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    Original Packaging


    I own Thief: Deadly Shadows but it's the 'PC Gamer' reissue version. I know it sounds weird but i want the original boxed one. I found a copy at my local CEX but it was in pretty bad condition. I was just searching eBay and saw the 'Thief Collection' which comes with all 3 games and i was wondering if anyone could tell me if their individually boxed or not? If so are they original cases or the reissue versions (Sold Out\ PC Gamer)?

    PC Gamer Version

    Sold Out Version


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    When returning shoes, send them back just like how you received them – in the original branded shoebox (i.e. Spurr shoes back in Spurr shoebox) and place this inside the delivery box. The branded box is just as important as the shoes themselves, so please do not alter it in any way - e.g. do not attach shipping forms,