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Thread: SEA merge/migration test and support thread | post all forum/account issues here

SEA merge/migration test and support thread | post all forum/account issues here

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    Originally Posted by Driber
    You mean this thread? That one has always been closed. You're not supposed to post there, but in one of the other threads in the migration forum
    LOL. Pardon my daftness in the matter. :P I think I supplied to the correct link now.

    P.S. And good to see you here too, Driber!

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    Yup, got it. We'll get to it in the next few days

    Good to see you again, too, digginglara | Forum Thumbnailer | Driber Wagon™ | RAWR! | TR Ancient Legends III - Lost Chambers | -- .- .-. .. . / .. ... / -.-. ..- - . :-)

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    Testing, Still everything going good. waiting to how to upload images on signature.

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    hello can you delete my account and all associations with square enix please the email is as i have deleted that email address and can no longer access it

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    I logged into my account through the site, then it asked me to input a public nickname, birthday, etc., so I did. Rather than migrate all my information and games over, my account shows as it is registered as NEW. This is a MAJOR PROBLEM because I have games registered to my "original" account. I used the same username and password to log in as I have always done these past few months, and now everything is MISSING. I WANT THIS PROBLEM FIXED ASAP.

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    I think this is a common issue but, It is very hard to find the menu now...

    Could you guys please fix it?

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    Changing the skin fixed it.

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    The Lifestream

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    i have a problem:

    i have a problem with you disconnecting the FF15 forum from the main SE forum and you cant come here to post on that, as you have it separated and kept with the FF15 main site only.

    i have a problem with the fact that grimoire keeps merging topics into one huge thread is very annoying, maybe you should think about actually creating a forum for these games so no one has to merge? here's an idea, create an actual forum for games coming soon or games just released! your forums are a complete and utter mess, games forms for games like Dragon Quest and SaGa are listed way down under additional titles and other games? why are these series being thrown down where no one cares? no forum at all for the new game, I Am Setsuna.

    how about the fact that Grimoire is consistantly putting news updates into the threads they are merging together for games on here when there should actually be a separate topic used for news un an actual forum for the game, and shouldn't be making actual topics that other people have posted in a complete and utter longwinded mess of news updates that no one even cares about? no one bothers typing on here cuz grimoire has messed up the forums horribly.

    i have a problem over the fact that apparently the FF15 main site has been up along with the forums since september of 2015 but i didnt know cuz you barely decided to add ff15 to the game page on the main SE site, which links to the game's website. all you had for months was a link to the game on the SE store to buy the game.

    i have a problem that the JP SE main site is better organized than the sites that are in the western part of the world, i have a problem that the original JP game sites are better designed, i dislike the fact that there is only long giant page that you have created and clicking the topics at the top of the page scrolls you up and down the one long page to the part relevant to the topic you clicked.

    i have a problem that there is no forum for the new game, I Am Setsuna, but there is one long topic which grimoire has been merging together and it is located in the additional titles, other games subforum so no one can actually find it, and again messing it up with a bunch of news crap that no one really cares about.

    i have a problem that I Am Setsuna is a digital only release, and you canned the vita version of the game when the game is on vita and ps4 physically and digitally in japan!, i have a problem that the game is a throwback to the 90s era RPG's which were physically released games at a game store and you made the game a digital title only. i have a problem that the collectors edition with the soundtrack is steam only and not a physical collector's edition that we should be getting on the ps4/vita. i have a problem you are snubbing vita users that have vita's and love their vitas and you wont release any games for it past Army Corps of Hell and FF10/10-2 HD International. why cant we get I Am Setsuna on it?

    i have a problem you snubbed us and neglected to release the SaGa 2 and 3 ds remakes over here when the last time we saw them was on the original Gameboy, mistitled as the FF Legend games.

    i have a problem with you releasing FF10/10-2 over and over again, no one cares! one release for the international edition is enough! we now have the original ps2 release, the ps3/vita release which includes the international edition of ff10, the ps4 edition AND now the PC edition!

    i have a problem that FF Type-0 HD is a console and pc release only, when originally released it was mentioned in the Ultimania guide for Type -0 that the team behind the game toyed with an HD release of it but ultimately decided against it, and yet here it is! i have a problem that you neglected to release a vita verion of the game, when the game was originally a handheld title, and the people that were asking for the game to be released over here were the ones that imported the game and had played the japanese demos. especially when you had the foresight/nerve to push versus 13/ff15 onto the next gen consoles, and yet you cannot do that for type-0 by doing a dual release at least for psp/vita, as you did with thief, as well as with lord of apocalypse in japan, you as a company released that game as dual release on psp and vita over there.

    i have a problem with the Carbuncle Surprise giveaway only being available to those that preordered FF15 on the SE online store, what about the rest of us that preordered at an actual retail store? is the surprise that we are SOL?!

    i have a problem that your forums are a mess and disorganized badly and your main SE site isnt updated as often as it should and things are organized badly, you should probably talk to your webmaster about this. i dont like laziness on developer sites when i am trying to look up info for a game they make.

    i have a problem that your ff15 forum actually has a game news subforum, and you are too lazy to implement game forums and the required subforums here.

    is that enough?
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    Hi bolty32,

    If you have a problem with the way Grimoire does things on the forum you should contact him privately instead of making a public complain post.

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    i would but it doesnt change the fact that your forums are a horrible mess and you dont have forums for games when you should, and the ff15 forum is completely separate from the rest of the SE forums. the fact that the ff15 forum site has an actual news sub forum for posting news is very shameful, this sub forum should exist for all your games on here, and any attempt to actually do any discussion about a game is completely ruined when he merges the topic into one single thread and then posts a TON of news updates in a row so that no one can actually have a real discussion, i bring it up here, cuz you are an admin, they are just a moderator. if anything, he should be reported for making a huge mess with spamming and merging, which causes an end of even having a discussion but i sadly cannot do that as a normal user.

    there is also the fact that i complain about the state of your main site:

    and i didnt even know you had a ff15 website for months until i finally googled it, due to the fact that there wasnt a single link to the game on the main site, nothing past the store link to buy the game on the SE online store, nothing listed on the games page, and yet the ff15 site was up since sept of last year along with the forum? there is absolutely no way for me as a user of your site to contact the webmaster and tell them they need to fix that. the state of everything on here from the main site to the forums is just aweful and terrible!

    i also feel horribly shafted as there is no way to vent the fact that i feel shafted having bought a ps3 when the 2011 versus 13 ps3 trailer was released at the jan 2011 FF conference, also shown was the type-0 trailer as well as the ff13-2 trailer, those games got released later that year, so when i saw the versus 13 website and it showed the trailer along with it being for ps3 and a release date listed as TBA, i went out and got a ps3. the fact that right after that trailer got released you decided to push it onto the next gen consoles, and we had 3 yrs of no news and the kotaku article came out in summer of 2012 stating that versus 13 was cancelled and merged into the upcoming ff15, and the fact that someone from SE responded to that stating the game was not cancelled and on schedule, only to find out 3yrs later at E3 2014 after the ps4 announcement that indeed that was what happened, is bad advertising, as well as bad business! you, as a company, outright lied! that versus 13 website from the fabula nova portal site was up for a GOOD 3yrs until the ff15 announcement, after that clicking, versus 13 button on the portal site sent you to the ff15 site instead.

    i am outraged that i cannot tell SE directly how disappointed i am with their choices, the fact it is taking this long to get dq7 released on the 3ds over here and it has been in japan for a while now. the fact you abandoned the saga series with the ds remakes of the games outside of japan, the fact there is a new saga game coming out for vita later this year and we arent likely to get it cuz you shafted us on the vita version of i am setsuna, and the upcoming dq builders is getting a vita release but only digitally but the game gets physical and digital for ps4?! the fact that i am outraged that i am setsuna is a digital only game for the ps4, and i want it released as a physical game cuz i want to buy it that way.

    how am i supposed to directly tell SE how unhappy i feel when grimoire takes the comments and topics and tosses them into a huge giant merged thread of other people's comments and the mess of news updates which should be in a separate thread altogether, how do i know that anyone at SE even reads anything when i dont see any admins commenting at all on any of the posts?

    i am first and foremost a gamer and have been since the NES released back in the 80s. i have opinions and i do feel shafted, abused, slapped in the face, etc. when game companies keep making choices that i dislike, i shouldnt have to accept them and say the company is golden cuz they make amazing games. yes, you as a company continually release some amazing games, BUT i do not support these shenanigans at all! i feel that someone needs to take you and give you a complete overhaul company-wise; heck, i feel the entire game industry needs to be taken up over the knee and spanked for some of the things i have seen them do over the yrs.

    i would love nothing more than to be the person that was able to take your company and turn it around! i want to be a liaison between all the different divisions of SE and make sure everyone is on the same page, and that gamers voices are being heard for what they want to play and see in your games. however, i do not think there is an actual position in your company that is called that, for any of that to happen you would need to have a team of people that can work together to coordinate what is going on, and to make sure that anything significant happens (like ff15 being pushed onto a next gen console), that it is announced to the public in a timely manner. i would like to see games series that you abandoned making a proper return outside of japan.

    i graduated at a local community college here in SLC, Utah, and i had planned to get a degree in international studies and minor in business cuz i wanted to work in the gaming industry at a company like square-enix, however i have disabilities and i have no money to continue schooling, which is a serious shame. i love video games, and feel i could possibly make a difference if i was allowed a chance to work at a game company, but i cannot do anything at this point due to lack of monetary funds, i am sure you can tell i care deeply about you as a company and the choices you make that affect me and other gamers out there. please consider what i said, and make changes. i would love to be able to work for you, if i could get help to get through school for the degree i want. i dont have ability to be a programer, composer or artist, but i know what works and what doesnt with advertising and word of mouth and stuff like that.
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    bolty32, repeating your complaints isn't going to change anything either. Like I said, PM Grimoire directly. Or me. We're not going to debate your staff complaints here in public as per our ToU policy which I just linked you to.

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