Hi, I am a student currently studying Game Development. I've been given a task to research about our dream studio, or studio we want to work for. In my case I chose Square Enix because I respect them and enjoy the games they make. I hope you all can help answer my questions and excuse me for my writing as I am doing this in a rush.

Firstly, I wanted to know about the Submission Guidelines the studio gives to their employees. I am in the Art Field of this course so a Submission Guideline for an Artist of the studio would be good. As of now I was vaguely told that a Submission Guideline for Game Studios is a sort of list or requirements an employee must meet.

Secondly, I was told to get some background information from a developer working in the studio or was employed by Square Enix. I wanted opinions on who I should email to. I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy and am currently playing, and loving, Final Fantasy XV. I am asking because I am not fluent in Japanese, and would love to email Tetsuya Nomura or Hajime Tabata, therefore would be best to consult someone who can speak english.

Lastly I'd like to thank everyone who read and answered my questions, and also thank the studio for making such great games. I was also told to look for a portfolio of an Artist from the studio but I'm pretty sure I can handle that fine.

A final note: I had made another post similar, if not the same, as this but couldn't find it later on. I am still new here so anyone that finds that do delete it for me.