Small idea to have the zodiac age have DLC, and other new feautures. Please elaborate and try to help improve this game!

I personally have played the original game, so am not sure what is hyped up about, so here are my suggestions:

-The collectors edition its too expensive.
-Characters outfits should change appearance just like MMORPGs and hairstyle options.
-There should be some DLC that offers cosplay style from other SE brand games.
-Class/roles dont look different because of the lack of animations and armor limitations.
-I highly recomend there be patches that improve this game and adding more SFX, and improvements.
-The game was fun and charming, monsters should have detailed improvements to combat and behavior.
-PC version, and improvements.

I hope these and other ideas will be added before the game is launched, the trailers dont really show much improved or interesting, other than some new shaders and HD, maybe its my TV, maybe not, i just hope they take this chance they have to make new players and returning players happy instead of angry and frustrated, alot was good in the original and much was desired, such as online play, and two player modes.