Thread: PLEASE make Final Fantasy Tactics: Switched

PLEASE make Final Fantasy Tactics: Switched

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    Lightbulb PLEASE make Final Fantasy Tactics: Switched

    Mario+Rabbids looks great, but you guys can do better. You can make a more interesting world, a more interesting character development system, and an overall better selling game. Watching the gameplay videos for Mario+Rabbids has gotten me real nostalgic for the hours I poured into FFTA in my childhood. 250+ hours into a single game in my early teens, which was a lot for me at the time. I loved that game, and so did many others. I know it probably won't happen for a while - if ever - but a version of Tactics with advance's general style and a similar class system, but with the difficulty of FFT, would be an instant buy for me AND MANY OTHERS. Maybe keep the permadeath of FFT out though, just my opinion. I guarantee most switch owners as of now grew up playing either FFT or FFTA/A2.

    Here's a reddit thread discussing the idea a bit:

    Not all ideas presented in that are the best, but it could be used to gauge interest. Such a little percent of Switch owners cared about rabbids before Mario+Rabbids, but it looks like that game is going to sell very well. You guys could do better. You have the brand, the following, and would sell so many copies. I'm sure you could come up with some great ideas to fit the platform as well.

    It would sell. Please consider it!

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    This is my dream game.