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Thread: Possible storyline(s)? #ReAssemble

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    Possible storyline(s)? #ReAssemble

    As you well know, the recently-announced Avengers Project was unveiled by Square-Enix not too long ago. The overall direction of the game was left fairly ambiguous in the reveal trailer, though, implying only a grim future and fractured Avengers squad (as seen with Iron Man's wrecked armor and Cap's shattered shield in the trailer) and with the game's first plot details being close to a year away, I'd like to know how others envision the game's premise to potentially shape up.

    I wouldn't be surprised if it's something to do with Thanos and the Infinite Stones, since it's set in the MCU. Beyond that, your guess is as good as mine what it'll entail story-wise.
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    Except the announcement said NOT set in the MCU. It's kind of a good thing, because it means there's no issues with Fox/Universal having the rights to half of characters.
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    ^My bad, I read one link that said it was and several more since that said it wasn't.

    So yeah, it's not gonna be based on the MCU. However, I still wouldn't be surprised if it's set around Thanos and the IG. The whole tagline is #ReAssemble, so ideally something would have to separate the Avengers.
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