hi all im new to this game and wanted to play it cause my girlfriend loves it.

i have been a gamer for many years and been a pro of some i have played and my girlfriend works in gaming industry and i have to say i have never once in my life had so much issue making an account and the region lock is rather interesting.

I registered an account as NA (but I'm actually in Aus) so I could play in NA servers, during the free demo on steam. Then I bought the game and it was not compatible to my NA registered account because I bought it here in Aus. I wanted to keep my account and leveled character but could not, so I made another account but wanted to use the same email.
so i was told by support to change email address on this account so i could make a new one with right region this time and low and behold it doesn't work, and now i cant even use the new email account i made cause i only have 1, so im now one pissed off Aussie.

Then i talk to a mate about it and he said its square enix what do u expect so now i know u guys dont have the best rep among gamers as well... =[

info on your company.
1. your account making page does not tell u what field is wrong so u pretty much have to guess wtf is going on.
2. your forums take time to load and are slow and for a company this size i didnt think that would be the case.
3. once u change an email address to a different one, you would think i could use that old one again or so i was told by support.
4. your customer service, unless u get the chat it takes u guys like a week to reply...