Thread: My square enix I'd ?

My square enix I'd ?

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    My square enix I'd ?

    I can't play my new final fantasy because I can't find my I'd. When I click remember Id it doesn't recognise my email address even though its the right email address because I not long just logged in on my phone

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    Same here.

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    just created my account, now im waiting for it to recognize my id, ahh after this post ill log out. leave it for a lil' bit and hope i can log in

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    I just figured it out guys, a Square Enix (store and forum) account is not the same as a "Square Enix Account" (games and services)! You actually want to register an account on ""

    Truly confusing as hell since both are quite literally called "Square Enix accounts", I hope those who came here before me eventually figured it out instead of giving up and considering it lost money, or atleast managed to get a refund.

    Seriously SE, if you make any changes to your web system in the near future, please make the change EITHER merging the two account systems into one OR making the difference between the different accounts with the exact same name on the exact same website for the exact same service INFINITY times clearer. I can see a lot of other confused people being vocal on this forum and I know there will be a lot more non-vocal users who had to go through this same process.