Hi everyone, I'm new to this forums but I hope you guys can help me. Also excuse me for my english as I am writing this in a hurry.

I am a student currently studying Game Development and one of my assignments requires me to look for submission guidelines for a employee of a Game Studio. The studio I chose is Square Enix mainly because I play a lot of their games and highly respect their studio. I am under the Art Field of Game Development and my favourite game so far is Final Fantasy XV.

Firstly I wanted to know about the submission guidelines an artist/employee of Square Enix would get. I was told vaguely that a submission guideline in a game studio is a list or a requirement for employees in the studio to follow.

Secondly I am told to ask a developer on their developer background, how they work in the studio, how the environment is etc. Like stated before I chose Square Enix therefore I would like to know if there are any developers who are not busy and are free to reply any emails that are sent to them.

Lastly I want to thank the forum members and any of the curators or big guys that read and reply this post. I was also told to look up a portfolio of an Artist of the studio but I think I can handle that myself.