Hello everybody ,

I'm a big fan of the series Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (especially the old ones with random combat, turn by turn, because I'm not at all adept of role games with real-time combat).

(Notice to moderators and Square Enix)
I would like so much if possible, that you take into account, the possibility to propose, Dragon Quest 8 the odyssey of the cursed king, in improved portage version or remake, while keeping the game mechanisms as they are, on ps3, ps4 and Pc (at least Steam).

Also, if possible, I would also like the Final Fantasy 7 remake to offer a different alternative gameplay option (that means random combat, turn-based) in addition to the default gameplay in real time.

In the end, if possible, I would like the versions of Final Fantasy 7.8.9 portages to be improved on pc if possible and also available on ps3, ps4 and pc.

Thank you so much .

(Notice to fans)
What do you think of my previous suggestions, thank you.