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Thread: Promote an underrated game here

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    Promote an underrated game here

    Everyone knows about the popular games that get a ton of exposure, but what about the amazing games that don't get it?

    Here's your chance to recommend some for others.

    Some under-the-radar gems:

    God Eater 2: Rage Burst

    NieR: Automata (hey, that's us)

    Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen


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    Nice idea for a topic.

    I recently played Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun, it didn't get much exposure but for people who like real time tactics games like Commandos it's a must to play. There's even a demo which is pretty rare these days.

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    Grand Theft Auto V , The Most underrated game ever.....

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    Use Crop YouTube Video for cropping your favorite portion of the video and share it with your friends and family and its easy to use..

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    There have been many underrated games over the years.

    I cannot say anything about recent ones as I don't play many these days but, I still feel that one of the all-time most underrated has to be Project Eden.

    I have played it many times and still enjoy it immensely every time - even though it can be a little quirky on modern versions of Windows - and I have yet to get it running properly on Linux, which is my OS of choice these days.
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    Don't forget that RPGs have always been about story more than graphics. Squaresoft and Enix have both been putting out gems since the original Nintendo console back in the 1980's. I love the fact that most of the Final Fantasy series is now available on Steam for my nostalgia playing pleasure (although I'm still waiting on FFXII, hint hint), let's not forget the wealth of excellent RPGs Square and Enix both have put out aside from their flagship series. Personally, I think even some of the SNES games, like Secret of Evermore, ActRaiser (the original), and Illusion of Gaia would be great even without updating anything, just a re-format for the new platform. Personally, I'd also love to replay any of the Mana series (Particularly Legend of Mana from the PSX generation). And even from the higher profile series, there are more re-releases I at least would buy-- any of the Final Fantasy Tactics series, Kingdom Hearts or Dragon Quest from 4 on forward is something I would add to my Steam wishlist (to purchase when I have the available funds). So if you're reading, marketing staff at Square/Enix, please don't overlook these gems already sitting in your catalog, collecting dust when they could be collecting revenue!
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