I recently decided to see how much Amazon was charging for the plushies available in the Square store (to see if the prices were the same). They are not, in fact the average seller is selling the same items for double if not quadruple the original price. Now I know what you're thinking, "Maybe this is discontinued stuff?". No, in fact I just ordered one of the Carbuncle Plushies (w/in-game code) off the Square site, with Tax+Shipping it was under 60$ US. Amazon's prices start at 117$ US not including shipping and other sellers exceed 200$.

Don't be fooled. Many of these items, if not all of them, are still available on the website and still include the code (In the case of Carbuncle Plushie until Dec 2017). Stick to buying from Square.

Square-Enix guys, If you read this and were not aware of this, you may want to have a little chat with Amazon as I somehow doubt those sellers on Amazon are supposed to be reselling at those prices. If they are allowed to resell at those prices then to the rest of you. "Buyer Beware" Always check the Square Store first for licensed goods. You'll probally save a lot of money.