Final Fantasy XV has a completely different gameplay from previous titles. For the first time in the series they use the mechanism of the open world. Since they use the open world mechanism, then I understand why this game was made to be an action RPG. The open-world mechanism was made for action games, so it makes sense for this game to be an action RPG.

The story of this game is good and interesting, but the problem is if you want to understand the whole story then you have to first watch Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV and Brotherhood Final Fantasy XV.

This new battle system known as Active X Battle (AXB) is similar to the battle system used in Final Fantasy Type-0 and Kingdom Hearts. The player can only control Noctis, while the other characters are controlled by the AI. In battle, the player can use co-op moves that allows interaction with other characters. The magic system is not very good, while the summoning system is interesting. If Noctis gets KO'd then it's game over, but when Noctis falls to 0 HP then begins critical status and you have a limited time to heal. This battle system is good and interesting, but I was hoping that they will use and improve the ATB system from the previous Final Fantasy games. From Final Fantasy XII to Final Fantasy XV, they began to apply a battle system in which a player can only control one character, which is bad. The last Final Fantasy game where the player could control all the characters in the battle was Final Fantasy X. Unfortunately, after the Final Fantasy X series they stopped using the two best battle systems they made. The CTB system from Final Fantasy X and the ATB system from Final Fantasy X-2 were the best-improved versions of the traditional Turn-Based Battle system. They should use and improve one of these two battle systems or both in new Final Fantasy games. The thing I like in this game is the development of characters. The Ascension Grid is much better than the Sphere Grid from Final Fantasy X.

The idea of the open world is interesting, but they have broken the important rule of JRPGs. At the very beginning, the player can explore the whole world, can complete almost all sidequests and can train all the characters to the maximum level without progressing the story. For me, that's the worst thing in this game. JRPGs must have a semi-open world. That they have made this game as a semi-open world and that they put a CTB or ATB system, then this game would be perfect. But since they did not do so, then I gave a score 8 out of 10.

Conclusion: They have give more effort that this game have a excellent graphics and the mechanism of the open world, but they also should give the same effort to make excellent gameplay. In the end I can say that the game is good but they could do it even better. It's a good JRPG and I enjoyed playing.