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  1. I want a taunt animation
  2. MISC. Choose Language
  3. 7 day rewards received at login (shouldn't we at least need to play one game?)
  4. MISC. Crash Handler for Nosgoth in the future?
  5. Vanguard nerfed a bit too hard
  6. STORE Bundle Price Reductions
  7. Eldritch Guard FIX/UPDATE and BUFF exp you gain whit Sacrifice and OTHER problems
  8. STORE Melee Animations
  9. STORE Finally, Decent Discounts
  10. MISC. Some Controller/Gamepad issues
  11. Nosgoth Needs a Random Match Option
  12. Class Priorities
  13. My thoughts/Criticisms.
  14. Ranked matches?
  15. servers
  16. Concern about matchmaking lobbies
  17. What will drag the body be exactly?
  18. HvH and VvV
  19. Couple Things
  20. Suggestion: Human Stamina, No More Dodge Canceling Vamps
  21. Flashpoint (,,BETA,,) Problems/Good side /Soulutions- Open discussion
  22. Vanguard weapon
  23. Lets talk race balance.
  24. Whip, Judgement and Kidnap / Abduct skills
  25. Ultra low graphics setting
  26. Alchemist's Flamethrower
  27. Some Things I'd Like to See
  28. Bringing more Nosgoth to Nosgoth
  29. Taunting and more talks ingame ? Suggestion new mode :D ?
  30. something id like to see
  31. Player base
  32. USER INTERFACE CHANGE our current score screen plz
  33. USER INTERFACE Suggestion for better matchmaking
  34. TOP 10 Things we want changed/implemented in Nosgoth
  35. Request: Better Developer Communication on Balance Changes
  36. WEAPONS Daily Reward: Name Tag
  37. Vanguard Shield Charge ability
  38. Tyrant's Throw should have armour once it grabs
  39. Ranked Matches
  40. I feel like Team Balance is not that great (MMR)
  41. Vampire Melee - Skill Ceiling
  42. Tyrant Throw TK Suggestion
  43. ABILITIES ability ideas for humans and vampires!
  44. Steam trading and market
  45. *Sigh* I'm dropping Nosgoth if the next patch doesn't include some sweeping changes
  46. How Much Would You Pay For A House In Nosgoth ?
  47. WEAPONS enchantment never running out
  48. BOTH FACTIONS some suggestion that would really Improve the game
  49. Loading Quotations
  50. Custom lobbies.
  51. Skin Ads on loading screens - bad idea
  52. USER INTERFACE Show booster duration please
  53. Suggestion for Gameplay and Tyrant
  54. Name Tags:
  55. MIs, you go to all the time and effort to level them just to find out...
  56. Capture the Body Feedback
  57. "End Game" for core players?
  58. Please make special events last longer
  59. Echolocation Needs a Buff
  60. Party System Blows
  61. "Retrieve the fallen"
  62. Minor Death UI suggestion
  63. My feedbacks and suggestions o/
  64. Scout needs nerfing
  65. Minor Vanguard Suggestion
  66. MISC. Few Ideas and Personal feedback
  67. Vanguard breathing audio uncomfortable
  68. ey can please hebrew?
  69. VAMPIRES Aim Assist: They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
  70. WEAPONS Alchemist Weapons
  71. campaign co-op missions.
  72. There should be an option to buy RUNESTONES for just a 1$! ASAP
  73. Sentinel Abduct Speed
  74. Will tyrant melee ever get changed ?
  75. Fleet Footed (Human perk) broken??
  76. Joining second round matches
  77. HUMANS Dodge Animation, Does Shooting Shorten It?
  78. Valehome Wall ....
  79. Reaching players' Steam profile pages
  80. Rivals Mode
  81. Vanguard - Shield HP perk
  82. Sentinel landings and Alchemist interrupted
  83. Permanently enabling/disabling Visual FX
  84. BOTH FACTIONS Wearing Your Colors
  85. New Map Training Barracks!!
  86. I have to Admit that i love Nosgoth,but..
  87. MISC. More exp. for damage?
  88. BOTH FACTIONS Individuals should be more capable
  89. Wondering What The Next Class Will Be..?
  90. Game (un)balance after latest updates
  91. Request: Specific Info on Leaver and Group MMR penalties
  92. Idea for new Vanguard secondary abilities.
  93. Achievments for summoner and vanguard
  94. Mitigating team balance failures
  95. Ideas for Tyrant Executions
  96. BOTH FACTIONS Vanguard Block
  97. Give Humans some basic climbing abilities.
  98. Horrible class rewards
  99. Give us some basic profile editing
  100. Sound indication that the ability is not ready
  101. I want the crafting system...
  102. Hellstrike aiming collision
  103. Alchemist's flamethrower
  104. Bringing abyssal bolt up to snuff
  105. Disenchant extra items for gold?
  106. Create a Dev Tracker please!
  107. VAMPIRES Tendril's Melee Overhaul.
  108. Skins, classes, and abilities ideas
  109. Level 25 on every class reward
  110. ABILITIES selkirie's balance opinions
  111. MISC. Dropped game...
  112. Matchmaking wager/betting system
  113. My Proposed Nosgoth Changes / Priority List
  114. Question to Dev - Erratic Melee Behaviour
  115. Nosgoth Review
  116. What about an internal ladder?
  117. The Summoner and the MMR
  118. Alchemist level 25 skin ?
  119. Handicap bonuses
  120. Competitive tournaments?
  121. Ask what can the current Lobby do for YOU?
  122. Suggestion.
  123. Proposal for improvement Friend Referral section on site
  124. Thoughts On The Deceiver - Full Analysis
  125. Cut areas from Soul Reaver
  126. Nosgoth needs advertising > larger Player Base !
  127. Achievements could evolve with the game
  128. Fix multibow
  129. Customization Suggestions: Summon reskins, dye packs, and other ideas
  130. invisible disguise
  131. Suggestion: More things to do while in a queue
  132. Dev Streams
  133. New Tyrant melee animation!
  134. Week of March 30 - Penalties for Drop-outs
  135. Nosgoth recommended balance changes
  136. New player, want to like it but few major issue's may keep me away.
  137. New map suggestion - Coorhagen
  138. Does Matchmaking even do anything properly?
  139. Suggestion on Skins
  140. Re-Enter crashed games
  141. USER INTERFACE Accidental Destruction of Level Rewards
  142. Could we remove humans losing all acceleration when they bump into each other?
  143. The Crucible - can we have it on repeat please?
  144. The vanguard and the tyrant!
  145. Abilities Feedback
  146. Vanguard Feedback and Discussion
  147. No gold price for molten items in store
  148. USER INTERFACE March 31 UI changes
  149. FreePort
  150. infection and deceiver
  151. Top Three Reward
  152. Evolved skins!.....and then the Tyrants :(
  153. Tyrant can't use the indoors ceiling now
  154. Crucible Feedback
  155. Summoner: March Hellstrike changes
  156. Last update feedback - not the right path
  157. Running match - Penalty
  158. March 31 patch framerate hit
  159. Update April, 1st
  160. Everyone's favorite topic:spawn system
  161. Why does the Summoner in the Definitive pack not come with the regular skin?
  162. Idea building thread
  163. I'd really like to see where the players ARE playing at the moment in MATCHMAKING
  164. Weapons cache for gold?
  165. Hide and Go Seek!
  166. South African Server
  167. Permanent Perks are the worst idea ever....
  168. Echolation is too loud
  169. The old ,,Run with just pressing one key"
  170. Werewolves
  171. What is de-evolved and how can that be implemented if it isn't already?
  172. BOTH FACTIONS Great!
  173. Rahabim clan
  174. Molten Event Drop Rate Booster (BUY IT)
  175. Crucible's incline steps
  176. things need to change, guys
  177. DECEIVER Where is the zephonim clan banner?
  178. STORE Everything is so overpriced.
  179. SENTINEL Drag and Puncture
  180. ABILITIES Choking Haze - new vapours animation (post 31.04.15)
  181. Lessons from a stomp
  182. Vampire's plight and Rahabim execution idea
  183. MISC. Special Package Banners?
  184. Trend in Dev Nerf Style
  185. Hunters: Are they OP?
  186. Small request for Eldritch Guard
  187. Decievers clones should also get Visual from mystic special ability
  188. BOTH FACTIONS Skill/ability suggestions.
  189. Vanguard Tweaks Request
  190. Eyokir's suggested additions
  191. DonĀ“t waste your money on the +100% reward booster
  192. STORE Summoner Alternate Execution too bland?
  193. VAMPIRES After the Rahabim...
  194. Weather Effects
  195. Next Classes Next Year I Assume?
  196. Bug/To-Do-Bucket list for the next patch
  197. Ideas for future exotic effects and booster types:
  198. Match Making Balance
  199. Whats the purpose of Vanguard now?
  200. Trading items...
  201. MISC. Balance Observations and Concerns
  202. Weapon skins ?
  203. MISC. Map Placed Boosters
  204. Hunter's whip and the display machete on his back.
  205. TYRANT My thoughts on jump Tyrant and Nosgoth.
  206. Vanguard Shield Suggestion
  207. Droprate?!
  208. New Vampire Ability : Breaking Line of Sight
  209. MISC. Human Execution Alternative - Supernatural Style
  210. Any chance of adding a disable in-game chat function?
  211. Matchmaking (again)
  212. ESL runestones as gifts?
  213. Why do I feel Screwed?
  214. Achievement for Level 50?
  215. Don't sell items in the shop that can be achieved by spending time
  216. Reaver's Leap Attack
  217. Molten Abyssal bolt and hell strike, still purple?
  218. Human executions
  219. Rahabim Male & Female Clan Members?
  220. SCOUT War Bow Change Suggestion
  221. Reasons to leave / Penalties
  222. MMR gets worse the higher rank you get?
  223. HUMANS Did the Vanguard lose it's "tank" moniker?
  224. ABILITIES What about new abilities for older classes?
  225. Option to remove dot in the middle
  226. Crafting Questions
  227. Patch the game already
  228. MISC. Returning player motion sickness
  229. How I see Item Crafting to work
  230. I can't equip my founders booster anymore now that its expired? Really?
  231. MISC. What is the purpose of resetting Daily Rewards?
  232. Crafting and weapon mastery
  233. Questions/Suggestions
  234. "You are being controlled by a Deceiver."
  235. MISC. Ranking???
  236. Ability enhancements
  237. Any new abilities, or modifications to old ones, in our near future?
  238. Prestige skins (and possibly banners)
  239. Synergy between class skills
  240. The War March (working title)
  241. Some advices to Developers
  242. Auto kick people with super high ping
  243. WHY ARE ALL VAMPIRES BALD? Need humanized skins for vamps.
  244. Vampire potions
  245. Seperate queue for premades
  246. Upgrading abilities
  247. Sorcerer, Prestige armory, de-evolution
  248. Nosgoth is unplayable until match balance is improved
  249. Some feed back on the game.
  250. New vanguard skin and Nemesis system