Thread: Ideas for battle system and characters development for new RPG game

Ideas for battle system and characters development for new RPG game

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    Ideas for battle system and characters development for new RPG game

    Dear Square Enix,

    I have some tips for battle system and characters development for new RPG which you can freely consider to use for new FINAL FANTASY (XVI) or someother RPG game. I've been working for some time to design a new RGP game and I'm trying to figure out a suitable battle system and characters development. The story is still in development for my RPG game, but I managed to create a battle system and characters development on the basis of yours RPG games. I personally like Active Time Battle system (ATB system) and would like to use it for my RPG games.

    I have the idea for modification of ATB system in the following way:
    - as a base for ATB system I would use that one from FF IX which allows the player to use all the characters in battle
    - on the map, the enemies are moving freely and if the player make a contact with the enemies, battle begins similar to FF XIII
    - in battle, the player can control up to three characters who serve as active party (max number of characters in party is six: three in active party, three in waiting party)
    - to make a battle more active, I would put the swapping system which allows the player to replace the characters from active party with the characters from waiting party during the battle (meanwhile, time does not stop)
    - the swapping system can allow the cooperative activity such as defend the character with very low HP or attack the enemy with two or three characters with cooperative attack; during cooperative activity time stops
    - while the characters are in waiting party, their HP an MP is progressively restore
    - the characters in the battle field are not stationary, but they are constantly moving, for example something like the one in FF XIII
    - each character has his own abilities similar to FF IX which allows the player to choose a specific character that is currently needed in the battle; this allows the player to create his own strategy in the battle by balancing strengths and weaknesses of the characters
    - each character will have their own special attack which fills as the character do more action in battle, for example when the character is attacking with weapons and skills or when he switch with other character form waiting party or do cooperative activity; special attack are control by player; when is special attack used time stops

    The idea for characters development:
    - after the battle the player earns experience points for leveling up a party members similar to traditional RPG
    - also, the player earns ability points to learn a new abilities (action - magics, skills, special attack and cooperative activity; or support - additional stat boosts and passive abilities) for each character
    - ability points are used to unlock action and support abilities just like in FF XV (Ascension grid), and each character have his own specific grid, because each character has its own abilities (because each character has its own class/job that can not be changed)

    These are my ideas for battle system and characters development that I would use for my own RPG game and I share them with you to help you with create new RPG games. Unfortunately, I am unable to create my own RPG game, because there is no video game developer, publisher and distribution company in my country. So for that reason I will most likely be forced to use my story for RPG game to make a book and publish it my story that way. So maybe in future, someone will use my book to create a new RPG game. Maybe, in future, you will create that RPG game with my story, or someother company.

    Best regards.

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    It would be interesting a new game of FINAL FANTASY TACTICS for PS3 or PS4, with new story, enhanced graphics, realistic and more jobs. My friends bought the console (playstation and PSP) because they liked that game too much but i have never seen a sequel. There is a lack of such games for fans.