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Thread: The Humble Abode (Thread of Randomness)

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    Well it finally happened. Hell froze over, pigs grew wings, and horses can actually speak. The 13th Doctor who'll replace Peter Capaldi for the 11th season was revealed yesterday. And after 12 (primary) incarnations and over 50 years.... the shape shifting time traveler is now a woman!!

    And as you'd expect the internet imploded, taking the spacetime continuum with it, lol I'm sure that #NotMyDoctor is something going around in the Twitter-sphere.

    The thing is, this really isn't like other fictional gender swaps of other established characters, like Ghost Busters as one of the more controversial examples. Since the very lore/mythos of Doctor Who had established very near the beginning that this alien species has the ability to change bodies and personalities, which was incorporated as a way to allow different actors to portray the lead character without the need to try to keep a similar appearance, nor that they had to maintain a certain signature performance. Every actor was free to bring their own interpretation to the character, which has now happened 12 times.

    And they did establish long ago that a Timelord has the ability to change genders during a regeneration. Though it's been exceptionally rare and has only been seen a couple of times on screen, recently with the Doctor's arch nemesis (among the Timelords) the Master. Of course it was expected this wouldn't happen with the lead character, not for a very very long time. Only in the last two incarnations has debate arisen if audiences would be ready for a gender regeneration. Is this political correctness pandering? Yeah it might very well be. But at least in this case it's doesn't result from a timeline alteration, nor superficially passing on a mantle to a different person taking on the name.

    There is a very interesting point made by someone in the third video I'm posting here; making the Doctor female, and someone who visits all sorts of historical settings of Earth, there's a great deal of potential to explore the social standards of those geographical and time settings. But that TV is unlikely to give an honest depiction of history, opting to show an ideal concept of "how it should have been", which is how they wish it was instead of how it actually was. I hadn't even considered the possibilities of exploring history from a woman's vantage, and how disadvantaged that would be for our protagonist who as a man was more often taken seriously by those he dealt with.

    But we should remember this would be no ordinary woman traveling to the various historical settings that had such low regard for women. And I don't mean her being an alien, which they wouldn't notice looking just like us. But rather her intelligence and advanced knowledge, giving her some kind of advantage the local women wouldn't have considering education wasn't something they had access to. So an advantage to offset the disadvantage of her gender.But now that this got me thinking about it, there are two settings I would love to see;

    * A woman in Roman times, particularly if the Doctor gets captured and put into slavery (this actress btw is quite pretty).

    * Visiting Salem during the witch hysteria. How this Doctor's intelligence and advance knowledge, where we see her advantage backfire as something that threatens the social status quo, something that "a woman shouldn't have", thus the men's conclusion that the Doctor is a witch, consequently taken to trial. And if you know your history those trials were rigged to conclude confirmation bias.

    But we'll have to wait and see how this new direction treats historical inspection.

    The official reveal trailer

    And some reaction videos:

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    ^It won't be long before feminists and SJWs start playing the "sexist" card as always, except this time, they may actually have a leg to stand on, who would've guessed?

    Unlike the rumored gender swap of Green Ranger (Tommy, or should I say, Tomi?) in the planned Power Rangers sequel that most likely won't be happening now, I made a post about this a few pages back. Yeah, you better believe the feminaz!s were ready to wave their PC pitchforks on that one. Oh yes, because God forbid anyone have a problem with a beloved character (the most popular character from the show) being needlessly changed (and a gender swap literally changes everything about the character) in a movie reboot that pays lip service to fans of the TV show (I'll admit I was one of those kids back in the day, hehehe), 24 years of nostalgia be damned.

    Ironically, the same people claiming to be open-minded now would be the first ones to complain if they gave Ellen Ripley a sex change in a hypothetical reboot of Alien or made Spider-Man's costume purple instead of red. Suddenly, they're not so color-blind and open-minded, anymore.
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