I have payed 2 SB collectors edition from SE Store. I did get early access codes and from there nothing more. Trying to contact SE support/ SE Store from 21 th june. Got a few answers back that they can't see my payment. I did send copys from paypal and bank and giving them Invoice id. After 10 days ive got 1 code belong to some else. The Email code sent to from start was not mine. We was kicked out SB ofc, we didn't have the key. So 1 more time i did buy 2 SB normal edition to be able to play, in hope that this problem was going to be solved quickly. I have tried to send email to the person that answer my mails before but no ansver back for over a week. Please does someone know what i should do or what to do.

How to get in contact with SE so i can get this problem solved? I feel pretty sad to have payed for the game 4 times and only have 2. ( the other was to a friend as a birthday gift)

So any idees how i can get in contact with SE Store? Today its July 11 th and still not any solution of any kind i sight. I don't want to be rude or problemmaker. I only wanna find a good solution for the extra 100 Euro i have payed and proved it's payed.

This is the facts I got:

I bought 2 SB collectors edition early access. One for me and one for my best friend as a birthdaygift.

I got the redeemcode and enjoyd to get to SB.

June 20th they send out the final access code for SB by mail in the invoice. I never got them. I looked on my account at SE Store and it was empty. Nothing there.

I contacted SE Store and a few days later they told me that I haven't paid for it.

We got kicked out of SB.

I send them copies from PayPal where they can see that it was paid and the invoice ID numbers for the transactions.

I bought 1 new SB standard for my friend. Got the invoice with the code for that right away.

The day after I get a mail from SE Store that they had found the invoice for one of the collectors edition and send me a link. That link was to the the Standard edition I bought the day before, not the collectors edition.

I wrote back to SE store and told them it was not the 2 collectors edition I bought erlier. I also attache the PayPal copies again.

They got back to me once again and this time they sent another link, they also sad that they only could find one payment. This time it was another guys account and access code.

I replayed again to SE Store and I heard nothing from them. Recived a mail where I could leave a comment. When I replayed to that mail the case was closed.

I contacted them once again, sending both my PayPal copies and screenshots from my bank account. That was two week ago and I am still waiting for an anwser.

I have bought yet another SB Standard edition for my self so i could join my friends in SB.

What more can I do?

I have given them copies from both my bank account and my PayPal.

They have all the dates.

I have paid for them. Have the money been put to someone else SE account?

I would love to know wht happend to my money (100 euros), becourse I haven't got them back either. They got the ID number for the transaction from PayPal.

In the collectors edition you should recive a special mount. I don't have that and that is sad. I would love to have that.

I'm very unhappy and I would appreciate if anyone from SE Store could help me. What has ahppend to th emoney I paid? Did someone else get it? Could you please sort this out form me.

I have paid 100 euros for something I haven't got. i don't ask for money back, I'm satisfied with uppgrade to collectors, timecard and thing like that for the same amount (100 euro).