I have been a fan of Square’s (then Square-Enix’s) JRPGs since PSX era. I can honestly say I was brought up by those game. Now when new generation is stepping into the light I would like to plant love for good story telling about personal growth of young characters to my son. My 5 year keyblade master is biggest Sora fan. We finished everything up to 2.5 HD collection, and are planning to play 2.8 sometime closer to 3rd instalment release. We are not English native speakers so I have played and translated for him every piece of dialogue on the go, which made this a very personal experience for both of us. He plays with his foam sword imitating Sora’s moves and even asks for bedtime stories including his favorite character (I have literally created Sora’s adventure in every Disney’s movie we watched. Cars, Planes, Frozen, Moana, name it Sora’s been there already).
Why I am writing about Sora in WoFF question? Because we were too late to download Sora’s DLC for that game, I have bought PS4 after that DLC expired. To tell the truth I did not plan to buy WoFF, but lately my son was taken aback by Pokemon and he considers WoFF a instalment of that world. It would mean the world for my son to be able to summon his favorite character in the first FF franchise game we are going to play together. It will probably end in new series of bedtime stories about every FF character we encounter during our first Final Fantasy adventure. FF for me is what KH is for him so I just can’t wait to introduce my little warrior to that world.

I know you probably have difficulties in fulfilling my request, as this was a timed DLC, but it is better to try than just think “what if…”.
So please make my 5yo dream reality and re-release this DLC in Europe just for a day.

Little Sora and is FF die hard fan dad.