Thread: Looks like this forum is truly dead now, leave "X was here" inside

Looks like this forum is truly dead now, leave "X was here" inside

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    Looks like this forum is truly dead now, leave "X was here" inside

    No new messages in 2 months, huh?

    Well, it was fun while it lasted. Thanks to everyone for tolerating me, old HR forum was the place where I basically started writing in English in any major capacity back in 2007(?) or so, since it's not my native language.

    Nowadays I mostly hang out on Reddit in /r/overwatch (/u/xaduha). As for MD, I still only played the base game, but plan to replay it with DLCs in the near future.

    Any other wanderers?

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    I was here....

    It's sad really. The news that there probably will not be a big Deus Ex game for a while broke my heart. For all its faults Mankind divided was still a great game.

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    Ahh the good old days. Remember the robot foetus thing?

    I started visiting late 2007 when my university halls didn't event have the internet. I actually had to go to the upstairs library to get online. Unthinkable!!

    Who else is out there still?

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    Totally missed this thread. Only ever looked as far as the Underworld Tavern thread only to see my name as the last post. I started frequenting this place in 2011 leading up to Human Revolution launch, the hype was massive. I've only ever hyped up two games on their forums, racking up a thousand messages in 6 months. HR and Mafia 2. Been a fan of the series way before that though. University? Bruh. I was 16-17 in 2011. Yes. I used a fake year for my birthday. Now you know.

    Such a shame Mankind Divided didn't meet the rather unrealistic sales expectations of Square Enix. And now it'll be another 7 years before a new game.

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    I was here! Y'all can catch me on tumblr at Aeoneon, Ceeneon, or Sounds From Deus Ex (which is on hiatus ;~.
    I hope you're all out there living your lives and enjoying it!