby Audio
  42. USER INTERFACE score bars
  43. Nosgoth idea’s, balance and gameplay for discussion (Google doc) - Reddit repost
  44. Flamethrower suggestions
  45. Hunter useless ability fix
  46. Recap of superb Razielim ideas
  47. SUGGESTION: Private Lobby Developer Console Commands
  48. Syncing/Downloading armory
  49. Game ending when an entire team leaves
  50. ABILITIES Ability/Weapons balance thread + ideas
  51. HUMANS Skin Suggestions: Some Like The Vanguard's Set Up
  52. Servers
  53. BOTH FACTIONS Put ALL skins and abilities in the armory so we can preview them.
  54. The untouchables.
  55. Map changes
  56. Chest feedback...
  57. Widow's Kiss
  58. VAMPIRES Rahabim Wall Hax
  59. Nosgoth's business decisions
  60. Legit or not ?
  61. Vampires HP
  62. Special Abilities - Unique Rarity Promo
  63. Crafting Ideas & Suggestions
  64. Is matchmaking getting patched?
  65. Elemental explanations + Rahab personality reference.
  66. An elegant solution to class stacking
  67. Optimize ESL!
  68. Add Keys to 7th Day Rewards
  69. Different sensitivity for the two side.
  70. Recharging items cost
  71. Tyrants charge and sensitivity
  72. Invisible walls
  73. ABILITIES Summoner Ability Suggestion: Abyssal Gate
  74. Competitive play Tyrant, 1 issue.
  75. USER INTERFACE Show booster time when activate
  76. Punish (still) active people?
  77. Reminders to the developers!
  78. Some remarks on Nosgoth
  79. Inventory - Expired Items
  80. Server Browser for Custom/Private Games
  81. Playing TEAM WAR game mode
  82. Please, Let Me Into New Recruit.
  83. How to prevent the dwindling playerbase
  84. Siege Mode
  85. New protect the leader game mode !!
  86. A few suggestions.
  87. Problems!
  88. Add more prebuilt loadout slots
  89. Tyrant Charge Too Awkward to Steer
  90. Weakened State
  91. ...Why?
  92. MISC. Nosgoth player population issue, and a few other things
  93. Can someone/ a dev explain to me?
  94. MISC. Solutions to a long-lasting game-breaking bug
  95. Survival mode.
  96. MISC. Low or no blood option
  97. Why chests is a bad idea + Alt. ways to push RS Sales + Suggestions
  98. AUDIO/MUSIC New Crucible Theme?
  99. Workshop for community!
  100. USER INTERFACE Lobby Chat Spam Filter
  101. Please update forum prefixes
  102. MISC. Visual FX suggestions regarding approach and marketing.
  103. Shadow Step needs a 25 second Cooldown.
  104. Get Rid Of this Games built in sticky targeting/aim assist!
  105. Human weapons underpowered??
  106. Issues Regarding Blood and Recharging
  107. Nosgoth forge-make it possible to add/switch effects
  108. Sensitivity to be worked please.
  109. BOTH FACTIONS Farming Materials For Crafting
  110. Playing badly = Rewards....what?
  111. Why the forge before MM ?
  112. USER INTERFACE Death and Loadout Screen
  113. Matchmaking and leaving
  114. How to make people play FP and CTB
  115. Everything is great about the Forge except....
  116. MISC. 3 comments from a noob
  117. Suggestion: Loadout Overview
  118. What's the purpose of gold now?
  119. AUDIO/MUSIC A few comments on the music of Nosgoth.
  120. Remove defaults from inventory
  121. Suggestion: more competitive
  122. Give us the ability to transform crafting ingredients from one form to another
  123. Shop Centric Interface
  124. The forge and founders weapons
  125. Store replays post-game
  126. TYRANT New Enrage Effect?
  127. Too many chests! An Idea to help our inventorys.
  128. Flashpoint Comment
  129. Idea for starting a 3vs3 and balancing once it';s started
  130. Visual FX death animations AKA dying in style.
  131. STORE Purchase standard weapons/abilities
  132. PERKS Perk Suggestions
  133. MISC. Notify match starting when minimised
  134. Something needs to be done about players placement!!
  135. Sentinel dodge=dodge?
  136. Puncture nerf?
  137. Ping-Pong tyrants need to go
  138. Curbstomp not on sale?
  139. Leaving penalty should not apply to reconnecting to left match
  140. Ranked Leagues - Questions & Feedback
  141. Please prioritise matchmaking (no, seriously)
  142. Thank you!
  143. MISC. Freezes
  144. Forge Future
  145. League play is awful for Oceania Servers
  146. New map suggestion
  147. Suggestion: Different names for divisions
  148. USER INTERFACE Multiple concerns: inventory, boster, daily rewards
  149. The point so far?
  150. Stages in level requirement
  151. USER INTERFACE A Start Button For Daily Rewards
  152. MMR Discrepancies/Good Suggestions
  153. Second-round vampires have little motivation to engage when winning.
  154. Teams should not be able to see their enemies' pre-round class choices.
  155. AUDIO/MUSIC Voice chat
  156. Trading
  157. STORE Little details for chests
  158. Each patch is getting worse and worse
  159. Team Balance system
  160. Is Cooldown capped?
  162. Thoughts and Feedback
  163. Keys, so many keys... needed
  164. MISC. Spawn bug ruining ranked games
  165. Forge Suggestions
  166. Summoner Equipment - Perks
  167. Please disable voice chat until it works properly.
  168. Blood vials too rare
  169. So frustrated I uninstalled Nosgoth
  170. New Recruit per class level
  171. Anything we can do with junk items?
  172. Please bring back the timer to the scoreboard
  173. Please remove the early match end
  174. Please give a universal "Ignore" function
  175. USER INTERFACE Private Lobbies
  176. Matchmaking down today?
  177. VAMPIRES Where did the quotes go?
  178. MISC. Loading screens
  179. PERKS Suggestion for alternative match ending idea
  180. Steadily increasing leaver penalty
  181. PERKS Suggestions for more focussed crafting
  182. Level 50 Skin?
  183. [user interface] sensivity control
  184. USER INTERFACE Banner Time
  185. Vanguard vs Vampires issue. Please fix.
  186. Don't release new patches on Weekends
  187. [Idea]Bring back Flashpoint and do something crazy for the events with it
  188. Day 7 Rewards
  189. Avertise Nosgoth in Rocket League
  190. We REALLY need a surrender option for ranked/leagues
  191. will it be on ps4?
  192. Blinds need a nerf
  193. Visual FX in the Forge
  194. Should Reaver's pounce do fall damage???
  195. ABILITIES Deceiver - reevaluation of skills?
  196. Adding Default Abilities to Store
  197. Summoner feeding interrupt question
  198. Capture the Body Feedback (version July 24th-27th)
  199. ABILITIES Vanguard shields block and scouts hook
  200. If you decide to add some "week" award arcane skins for the other classes
  201. Nosgoth - the mission statement
  202. teamwork where did you go?
  203. VAMPIRES Vertical Melee
  204. Chest Rewards improvements
  205. Wait times - average wait horribly wrong
  206. U are punishing ppl for leaving leagues and your game is bugged
  207. 3v4 Solutions: Ideas
  208. The commentary of the classes have been disabled.
  209. Do something for ranked leavers!!!
  210. thought your rank in league wasbasedon your performance
  211. Why penalty for crashes?
  212. Why have NOTHING as a Daily Reward???
  213. Something needs to be done when game has leavers...and i don't mean leaver penalty
  214. Can we have more loadouts?
  215. This is interesting
  216. USER INTERFACE Penalty Message Bug and Inventory Suggestion
  217. 5/5 Ranked Placement
  218. MISC. Duo queue in SOLO LEAGUE = STUPID
  219. Vanguard The 'Shield'
  220. Better leaver solution.
  221. Lag being used as an advantage by cheaters
  222. Nosgoth has stopped working
  223. suggestion abaut dead body hunters
  224. Leagues for Australia time?
  225. Smth instead of abyssal barrier
  226. The lag and how it effects ESL
  227. BOTH FACTIONS Expanding The FX
  228. 10+ mins of hiding in ranked...
  229. Shroud not breaking bolas
  230. Suggestion to get the last achievments?
  231. MISC. Allow bots for missing players, debuff sentinel and skills for vanguard.
  232. Nosgoth Equipment Pack Price Disucussion
  233. Crash Potential Feedback
  234. Game Current state of play since last patch (Leagues Beta introduced)
  235. Should make a grace period of a 1-2 minutes when getting dc
  236. August List of Thoughts and Requests
  237. Thoughts on Nosgoth's cash prizes
  238. Devs can we PLEASE have a update
  239. There need to be a minimum level to play ranked
  240. Ranked 3v4 Vote to Abandon Match w/ No Penalty
  241. I don't get it ( things that make me not want to play this game )
  242. penalty for 0 damage
  244. Sentinel Wing Flap extinguishing flame walls
  245. Public Notice to All: Ground Rules Going Forward
  246. MISC. Possible game reconnect reservation?
  247. STORE Prophet/Vanguard skins
  248. Please fix lag issue
  249. How about a left to right camera-change option?
  250. too many chests